1st Song of the Day: “F For You” by Disclosure

29 Jul

Ouch. Bite my lower lip. One never tells you eating breakfast can be harmful to your skin.  New Music Tuesday and we got the even more buzzworthy Disclosure kicking things off.  Still not the biggest fan of this EDM duo.  Like some of their pop hits.  Solid stuff.  Look forward to bumping Jenny Lewis’ ‘The Voyager’ as I work on pretapes.  Also, Theory of a Deadman and Guardians SDTk are on queue.  Cause I’m hooked on a feeling!

June Showcase Journal goes live at 5 P.M. More music bumps might be coming too.  Right now, i’m deciding to upgrade our page.  That’s all.  Running behind.

Stream: “Back To The Shack” by Weezer

28 Jul

Thanks Ms. Beale! Little late to the party.  We’re still heading “Back To The Shack”, also the new single from Weezer.  Their new record — ‘Everything Will Be Alright In The End’ — drops at the end of September.  Might as well enjoy this while you can.

Watch: “Diamonds” by Common (feat. Big Sean)

28 Jul

Raise dem “Diamonds” up. Common goes rogue with a catchy hip hop chorus from Mr. Do It — Big Sean.  The track feels all over the place.  But the visuals, you’ll probably love them.  Washed in the artists are black&white cityscape montages that really become them.

‘Nobody’s Smiling’ is out now!

1st Song of the Day: “Pink Moon” by Nick Drake

28 Jul

Talk about an essential iPod track.  Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon” is a wonderful folk rock classic.  It’s smooth, ambient, and full of gorgeous moments.  Kind of makes a summer day.

Wasn’t feeling good all weekend.  Still not a 100%.  Slept tons.  However, had to cancel pre-negotiated plans.  Stay in bed for most of it.  Not ready for the the week to begin.  Four days until our show goes dark for another 2 weeks.  Which means, chaos.  Hate the long days.

Pink Moon shine on this Monday.

Spotlight Saturday: “Transmission” by I Am Giant

26 Jul

Me too!  Actually, just a small giant.  =( haha )

I Am Giant is actually the name of buzzworthy rock collective from London (formerly New Zealand).  Their new hard hitting single — “Transmission” — has a brand new music video set at a giant satellite.  The setting fits the track quite beautifully; seeing how they describe themselves (& their music stylings) as “a collection of stories, thoughts, observations and exploration”.

The guys are actually bonafide celebrities back in their native New Zealand.  Both of their records peaked at number #2 on the charts when they were released.  They are currently promoting their 2014 effort — Science & Survival (out now!).  So, if you dug this…please go check out their LP.

Spotlight Saturday: “Breathe” by Fractions

26 Jul

Think we have found CHVRCHES’ evil twin.

For this is one dark-foreboding sythpop anthem from the buzzworthy Fractions.  Their track, “Breathe”, feels more like Sythpop goth metal, don’t you think?  A dark wave of pop explosion to your ear drums.  “Breathe” in the genre-blending moments that are even more amazing by Lucy’s high pitched vocals that lay hidden in the strong electronic beats & sythwaves.  There is so much to digest here.

Had a chance to listen to their debut self-titled EP (Out Sept. 8th) & it’s even more glorious.  Like visiting a church in the future.  “Burst” is a definite soon-to-be hit.

Here’s a summation of Fractions’ story if you were curious (like I was):

Hailing from across the North East of England, Fractions are a female fronted synth pop band featuring current and ex members of UK hardcore band Lavotchkin as well as local producers Joey Murphy, Worry Party & RoadToCairo. Initially forming in 2012 as a studio project between friends with a love for electronic music…

Spotlight Saturday: “It’s a Longer Road to California Than I Thought” by The Wind and The Wave

26 Jul

…just take in.  Not gonna speak until you fully experience this acoustic duo.

Has their Cali anthem washed over you fully?  Good.

That was the rush of gorgeousness that is “The Wind + The Wave“.    The Austin based duo of Dwight Baker and Patricia Lynn just got me really excited for their debut effort — ‘From The Wreckage’ — that will reveal itself on August 5th.  And like my old friend Jodi would say, we dig songs about California.  Any form.  Whether they are or are not from / about Cali.  “It’s a Longer Road to California Than I Thought” is one of the truer statements put out in a song.  It’s folksy, true Americana, take feels as bright as the sun as it hits my ear drums.  Like your being hit by a gust of wind & a wall of waves all at the same time.  Yes…very literally.

Just get lost to this beautiful performance by two buzzworthy artists.

Album of the Week: ‘Alvvays’ by Alvvays

26 Jul

A hell of a way to kick off another Spotlight Saturday with an unlikely album of the week.   Ultimately, Alvvays’ ‘self-titled’ 9 track LP reminded me of classic Rilo Kiley / Best Coast.  Nothing too overwhelming.  Kept me quite chill as I laid on my bedroom floor, wishing I was doing the same on a sandy beach.  The very grounded psychedelic indie (beach) rock fits any summer moment you can think of.  A twilight evening riding with your friends.  Down to the boardwalk perhaps.  Windows down.  Shades on.  This is how I love my music after all.  Romanticism in the most simple way.  Just watch out for those “Party Police” cool kids.

My only complaint is that it’s short.  A very minor grip.  Good thing man made the repeat button.  The north of the boarder quintet created such a harmonious debut album that it will relax every bone in your body & transport you anywhere you dream to go.  Take a few moments to yourself.  ‘Alvvays’ will always be your soundtrack.  It will be mine for the remaining days of summertime.

Stream: “Share It All” by Jessie Ware

25 Jul

Don’t be afraid to dance alone in a empty room to this.

Jessie Ware wants you to share this.  Hell, share it all.  She isn’t afraid of express herself, especially in her new single that I have been making bad puns about for the past two sentences.

The electronic back beat gives this beautifully sexy ballad pace.  The xx’s Romy Madley-Croft co-wrote the piece with Jessie & infused the double x essence into it.  Every repeated lyric feels fresh & new no matter times she sings it.  And the simplistic guitar strings!? Sounds so dope.

Stream: “Wasted Love” by Steve Angello (feat. Dougy Mandagi from The Temper Trap)

25 Jul

This is like a Temper Trap single on steroids.

Former Swedish House Mafia staple, Steve Angello, uses The Temper Trap’s Dougy Mandagi’s haunting voice to be the muse for his new heartbreaking single — “Wasted Love”.  The EDM artist really provides backup as Dougy steals the spotlight for 3/4th of the track as his futuristic storytelling fuses with the catchy pulsations.

The lyric video acts like a music video with black & white cuts of Angello’s worldwide life on the road.  He’s on the road to his new solo project — ‘Wild Youth’ — that drops this fall.  I couldn’t be more excited!



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