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Album of the Week: ‘World Peace Is None Of Your Business’ by Morrissey

19 Jul

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Being laced with political messages didn’t stop Morrissey’s 10th solo LP — ‘World Peace Is None Of Your Business’ — from being my recommendation this week.  In fact…they are so well hidden underneath gorgeous spanish/middle eastern chords & his iconic voice that it’s hard to tell what he’s really saying anyway.  He’s just same good at singing that you don’t care.  Feels like yesterday even though this is his first record since 2006.

I was hooked by the classically harmonious experience.  So much so that by the time I woke up the slow pace — “Smilier With Knife” — there was no turning back.  Wanted to hear it all the way to the end.  Was expecting a very personal album, but what you really get are truly deep eccentric tracks from the enigmatic great & powerful Moz.  He’s having fun making music again it seems on a fresh slate.  The world influence has truly shaped this record.  Like this is what Moz is like making music on an exiled vacation.  He even gives us a Smiths sounding (standard version) conclusion on “Oboe Concerto”.  The deluxe edition, which is streaming below, fleshes it out.

“The joy brings many things…but it can’t bring you joy.”  How can you top that?  This is poetry on record.  The kind of out of body lyrical stories you expect from a musical legend.  You’re in good hands.  You might not understand it, but take my advice…’World Peace…’ is truly something special.  For World Peace is really not our business.  Our business is to enjoy life while listening to music.  Sounds like Morrissey has reached Nirvana.  Cheers…now I want 10 more LPs!

Album of the Week: ’1000 Forms of Fear’ by Sia

12 Jul

Another slow week allows the Aussie Veteran a chance to steal the spotlight.  Still not entirely blown away by ’1000 Forns…’.  I prefer the remixed, Flo Rida sponsored, Sia.  Didn’t know much about her before her hip hop / EDM sampled days.  Her stellar Catching Fire OST collabo — “Elastic Heart” with The Weeknd — sits deep within.  What I find interesting is she always seems to have a different voice on every track.  The range is incredible.  Sia desperately tried to make a mainstream-unexpected-radio friendly pop album with a far share of hits.  It was expected of her, after all.  She is quite popular.  She succeeded.  Thus record works because she’s a powerhouse.

’1000 Forms of Fear’ is more like “1000 Forms of Sia”.  After her explosiveness on the lead track, “Chandelier”, the album soothes down & dives deep.  At least until the viciously catchy “Fire Meets Gasoline” begins the final battle where the witches howls brings out the sadness hiding within.  Most of the cuts deserve to be apart of a Quentin Tarantino film scene.  A heartbroken love scorned twisted woman staring down on corpse as flames billow & consume everything behind you.

I do believe in good / bad luck music. And I have had some amazing luck while playing it before my business work days.  Sure ’1000 Forms…’ isn’t for everyone.  But give it a chance.  It is a solid adventure into the mind of Sia.  But I’ll keep listening until my luck runs out.

Album of the Week: ‘Paula’ by Robin Thicke

5 Jul

It was a slow music week.  Not many notable records hit the shelves.  Robin Thicke took full advantage, dropping his fourteen track “I’m Sorry” letter to his estrange wife Paula Patton entitled ‘Paula’.  I actually enjoyed the record, unlike 85% of the internet.  Who…after reading them…based many of their judgement on the personal more than the content itself.  Attacking an artist for their normal persona is fine.  I’m sure Robin is like most Pisces who have a tendency to run with their emotions then dealing with the consequences. Whatever your personal feelings might be, those shouldn’t affect your critics.  Music is just music.  This could’ve been an entirely fabricated story & the record would still work.  Probably because he stole many of his styling from classic R&B legends like James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers, etc.  (EW did a fantastic breakdown btw)  He did his homework.

The painful, hurt, brokenhearted Mr. Thicke structured the record quite beautifully.  It basically tells the inside story of how he broke his marriage & all his feelings of how he still loves her.  His constant begging did turn so many reviews off.  By the end of the record, you’re exhausted.  The silver lining is the muse chorus that appears on “Lock The Door”, “Black Tar Cloud”, and so many other tracks that channels what Paula probably said.  I expect the lively “Living in New York City” to be a radio smash.  Made me miss James Brown / Stevie Wonder style of blues.

Where I believe the record fails is that it came out too quickly.  It feels rushed & unfinished, especially towards the end. If Robin spent a year dwelling on his failings & poor judgement…this might have been the greatest R&B record in the last century.  Unfortunately…Robin did something again prematurely & without thinking.  Still think it’s kind of poetic that he tried to speak to his wife the only way musicians know how to do, through music.

Put your preconceived notions aside and take a listen to blusey ‘Paula’ by Robin Thicke.  You can make up your own mind.

Stream: “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday” by Jason Mraz

30 Jun

Mr. Mraz isn’t known for his covers.  His collection of hits are always so innovative & personal.  However, for his new Mraz Monday effort he has decided to release his stripped version of The Beatles’ iconic –  “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday”.  Still comes off as haunting as it ever was.  Because it’s just Jason singing.

“Yes!” is coming soon…even though you’ll probably heard it all.

Spotlight Saturday: “You Lift Me Up (Acoustic)” by Mikey Wax

28 Jun

Such a happy song with an addicting chorus, presented in it’s most purest form.  That’s singer-songwriter Mikey Wax.  An artist you probably have heard without noticing.  Mikey has been hustlin’ in the game for many years after being bit by the musical bug at the age of 8.

He is celebrating his brand new self-titled LP that just dropped a few weeks ago.  You can stream it here.   I chose to showcase the popular lead track, “You Life Me Up”, in this blurb because it encompasses everything Mr. Wax is all about.  A live media cuts through all the B.S. & shows artists in the best light.  This one especially.  Take a look at the video.  Shot in a very guerrilla form.


Album of the Week: “X” by Ed Sheeran

27 Jun

Any romantic will absolutely love this record.  Have said it in some form with all preemptive album teasers over the past two weeks.  We have basically showcased all the best tracks during that time.  “Thinking Out Loud” is the front runner.  A track that speaks for any man going through lovely struggles & the determination to show your heart.  You get much of that here.  Flashes me back to my earlier R&B days, when I fell in love with the genre.  Soul baby soul.

Ed has matured exponentially since ‘+’.  That raw talent has been formed into a crooning (with the occasional rap) machine.  Taylor’s teaching / guidance has helped to build one of the expansive soulful records of the year.

My only complaint is that each track is a single entity that vary in style.  The flow as you progress tries to change mood & tone, when all you want to do is think about that special someone.

This is how Pop music should be portrayed.

Album of the Week: “A Town Called Paradise” by Tiesto

21 Jun

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USA Today got an awesome blurb from Tiesto describing what ‘A Town Called Paradise’ is all about:

“It means you should get in the car with your friends and come to paradise. Everyone has that place they call paradise and that’s what I want them to feel. This album is very different than what I’ve done before. The lyrics are personal, they’re all based on my own experiences and it’s a very happy album. It’s diverse and refreshing; there’s even a love song on it. I think it’s just a really fun album.”

Hits the nail on the head.  My driving days around LA have been enhanced by this wonderfully record.  Tiesto channels his best beats & the catchy hooks to make a travelling anthem.  There are no low moments.  All rise baby.  I never wanted to turn it off.  Actually sat in my car Wednesday morning until Krewella guest feature “Set Yourself Free” finished.  Sure randoms were looking, but didn’t stop me from rocking.  A major epiphany hit me by track three (“Light Years Away”)…it seems Tiesto was inspired by Zedd.  The electronic choirs strangely sounds familiar at times like I was listening to a rich man’s “Clarity”.  Yes…Matt Koma literally steals the show once again.

Tiesto, in my opinion, is a more precise DJ than most.  The structure has a quickening pace & focus that you don’t find in more mainstream EDM who are addicted to hooks, hooks, hooks.  All the futuristic bleeps & bloops are gorgeous.  Very proud of Tiesto’s evolution.  He’s willing to let vocalist speak for his push button symphony than just samples of popular tracks.

If you’re not at EDC 14 & want make your life a party…then I recommend you take a trip to ‘A Town Called Paradise’.  The bright lights of Las Vegas will be there.  As long as you close your eyes.

Album of the Week: ‘Lazaretto’ by Jack White & ‘Whispers’ by Passenger

13 Jun

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It’s a tie!I couldn’t decide!  This week was terrible hard because both these records are flawed, but have these moments that made me emotionally invested.  Most of my compatriots would go with the album above because Jack White’s handy tools of the trade. Then you have the quiet soloist, Passenger who’s opinionated lyrics & simple melody strikes at my heart strings like quiet thunder.  Jack White had the music & Passenger had the lyrics.  Together they would make the ultimate record.

Every solo on Lazaretto resonates tricking me into believing that the guitar is a featuring lyricist.  There were parts I didn’t connect with the blues as Jack White remained in his pit of self-loathing & heartbreak that bloomed from his divorce.  I wanted something deeper.  The title track is the saving grace with the rest being a combination of every single tool in Jack White’s arsenal: Tennessee Blues, White Stripes violent howls, and guitar rifts that strikes lightning from Mt. Olympus.  Solid B as CoS summed it up.

Passenger’s ‘Whispers’ hasn’t received the acclaim from blogosphere that ‘Lazaretto’ has.  Actually most have quite critically.  Just about of love songs & meaningful messages on tape.  I was fairly certain that I was gonna crown the album above as the winner until I had a moment with track 07 — ‘Rolling Stone’ — Wednesday night.  Felt like a fairy tale about a supporting woman and it warmed my heart.  Here is a few of the poetic words.

“Sometimes I feel I’m going nowhere
Sometimes I’m sure I never will
She said it’s cause I’m always moving
I never notice cause I never stand still

Sometimes I feel like I’m falling
Falling fast and falling free
She says my darling you’re not falling
It always looked like you were flying to me”

How sweet.  That’s what you get in this package.  Tender music from a talented writer.  What do you expect from an album cover with a portrait of a children’s storybook.  You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…that you shouldn’t.

My two favorite albums of the week are at your disposable.  Choose your destiny.

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Watch: “Until It’s Gone” by Linkin Park + ‘The Hunting Party’ Stream

13 Jun

Like your fans?  Hehe…Linkin Park’s continuing process to win hearts & minds.  I’m really looking forward to the non-screamed filled ‘The Hunting Party‘ (that is now streaming on iTunes this very moment btw.  Click the link to stream).  The black & white visuals are classic Linkin Park.  Aren’t you happy to have them back?

Directed by Mr. Hahn



Album of the Week: ‘Platinum’ by Miranda Lambert

7 Jun

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That crafty Miranda Lambert.  Boy does she know how to put together a infectious country record.  Makes it look so easy too.

Platinum is 16-tracks of spitfire & romantic moments that will touch mainstream & hardcore fans alike.  No subject is off limits as she compares herself to Priscilla Presley that touches on those tabloid rumors she has been entrenched in or just singing about being close to your man.  I preferred the more twangy tracks like “Sunday in the South” & her collabo with Little Big Town that is entitled: “Smokin’ & Drinkin’” that is by far my favorite track.  Simple & hook with killer harmonies.  The combo is deadly.

Every record is personal with Ms. Shelton.  So, all you can do is listen to her side of the story.  Prepare for a truly fantastic time.


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