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Spotlight Saturday: ‘Dopamine’ by Don D

19 Apr

Chicago Loud 9′s singer, Don D, is celebrating 4/20 with a brand new hip hop mixtape.

‘Dopamine’ examines the highs & lows of the dope game from a Chi-town perspective.  It’s a world most of us know about mainly through music lyrics.  At least…for me.  Doesn’t make the best judge of what I’m listening to.  Don D or Pro Blak does a fantastic job capturing the mysterious dangerous world of hustlers & dealers and the effects it has on those involved.  It has a definitive storyline coursing through each track.  Interludes.  Outros.  You’re in for a ride.

My favorite track is “American Love Story (Could It Be)”.  Like listening to a old school Common / Talib Kweli hip hop love song.  Would it be cliche to say it is…”Dope”?

I can’t help but recommend this soulful hip hop album from an emerging artist with a story to tell.  Sit back.  For these are the tales of the dope game from Don D.  Be sure to pick it!

Album of the Week: ‘PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’ by Pharoahe Monch

19 Apr

Awesome album cover.  Did you give it a glance?  Would you?  For me.  Maybe it’s me.  Inside you’ll find a powerful sequel to Pharoahe Monch’s 2011 — ‘W.A.R. (We Are Renegades)’.  That was an album with a definitive voice.  Loved it.  PSTD continues the story on a much dark note.  Very personal.  More mental.  Corrosive lyrics & beats that just tears away at your musical soul.  It’s mostly just Monch…spewing fire.  He was fighting a fit of depression & it shows.  Struggling to fight his way back into the light.  Talib Kweli & Black Thought bring their ‘A’ game assisting on two of the albums hallmark tracks: “DREAM” & “Rapid Eye Movement”.

Wikipedia sums PSTD best:

“The concept album follows a veteran through combat experience, his return home, relationship dissolution, drug addiction, painful depression, and, finally, a triumphant but realistically rendered decision to keep living and struggling.”

So, Pharoahe is not Pharoahe & yet totally Pharoahe.  Can you dig it?

Spotlight Saturday: ‘Never Fear Total Failure’ by Ghost Twins

5 Apr

Fun fact: Derby, England was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.  (At least according to Wikipedia)  It is also the home of industrial indie rockers, Ghost Twins.  Coincide that their musical stylings are ghostly tunes with that perfect combo of pop, rock, electronic house, and raw ambiance?  I think not.  It’s in their blood to revolutionize an oversaturated art form for a modern listener.

Last week the duo released their brand new 9 track LP entitled ‘Never Fear Total Failure’ early.  The official release date is next week.  But that hasn’t stopped me from listening. I’m gonna hold out for the vinyl.  It will be a dream playing off my needle.

I loved this record so much that it is the only thing we’re spotlighting today.  Really have no extra-fluffy words to describe each complex and intriguing cut that evolves with each passing second.  Like your trapped in a futuristic rubix cube hotel of endless hallways that switch every second.

All I can really say is that ‘NFTF’ is truly, truly, awesome.  You’re suckers for not clicking play…and then buying it over on Ghost Twins’ bandcamp.  Dig it below!

Album of the Week: ‘Singles’ by Future Islands

28 Mar


Click 2 Buy!

One step takes me home… Two steps back on my own… Three skips to each stone… Four steps back and I’m gone.”  A line I have been repeating since last week in a voice like Sam’s unique bluesy deliver.  Not as good or addicting.  Still, I try.  That’s all I ever can do.

Future Island’s satisfying fresh 2014 effort is brilliant.  Every nuisance necessary to the collective colliding beats in composition to Samuel Herring’s playful voice.  Even though he repeats lines in the chorus…still, feel as brand new as they can be.in age of overused-rock by numbers rockers.  All about deliver.

If you’re bored with all that other wack shit out in the musical landscape, get your palette cleansed on a lonely future isles of rock n’ roll

Album Preview: ‘Imaginary Enemy’ by The Used

25 Mar

Can’t believe it’s been 2 years since ‘Vulnerable’.  Saw them at Club Nokia just before they dropped that record.  Such an amazing night.  Flash forward to now; and they are giving us fans an album preview of their new one — ‘Imaginary Enemy’.

Haven’t listened to it yet.  If you have an opinion, shout it below!  I’m hopeful.

1st Song of the Day: “Shakin’” by Willy Moon

25 Mar

Now for a little something to get you “shakin’”. Electronic rifts that makes the spine twitch.  (My body is programmed as such, as you know.)  That’s Mr. Willy Moon for y’all.  Buzzworthy.  Dangerous modern day rock n’ roll that is in the same vein as The White Stripes, Cab Calloway, Strokes, and most importantly…The Black Keys.  No nonsense, apologetic, video of Willy Moon rocking by himself in the booth.  As raw & guerrilla as you get.  As if you heard his voice through a wall & felt compelled to peek through a keyhole.

Truly recommend his 2013 debut album — ‘Here’s Willy Moon‘.  Classic soulful rock n’ roll told in a modern day.

Another New Music Tuesday!  Almost love it as much as new record store day or Comic Book Wednesday. The new shit worth mentioning are: Shakira, Johnny Cash (another collection? WTF?), MCR’s Greatest Hits Collection, Future Islands (which will be our Album of the Week…maybe?), Karmin, Walking Dead Soundtrack Vol. 2, and what I’m listening to right now – Miles At The Fillmore – Miles Davis 1970: The Bootleg Series Vol. 3.  The Walking Dead SDTK is the biggest surprise because you get 6 haunting cuts from indie rockers like Portugal. The Man, Sharon Van Etten, Ben Nichols, etc.  Rental.  Not worthy to buy.  Like ‘May Death Never Stop You’.  Karmin’s ‘Pulses’ was a bit disappointing.  Some tracks stick more than others.  Felt too juvenile overall.  I’m definitely not the core audience.  High School kids more so.  Fans of Pitch Perfect.

You can stream all the albums above by clicking the links provided.  Seriously.  This is an amazing experience when I have so much time to write, isn’t it?  Go listen to FI’s ‘Singles’!  One of top three albums of 2014.

What more do you want?  Random rants?  Tangents?  Okay…last one…HIMYM was perfect.  Ring ‘Bear-er’ & all.

Excited for the series finale next week.  Then more free time on my hands on Monday nights.  Perfect for Magic Monday where I travel to the magic castle in hopes of becoming a great magician?  Nah.  Too lazy for that.  Will give more time to write random blurbs about music.  Ain’t it great?  Let’s get Tuesday shaking.  Here’s Willy Moon!

Spotlight Saturday: “Lay Me Down (Acoustic)” by Sam Smith

22 Mar

This song is pure love.

His voice still haunts my dreams since I heard it, for the first time, last Monday night.  Our B4M SXSW Team experienced it first hand at Haven, which probably sounded like heaven.  The entire room was silent, chills running up & down their spines, as Sam Smith’s angelic voice mesmerized all within.  #sxswregrets.  He’s now one of the big successes of the festival. Congratulations Sam!

Expect a similar sound as James Blake (minus the autotune) or even Emeli Sande.  I prefer this raw, acoustic to the enhanced studio version sorry to say.  Pure, unfiltered, perfect sound.  Look how far the m************ is away from the mic!  Holy crap!  (Sorry…inconceivable?)

Sam’s debut EP — Niravana — is out now.  Stream it by clicking the link.  Just warning you, it’s more pop than you’d think.  Mainstream producers.  Let the birdy sing…your mouth will drop.  Speech obliterated.

sam smith lay me down single cover hd



Album of the Week: ‘About Last Night’ by Sleeper Agent

21 Mar


This record isn’t even out yet but that hasn’t stopped Sleeper Agent from claiming our ‘Album of the Week’ spot.  Spotify has the exclusive stream of their sophomore/junior effort, ‘About Last Night’ (out Tuesday!), and it’s a collision of pop indie rock goodness.  Our team gave Alex & the guys a glowing review after their SXSW 1100 Warehouse showcase last Thursday night.  Certainly caught us by surprise.  A band that will find itself on Vh1 sooner than later.  They are currently on tour with Fitz and the Tantrums…which kind of gives you a hint of what you’re about to experience.  Big band, In sync melodies, bubblegum beats, catchy, and highly danceable.  That’s a warning.

Now we’re sharing the love with y’all.  This is your first listen & weekend recommendation.  Sleeper Agent.  ‘About Last Night’…go!

Album Preview: ‘Forcefield’ by Tokyo Police Club

18 Mar

Click 2 Listen!

Stream Tokyo Police Club’s new LP – ‘Forcefield’, via the NY Times.  Not much to say because I haven’t listened to it yet.

Album Preview: ‘Singles’ by Future Islands

17 Mar

Click 2 Listen!

If you had a chance to be down in Austin this past week & caught a Future Islands showcase, you were actually the first ones able to pick up a copy of their new album — ‘Singles’.  Can you believe it?  I can because I have a copy!  Actually listened to it on the way into the office.  Everything about it was fantastic.  Like driving through a dream.  They are one artist that I try imagine every song of theirs on a lush beach located on a remote island.  Nothing but open space all around.  Watching the seasons change to no avail.  Future Islands electronic pulses, guitar rifts, & haunting ghostly lyrics are the perfect combination for your modern soundtrack.  Leader for top three albums of 2014.

NPR has the stream if you weren’t around.  It’s really amazing.  Give it a shot.


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