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1st Song of the Day: “Wifey (Club Mix)” by Next

23 Jul

Welcome to Hump Day & we got a major ’90s flashback.  Stumbled across probably my favorite featured spotify playlist this morning entitled “Old School Dance Party”.  Everything you can imagine is on it: Next, Blackstreet, Biggie, TLC, Jagged Edge, all those So So Def remixes, I can go on.  Unless today brings bad luck, expect to hear more R&B stuff from us to round out the week.  This was the generation of music my hometown friends and I lived, thinking we were soulful singers with those oh so fly moves.  Remember competing in a singoff against my buddy Andrew to a Kai’s “Say You’ll Stay”.  Pity they don’t make music like they use too.

Personal life still dull.  Passed out at 8 P.M., rustled at 11:30, forces myself back to dreamland immediately after.  Tonight’s comic book night.  Got a bunch of books still to read.  At least I can power through Batman’s Zero Year seeing how the final chapter is released today.  I have been preferring Battlefield to comics.  Yet, I find Waid’s Daredevil to be the only thing keeping me excited about the medium.

Ready for a time travel trip to my youth?  Smash that play button baby.

Watch: “Through The Night” by Cedric Gervais (feat. Coco)

22 Jul

Need a getaway song?  Look no further than Cedric Gervais’ “Through The Night”.  The hard hitting EDM smash music video follows two runaway lovers on a life affirming journey through time.  The California desert sunrise is captured beautifully on film.

Watch: “Bicken Back Being Bool” by YG

21 Jul

YG’s ‘Krazy Life’ spreads across Bompton in the new visuals for “Bicken Back Being Bool”.  Things go bad quick.

If you don’t own his 2014 effort yet.  Then you’re missing out on one hell of a record.  Remember when hip hop was west coast hip hop?  Yeah, the good ole days.  Well, they are still alive in YG’s world.  Enjoy!


Spotlight Saturday: Watch Night Club’s “Need You Tonight” Music Video

19 Jul

We introduced you to Night Club’s INXS cover of “Need You Tonight” two week ago.  Got some traffic.  However, I personally love to showcase music videos over audio if I have a choice.  You get so much bang for your buck.

Now it is time to put on your black leather jackets & hit the streets like Night Club’s Emily in the new music video.  I’m surprised they go nowhere a night club in the visuals.  Spend more time in the motel room, which usually happens after the club…doesn’t it?  However, the sexy close ups surely will make up for any complaints gentlemen.  The track hits hard & fits the scenes perfectly.

‘Black Leather Heart’ dropping soon.

Spotlight Saturday: “Down The Drain” by Raw Fabrics

19 Jul

Metaphorical symbols take action against LA’s Raw Fabrics in the new music video for “Down The Drain”.  The track is in your face rock that listeners don’t get much anymore.  Still trying to understand the music video.  Surely if I rifle through this press release I’ll comprehend it more.  What’s there to think about?  The guys rock it out.  You can keep clicking repeat if you want to see what you can come up with.

Directed by Bobby Hewitt

Watch: “Changing” by Sigma (feat. Paloma Faith)

18 Jul

Do to my Mega Man Lore, Sigma is an technological evil genius.  Same can be said about the DJ behind this music video.  Paloma Faith represents by singing her enhanced, powered up raspy lyrics to “Changing” in the most unlikely of places.

That whip is sick.

Watch: “I Used To Be” by GOH Vs. Sugarstarr (feat. Redman & Method Man)

18 Jul

This track is like old hip hop meets the future.  Redman & Meth join with the EDM collective GOH vs. Sugarstarr to spit some ghetto history to all these crazy cool kids.  Wish it was a little bit longer…but if you dig classic rap, then “I Used To Be” is the track needs to bumping in your speakers.

The video shines the best light one of the best lyrical teams in music history.


Watch: “Gunshot” by Lykke Li

18 Jul

Weird kids in parking lot acting out violence in fun.  That’s the subject matter for Lykke Li’s “Gunshot”.  Displace kids, twerkers, bikers all dancing in a the most freest form.  These are the things I imagine orphans do when we’re not watching in a teenage wasteland.

Directed by Fleur and Manu

Watch: “Night That You’ll Never Forget” by Love and Theft

14 Jul

Onto another couple of country boys not looking to slow down.  Love & Theft bring you the party hangover in their brand new music video for “Night That You’ll Never Forget”.  Their new single off their upcoming untitled 2014 venture.

The video is one celebration that you’ll never forget because you”ll be playing this track at the end of the night.  When everyone is passed out & you’re surveying the damage as you stumble out at 3 A.M.  It will be on your radio.  Even if you’re listening to metal.

Watch: “Dirt Road” by Kip Moore

14 Jul

Here’s another sad country song about life & dirt.  Well, Kip slashes deeper than FGL’s look back one.  He’s telling you want he wants beyond the gates.  Kip Moore says “Heaven better have a dirt road”.  I just want a jungle gym.  Where I can spend eternity on a beach, just having endless amounts of fun hanging like a monkey.

This is the first video from Kip’s sophomore venture.  Excited to see what comes next.


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