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1st Song of the Day: “Vegas” by Sara Bareilles

7 Apr

I’m in Vegas mode!  Despite the fact I’m five days off from my weekend excursion.  Boo!  I’ll get there.  So, as you can probably expect due to my lack of effort, I will be featuring Vegas themed tracks-songs-artists through Friday.  Today’s track is a song I featured before in our lost blogger days.  One of my favorite tracks from Sara.  She doesn’t perform it much anymore…still, captures the lofty ideals of someone who needs to just get away.  Something she did quite recently that became the theme of her 2013 critically acclaimed ‘Blessed Unrest’.  Spontaneous things always start as a “little voice”, don’t they?  Anyway, great life transitional track.

So much TV, so many flicks, that made for a fun weekend.  Yes, including Wings.  Did pass out all day Saturday much to my dismay.  Still fun to recover.  We all need a break.  That’s why we travel to Vegas.  Happy Monday!


Unplugged: “Only Love Can Hurt Like This” by Paloma Faith

31 Mar

Wannabe serenaded by jazzy Paloma Faith’s new single — “Only Love Can Hurt Like This”?  Well, you can by pressing the play button.  Her smokey, Amy Winehouse / Lana Del Rey, bluesy voice projects the precise tone necessary to pull off a ballad like this.

Pity that the album isn’t as good…oh boy.

Unplugged: “Out Among The Stars” by Brandon Flowers, Father John Misty, & Local Natives

28 Mar

La Blogothèque joined The Killers’ Brandon Flowers out on the road to the desert where he meets up with Father John Misty & Local Natives.  The supergroup was brought together to cover a bunch of tracks from the lost Johnny Cash album — “Out Among The Stars”.  You get insight to the music in between each local.  Hell of a ride.

Watch as the stars befall these travelling players in a short subject film by one of the greatest guerrilla webpage on the internet.  Johnny would be proud of this.


Stream: “Devil Inside (INXS Cover)” by London Grammar

24 Mar

The Queen and her new throne.

Be the first to experience the full stripped down version of London Grammar’s GAME OF THRONES INXS cover — “Devil Inside”.  As haunting as Florence + The Machine’s “Seven Devils” from Season 3?  That’s my question to y’all.  Still like the later, but this really showcases how devilish these musical imports are behind the mic.  Hannah especially.

GOT Season 4 premieres April 6th.

london grammar-devil inside-inxs-cover-game-of-thrones-single cover

1st Song of the Day: “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight” by Cole Swindell

24 Mar

Fostering new talent is what us bloggers should be all about.  Sponsoring the feature of music highlights.  Our new Opening Act Playlist is all about that.

How’d it happen?  Had a wonderful lazy Saturday night.  Just me, the TV flicking in the background, my laptop with Spotify streaming & Flickr uploading.  By the end of it I had 600+ pictures on our album…a K. Dot Featuring Mixtape for the drive in…and the March thru May ‘Opening Act’ Playlist that includes this Cole Swindell fresh country ballad kicking off this Monday morning.

Cole is opening for Luke Bryan on tour and is great friends with Florida Georgia Line.  FGL helped co-write “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight”.  That’s why it fits their vibe.  Good enough to let Cole into your country world?  The track is a-typical country ballad that just leaves you swaying holding that red solo cup.  In a field somewhere.  Great live performance below.

Happy Monday…

Spotlight Saturday: “Lay Me Down (Acoustic)” by Sam Smith

22 Mar

This song is pure love.

His voice still haunts my dreams since I heard it, for the first time, last Monday night.  Our B4M SXSW Team experienced it first hand at Haven, which probably sounded like heaven.  The entire room was silent, chills running up & down their spines, as Sam Smith’s angelic voice mesmerized all within.  #sxswregrets.  He’s now one of the big successes of the festival. Congratulations Sam!

Expect a similar sound as James Blake (minus the autotune) or even Emeli Sande.  I prefer this raw, acoustic to the enhanced studio version sorry to say.  Pure, unfiltered, perfect sound.  Look how far the m************ is away from the mic!  Holy crap!  (Sorry…inconceivable?)

Sam’s debut EP — Niravana — is out now.  Stream it by clicking the link.  Just warning you, it’s more pop than you’d think.  Mainstream producers.  Let the birdy sing…your mouth will drop.  Speech obliterated.

sam smith lay me down single cover hd



1st Song of the Day: “Shadow” by Wild Nothing

5 Mar

Last day for hipster Just.  “Shadow” by Wild Nothing is as hipster as you can imagine.  Soft keys & strings, unmoving, never changing static melody, and sweet as honey dew.  It isn’t spectacular in execution.  Just okay.  Made for ambient moments in a busy life.  Like a shadow.  You probably wouldn’t know it was there unless you cognitively pointed it out.  So, yeah…it’s a catchy tune if you make a connection with it.  

Trying to transition out of this mellow mood.  Only being powered by sure will.  Like remaining flumes in a gas tank…it can only get me so far.  My ‘lent’ promise is to learn how to balance my current crazy life.  Financing new ventures are always need more finance to get moving.  Our SXSW coverage should be fun.  New correspondent.  New photographer.  More musical memories for a classic music lover.  Gonna build our game plan this weekend.  So excited for Santos.

But first we gotta make it through the week.  And a day without meat.  (thanks lent).  Watch Wild Nothing perform on KEXP to kick off your day.


Unplugged: “Million” by Allen Stone (feat. Tingsek)

17 Feb

Who’s ready for some new Allen Stone???  2014 beckons.  For after supporting his sophomore self titled effort for nearly two years, Allen Stone is going back to square one as he writes his upcoming album.  In a cabin.  With his friends.  Soul sessions that will produce some crazy musical fruit.

The soulful “Million”, joined by Tingsek, is the first glimpse of what we’re expecting to get from the Seattle Stone.  Sit back & enjoy the vibe.


Unplugged: “She Drives Me Crazy (@ Virtue and Vice Studio)” by Matt Butler

17 Feb

Happy Monday! I couldn’t help myself from posting our friend, Matt Butler, live…rocking…acoustic cover of the Fine Young Cannibals’ “She Drives Me Crazy” at Virtue and Vice Studios.  He & the guys kill it, don’t they?  Can only imagine how that effect those NYC women at the Bowery.  Wowzers.

Matt’s ‘Reckless Son’ is dropping soon.  I got a sneak preview of a few tracks & they are superb.  Keep an ear out!

Unplugged: “Hold On We’re Going Home / The Monster” by Foxes

10 Feb

This sounds heavenly.  Foxes mashed up the lyrics to Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home” & Eminem + Rihanna’s “The Monster” to fuse a coherent track…perfect for the Valentine’s Day holiday.  It’s the soft vocal & swift melody that really gets me.  Enjoy.



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