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Spotlight Saturday: “Down” by Roses & Revolutions + EP Stream

19 Jul

Love it when I get chills on the first lyric & chord combo.  That’s the exact feeling that hit me when I pressed played NYC’s Roses & Revolutions brand new single — “Down”. R&R’s Alyssa & Matt make beautiful music together.  Something I could tell at that quick moment.  Above you will find the lyric video for the track that features a picture slideshow for the duo.

What you might want to click on is link that will allow you experience their self-tilted April EP over on Spotify.  Didn’t want to force you into it…but it is truly worthy of a listen.  Alyssa’s voice is truly remarkable as Matt’s well synchronized instrumentals/vocals enhance it exponentially creating the being that is Roses & Revolutions.  Playing this on a joy ride probably sounds like heaven.  Can’t wait to experience it like that!


Album Preview: ‘Wish I Was Here Soundtrack’ by Various Artists

9 Jul


Click Here To Stream The Entire Thing With Bonus Commentary!

A slow news day has come to an end.  Good news is I stumbled across a dream come true.

Here it is.  The official OST for Zach Braff’s ‘Wish I Was Here’.  EW got the exclusive stream & even has Zach’s two cents on each of them.  His past projects have really helped him master the art of comprising the most hipster album since 2005.

This is a wonderful gift for soundtrack lovers like myself.  Yeah.  Car stereo beware…expect many replays.

Track List:

  1. The Shins “So Now What”
  2. Gary Jules “Broke Window”
  3. Radical Face “The Mute”
  4. Hozier “Cherry Wine (Live)”
  5. Bon Iver “Holocene”
  6. Badly Drawn Boy “The Shining”
  7. Jump Little Children “Mexico”
  8. Cat Power & Coldplay “Wish I Was Here”
  9. Allie Moss “Wait It Out”
  10. Paul Simon “The Obvious Child”
  11. Japanese Wallpaper “Breathe In [ft. Wafia]“
  12. Bon Iver “Heavenly Father”
  13. Aaron Embry “Raven’s Song”
  14. The Weepies “Mend”
  15. The Head & the Heart “No One to Let You Down”

Album of the Week: ‘Lazaretto’ by Jack White & ‘Whispers’ by Passenger

13 Jun

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It’s a tie!I couldn’t decide!  This week was terrible hard because both these records are flawed, but have these moments that made me emotionally invested.  Most of my compatriots would go with the album above because Jack White’s handy tools of the trade. Then you have the quiet soloist, Passenger who’s opinionated lyrics & simple melody strikes at my heart strings like quiet thunder.  Jack White had the music & Passenger had the lyrics.  Together they would make the ultimate record.

Every solo on Lazaretto resonates tricking me into believing that the guitar is a featuring lyricist.  There were parts I didn’t connect with the blues as Jack White remained in his pit of self-loathing & heartbreak that bloomed from his divorce.  I wanted something deeper.  The title track is the saving grace with the rest being a combination of every single tool in Jack White’s arsenal: Tennessee Blues, White Stripes violent howls, and guitar rifts that strikes lightning from Mt. Olympus.  Solid B as CoS summed it up.

Passenger’s ‘Whispers’ hasn’t received the acclaim from blogosphere that ‘Lazaretto’ has.  Actually most have quite critically.  Just about of love songs & meaningful messages on tape.  I was fairly certain that I was gonna crown the album above as the winner until I had a moment with track 07 — ‘Rolling Stone’ — Wednesday night.  Felt like a fairy tale about a supporting woman and it warmed my heart.  Here is a few of the poetic words.

“Sometimes I feel I’m going nowhere
Sometimes I’m sure I never will
She said it’s cause I’m always moving
I never notice cause I never stand still

Sometimes I feel like I’m falling
Falling fast and falling free
She says my darling you’re not falling
It always looked like you were flying to me”

How sweet.  That’s what you get in this package.  Tender music from a talented writer.  What do you expect from an album cover with a portrait of a children’s storybook.  You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…that you shouldn’t.

My two favorite albums of the week are at your disposable.  Choose your destiny.

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Album Preview: ‘A Town Called Paradise’ by Tiësto

13 Jun

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I do like EDM music better when I’m wasted.  That’s why Tiesto has always been my go to DJ for my late night adventures.  Felt indifferent about Club Life Vol. 3 and now I know why…he was saving all his good shit for this record.

‘A Town Called Paradise’ is a package full of musical pop cocaine that ODs your eardrums almost instantaneously.  The featuring artists like Matthew Koma, Iconca Pop, Krewella, etc. adds the needed freshiness that has been missing in the world’s most famous DJ.  iTunes has your first listen.

Go check it out as we arrive in town on next Tuesday.

01. Red Lights
02. Footprints (feat. Cruickshank)
03. Light Years Away (feat. DBX)
04. A Town Called Paradise (feat. Zac Barnett from American Authors)
05. Written In Reverse (feat. Matthew Koma & Hardwell)
06. Echoes (feat. Andreas Moe)
07. Last Train (feat. Ladyhawke & Firebeatz)
08. Wasted (feat. Matthew Koma)
09. Let’s Go (feat. Icona Pop)
10. The Feeling (feat. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool)
11. Shimmer (feat. Christian Burns)
12. Rocky (feat. Kaaze)
13. Close To Me (feat. Quilla & Sultan & Shepard)
14. Set Yourself Free (feat. Krewella)

Stream: “Back To The Earth” by Jason Mraz

13 Jun

We’re only 2 days away from another Mraz Monday.  Seeing how my busy schedule kept me from posting about the former Monday effort…if you hadn’t heard it yet…check out this week’s Jason Mraz track entitled “Back To The Earth”. Music so smooth it will make a vegan swoon.

‘YES!’ blooming soon.

Watch: “Until It’s Gone” by Linkin Park + ‘The Hunting Party’ Stream

13 Jun

Like your fans?  Hehe…Linkin Park’s continuing process to win hearts & minds.  I’m really looking forward to the non-screamed filled ‘The Hunting Party‘ (that is now streaming on iTunes this very moment btw.  Click the link to stream).  The black & white visuals are classic Linkin Park.  Aren’t you happy to have them back?

Directed by Mr. Hahn



Album Preview: ‘Lazaretto’ by Jack White

2 Jun

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Mr. White has got that Americana soul laced in every brooding track from ‘Lazaretto’.  I’m about halfway through my streaming process & digging it more stylistically than ‘Blunderbuss’.  Bit more personal.  The vinyl will be in my hand soon.  So excited for it.

Until then…fall into Jack White’s ‘Lazaretto’ & see what all the fuss is about!  iTunes Radio is spotlighting the LP for the next 7 days.  That’s Third Man for ya.

Track Listing:

  1. Three Women
  2. Lazaretto
  3. Temporary Ground
  4. Would You Fight for My Love?
  5. High Ball Stepper
  6. Just One Drink
  7. Alone in My Home
  8. Entitlement
  9. That Black Bat Licorice
  10. I Think I Found the Culprit
  11. Want and Able

Spotlight Saturday: ‘Finest Hour EP’ by Nina Yasmineh

24 May

The title says it all.  This is Nina Yasmineh’s “Finest Hour” to date.  With the injection of electronic vintage pop beats to her haunting lyrics & vocals, our dear friend Nina, has evolved her growing indie pop style.  Totally paying off in five tracks that had me thinking about my loves & past situations.

Nina can take full credit for she wrote, arranged, performed, and produced the EP in her homestate of Minneapolis.  Something that shows off on how personal each track feels.  That’s the type of artist Nina Yasmineh is.  You can connect with her almost instantly.  My mind wants to describe the “Finest Hour EP” as a modern day ’80s pop record. You know…very Madonna ‘Like A Virgin’ age, Whitney Houston wanting to dance, or Prince during his ‘Purple Rain’.  A combo when the vocals matches the sweet beats materializing around Nina’s ghostly words.

I fell for her music because Nina always takes me to a isolated mindspace.  Her last record trapped me atop of a NYC rooftop garden.  “Finest Hour” instead really got me thinking of those nights where I was in love in foreign country.  That night in Lucerne, Switzerland where I was at my best & how I ruined it quickly after.  Nina lyrics are full love but also shows some of the pains that have shaped the artist speaking through the stereo.  A truly remarkable fusion is expelled…especially on the title track.

Trust me.  You’ll dig this venture.  Become a fan of B4M Fav — Nina Yasmineh.  This is the brand new ‘Finest Hour’.  Happy Saturday.

Spotlight Saturday: “We Talked Again” by Bridie Jackson & The Arbour

17 May

This video blew me again.  Such facial expressions.  Not sure if they it is makeup or just bizzarely gifted actors.  Bridie Jackson’s powerful & chilling voice really adds an emotional layer of heartbreak to the curious visuals that is “We Talked Again”.  Always amazes me that such stunning artists remain undiscovered in our modern world.

If you dug this, please be sure to check out / buy ‘New Skin’; Bridie Jackson & The Arbour’s bone tingling new album that just dropped a few weeks back.  I’m currently listening to it as it distract me from my current words.  Such beauty in simplicity.  Violent strings.  Recommend it highly, despite being merely on track 1.  Perfect winter record that deserves trees surrounding all around the listener.

Directed by AB Photography

Album Preview: ‘…And Then You Shoot Your Cousin’ by The Roots

13 May

Click 2 Listen!

Bang!  And there it is.  The 11th studio release from the best band in the world — The Roots.  I look forward to listening to it as much as you all (if you haven’t checked out other sites).  I’m expecting deeply personal tracks to iconic urban beats that is harder & more meaningful than anything else in the rap game.  Crossing my fingers I am correct.

The album drops in stores next Tuesday.


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