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1st Song of the Day: “Vegas Girl” by Conor Maynard

10 Apr

A little cheesy pop to kick-off Thursday.  One Day away from Vegas.  All I’m thinking about is what’s going to be THE song to start tomorrow.  Two choices.  One classic…might i say a Flashback.  The other from an album that made our 2013 Fav Albums list.  Siding with the former.

I’m a bit tired.  CBW isn’t to blame either.  Stayed up a bit longer to read Claremont’s “Nightcrawler” that my friend gave me.  Very 1990s X-Men in feel.  The homages to that time were a nice touch.

Nothing else to say.  Here’s a really bad song / music video.  The hook is the only thing that saves it.  But my god…no vegas in a song called Vegas girl? Cheap bastards.  Let’s get it…

1st Song of the Day: “Violin” by Amos Lee

12 Feb

What an expected surprise love song.  Well, for those of us who never seen the film ‘Safe Haven’.  Didn’t even know it was apart of that movie soundtrack until now.  Kind of happy for my ignorance b/c it would’ve ruined this lovely song by B4M Fav — Amos Lee.  The violin weeping in the background steals the show, as you might expect from the title.  Mixed with Amos’ soft southern range makes this track a must listen.

For we are two days away from the most touching of days.  When all the girls in the office are surprised by bouquets of flowers, boxes of chocolate, and reassurance that their man is the one by the way they treat a very sensitive day.  I feel bad for the ones that forget / underwhelm.  Pray for them.

Have some bad news to write.  I will no longer be going to SXSW 2014 because my vacation request was denied by three bosses & the EPC.  Apparently, we’re pretaping that week and they feel that anybody other than me wouldn’t make it so smoothly.  Still angry over the whole matter.  But that’s why I listen to music like Amos’ “Violin”.  Allows all my troubles to just float away.  Happy Wednesday.

1st Song of the Day: “Things We Lost In The Fire” by Bastille

21 Jan

I’m in a Evil Justin kind of mood.  Fitted Yankee hat laying over my eyes.  Wild goatee chapping my lips.  After a day like yesterday, a change of mood is well-deserved.  That it is.  Even decided to branch out to expand our 1st Song collection with the Spotify mobile app.  To kick things off is the classic Bastille track — “Things We Lost In The Fire”.  Nice way to start another day in the work life.  In the car, been calming myself down with ‘Love is a Four Letter Word’.  The record gives me sort of bad luck…but things can always get work.

Nothing more to say.  Here is some indie pop.


1st Song of the Day: “Liquor Store Blues” by Bruno Mars (feat. Damien Marley)

20 Jan

It was nice to have one day off yesterday.  Especially after dealing with all the bullshit SAG had to offer.  After looking at my footage found out that our camera guy completely missed the American Hustle cast.  Everyone else got it.  But we did not.  Unbelievable.  I should’ve done what my gut was telling me & have the pool feed guy record on it.  F’n bullshit.

Anyway…another 13 days of work straight ahead.  Here is some modern day blues to wash away my sorrow.

1st Song of the Day: “The Light Behind Your Eyes” by My Chemical Romance

7 Jan

One of these days I’ll bump some NWA for y’all.  For now, here is a MCR B-Side to kick off PC Tuesday. Dig Conventional weapons.  Really fleshes out the Danger Days experience.

My compatriots are slowly losing their mind.  I’m vowing to keep a clear focus for the rest of the week.  Our graphic upgrade ran smoothly.  Not perfectly. Smoothly.  Just a bit laggy.  We’ll be faster today.  PC is the only thing on my mind.  Get the guys going.  Try to make it down there after my shift.  The normal shit.

I’m hustlin.  Hope you are too.  Happy new Music Tuesday.  Let’s do it.



1st Song of the Day: “Walking Away” by Jason Aldean

2 Jan

Our show is updating for two really unimportant things.  Bleh.  Hell of a way to begin a new year.  Hopefully, your midnight hours were spectacular and noteworthy.  I ended 2013 quietly.  Really enjoyed it.

Don’t have much to say.  Back at the Award Show grind.  Spending most of my time dealing with correcting past mistakes & quickly rounding everything up.  The next month will be full of crazy nights.  Not how I planned to spend my 30th…what can you do?  Gotta make that dollar bills.  Sets me up for the rest of the year.  That it does.

Here is our first song of 2014.  2012′s country ballad by Jason Aldean.  Yee-haw!

1st Song of the Day: “Do You Love Me Like You Used To” by Best Coast

26 Dec

Do you notice the discrepancy?  Just one word reveals the error.  Or is it an error?  Maybe someone…not naming names…decided to alter the track name.  Not a worth a meditation.  Typos are frequent.  More than you can imagine.  Our show has them on a regular basis.  Mainly what my job entails.  Yeah.  Coming from a kid who wasn’t the best speller.  For me to become a writer after dealing with so many studious speech & writing classes is actually quite funny.  Like god’s biggest joke.  Ha. Ha.  

How was your Christmas?  Good? Get your share of presents?  Watched Doctor Who’s Christmas Special?

The ending was really touching.  Not as spectacular as Tennant, but more meaningful for Matt Smith.  Fantastic book end to this Doctor Who chapter.  Now it’s Peter’s turn to prove himself to the young teenage girls of America.  2014 is gonna be fun.

I spent the past couple of days busy as hell living my Three F philosophy.  Did so much, laughed even more…another wild holiday in my life.  I’m ready to say goodbye to 2013.  Many minor changes.  The 30th year…I’m expecting…to be far more meaningful.  Gotta keep moving forward.  That I do.  More on that later.

Enjoy the Christmas hangover.  Here is a song from our archenemies Best Coast.

1st Song of the Day: “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” by Michael Buble

24 Dec

Ladies & Gentleman, Mr. Michael Buble.  Cause I’m keeping with our annual Christmas tradition of playing this wonderful cover.  Where ever you may be in the world.  I’m sending my deepest, most sincere, well wishes / prays to you & your family.  It means so much to me that you stop by and read a word or two.  Truly. (Never get sick of saying it, that I don’t)

May the next day be filled with the three ‘F’s — Food, Family, & Friends.  I will be doing the same.  Have a great Holiday.  Come back Thursday for some more music!


1st Song of the Day: “Why I Don’t Drink Anymore” by John Mulaney

16 Dec

Holy Shit.  I forgot to prep a 1st Song.  Didn’t hit me until I took a bite out of my morning sandwich.  Haha.  Well, this is gonna be a treat instead of some indie pop – moody track.  Today’s track comes from Comedian John Mulaney & his story of why he doesn’t drink anymore.  It’s hilarious and way better than a track I half assed.  Cause we all need a laugh break now & then.

I saw American Hustle.  It was amazing!

1st Song of the Day: “Name Me King” by The Game (feat. Pusha T)

12 Dec

Is it Game or The Game.  Still after all this time.  Not sure.  Dig this track regardless.  Jesus Piece, as I have harped about before, was one of those albums that got me situated into 2013.  That and Delta Rae.  That’s all you would’ve heard in my car during January.  Rap & Indie pop.  Still trending today.  This track got me into Pusha T more than any other track.  Ric Flair shit to kick off this gonna be crazy Thursday.

Wing Night, I believe, makes a comeback for one final time before the clock turn to 2014.  One more beer & 6 more cheap wings.  That would do.  Wing & Comic book nights were apart of the big social changes in my life & brought some pretty memorable moments that define this very quiet year.  Nothing really big happened.  Made steps towards the future.  Next year is different.  At least, one could hope.

Until then…here’s a rap song.


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