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1st Song of the Day: “The Boxer” by Mumford & Sons

20 Sep mumford and sons_babel_promo_the boxer

Wasn’t expecting to write anything is morning but after listening to ‘Babel’ on youtube yesterday…all I can say is “sweet jesus” this is one folky LP.  In a good way.  This cover of Simon & Garfunkel‘s classic has been playing on repeat via my IPod’s YouTube App.  Can’t give the record a total score till it drops next Tuesday.  Sorry.  Really want to prematurely rate it.   Not gonna.   What I can say is that most of the tracks are as haunting as the last venture.  Enjoy this quick preview (before it gets pulled).

More words tomorrow!

Daily Turntable (feat. Gotye, Frank Ocean-John Mayer, Mellowhype, Ben Folds Five, and More!)

17 Sep daily turntable

Also Ben Folds Five are streaming “The Sound of the Life of the Mind” and Kreayshawn presents “Somethin ‘Bout Kreay” both on AOL

1st Song of the Day: “Be Still” by The Killers

14 Sep Battle-Born-artwork-the-killers-31591190-600-600 header

The audio quality is way better on the very produced LP.  Trust me…that bass is really something to enveloped in but it’s the lyrics that I find really moving.   Kind of sad that these sessions are turning into “what am I listening to at the moment” over the randomness that once was.   Miss representing a classic 1990s soundtrack, 80s R&B, or some hipster indie acoustic with a very deep college story.  Now it’s new pop song or something from the future.  A tease is a better word.  (Because Battle Born drops on Tuesday!)  After my many repeats on ITunes, I can say that it is another unexpected hit of 2012.  The short phrase I use to describe this venture to my friends and colleagues is “Very 80s”.  I could totally see almost every track, including the one above, as apart of a 1980s soundtrack featured on The Highlander or Breakfast Club.   Synthesizers play a major role.  End Credits music.  You know the sort that keeps you through the credits.  Because it is not streaming in the car, yet, I haven’t been able to envelopment myself in the minute complicated sophistication.  Am really excited.  Ranking in my Top 10 so far.  My favorite Killers record since Sam’s Town…and I LOVE Sam’s Town.  Most of the fans didn’t like it.  Not me.  Still stop whenever ‘Bling‘ rolls out of my speakers.  One thing that is profound is how…stylistically…their four (five if you count Mr. Flowers’ Flamingo) ventures are completely different.  As a music fan can’t ask for anything more really.  This one is a child of 80s.  Simply put.

It’s been a long week.  Next week might be the death of me as I’m on a crash course with Emmys.  13 straight days.  Jeez.  Haven’t done one of those in awhile.  Because I’m doing it on the side it hasn’t felt the same and feeling a bit left out on what I’m normally use to.  Strange.  Whatever happens will happen.  My astrology is predicting that one of my fellow coworkers will be ‘throwing under the bus’ in a major way before October rolls in.  Think i wrote that before here.  Shows you how much it’s weighing on my mind.  It’s hard to know your ‘Judas’ is waiting in the wings with a sinister smile on their face.  I’m trying to change my fate by staying ahead of the curve.  Who knows if it will work or not.

Afraid that my time is just about up and I don’t want to go.  Really don’t.   Hopefully it’s not as bad as this…[that link contains spoilers to any doctor who fan.] Keep forgetting.  I chose to walk away.  So let’s enjoy my last award show…probably ever.  Gonna collect the relaxation and get myself mentally prepared for the upcoming craziness.  No set plans.  Just me with 48hrs to enjoy all to myself.  Nice perspective huh?  Might go tailgating at the UCLA game, meet some more future ex-girlfriends, or perhaps just sit around the house.  The choice is mine.  The constant is the feel good music will be rolling.   But you never question that.

Brilliant and Fantastic weekend to you all!  Thanks for reading.


Daily Turntable (feat. Yelawolf & Travis Barker, KiD CuDi, Pink & Eminem & Lily Allen, Kid Ink, & more!)

13 Sep daily turntable

1st Song of the Day: Home by Phillip Phillips

7 Sep a00fa264473c0bf48bd2933972a0516e

I know.  Surprised it’s not a Kanye West song too.   I really hope one of these days Mumford & Sons cover this track because they would totally obliterate Philly with their combined talents.  If that day never comes then I’ll be content with this catchy simple road traversing anthem.  Can’t think of a better way to start the weekend either.

Life without being connected to Facebook & Twitter has been different.  All my nervous bored ‘ticks’ have slowly been calmed as I’m not looking at my phone as much nor what most of my roster is up to in their daily lives.  There was no one reason why I decided to give it up for the time being.  Most of our press still pops on facebook & twitter when I post here.  Hell, I control the twitter module to my left.  Don’t have to login into the service at all.  Very robotic.  Just going old school.  Texts, emails, and calls are now my norm.  Yes, still adjusting to the retro feel.  The re-imagined mystery is what I’m loving the most.  You should try it.

Busy weekend.  Like the last.  No shows planned.  Personal life at the forefront.  But who knows?  Life happens the most when you’re not looking. Enjoy this carefree track.  More rants later when I don’t have a gun to my head.  Have a brilliant weekend!!!!


[PS: Go pick up Matchbox Twenty's new record -- "North".  If you haven't already.  Here's one of my favorites.]

Daily Turntable (feat. Skrillex-Damian Marley, DMX, and More)

7 Sep daily turntable

“Clique” By Big Sean (feat. Jay-Z & Kanye West)

6 Sep Big Sean Ft. Jay-Z x Kanye West Clique header

Click here to listen to Clique!

The much anticipated track from Big Sean who brings the Throne back to end another ‘Cruel Summer’.

And yes…they just stole my afternoon.

Daily Turntable (feat. Nude Beach, Flying Lotus, Green Day, Kid Ink, Ace Hood, + More)

6 Sep daily turntable

Also download Big Sean’s “Detroit” which dropped last night.

Daily Turntable (Feat. Ellie Goulding, Muse, Alicia Key, Big Sean, A$AP Mob, Dylan, + More)

5 Sep daily turntable

ITunes is also streaming Bob Dylan’s “Tempest” & Dave Matthew Band’s “Away From the World” in full.

Daily Turntable (Labor Day Megamix)

4 Sep daily turntable

Also download Lil Wayne’s “Dedication 4″ & Talib Kweli’s “Attack the Block”


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