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1st Song of the Day: “Name” by Goo Goo Dolls

14 Apr

I survived Vegas.  What happens there.  Stays there.  So, no spoilers from me.  Had a blast.  Left with little money that were traded for lasting memories.  Really needed the mind break.  Nothing like getting swindled by clever formulas & sexy bitches.  #goodtimes  Today’s song spawned from a song that my buddy Ross had on his many music mixtapes that mostly featured songs from movies / trailers.  “Long Way Down” by Goo Goo Dolls was featured on the Twister SDTK.  Which made me focus on ‘A Boy Named Goo’.  Then stumbled across this classic, “Name”.

Big thanks to the Vim Dicta for sponsoring our decent showcase review as much as they did.  Can’t wait to see them in a few weeks!

Loved having Mad Men back.  Last night’s episode was fantastic.  Welcome to Easter Monday.  Two more pretapes to go & a regime change born.

Spotlight Saturday: “Moments” by An Honest Year

9 Nov

Pop punk-indie rock is a genre of music that seems like it’s coming back into pop culture.  Much like it did after the boy band craze of the 2000s punctuated by bands like Yellowcard, New Found Glory, Sum 41, All Time Low, Story of the Year, etc.  It wasn’t about one member…it was about the band.

Happily, An Honest Year embodies the genre quite literally on their new EP — “Moments”.  The perfect EP for house parties and friendly hangouts.  You’ll be answering the same question a lot: “Who is this awesome band?”  Great talking point with that crush you’ve been swerving with.  Especially “Don’t Leave Me”.  Her eyes will light up when it comes on.

This could’ve been the soundtrack to my high school days if I was born at the edge of 99.  Now when I play it, a rush of nostalgia will rush over my friends and new moments will be shared.  Just have to remember the keg, pull out the red solo cups, and lose it to An Honest Year’s “Moments”.

Album of the Week: “The Civil Wars” by The Civil Wars

10 Aug

The Civil Wars - The Civil Wars Self Titled 2013 Album Cover Bored 4 Music

Look what I can do with a little more time — specialized album covers.  Can’t deny the billowing smoke.  The vintage smoke makes it even more haunting.  By the time you hit ‘D’Arline’ it will all make sense.   For your emotions will be taking on a hell of a ride.  You’ll hear explosions…popping in the distance against an empty sky.  Are they mighty battleships sinking into gasoline soaked water?  Southern mansions being consumed from within?  Metal bridges bent & disfigured by a raging battle?  Bodies sweetly scattered. For…

“It was not well to drive men into final corners; at those moments they could all develop teeth and claws.”

- Stephen Crane, The Red Badge of Courage

This indie folk rock self-titled compilation by the now separated Joy Williams & John Paul White has created such a buzz online because of the drama hiding in the shadows.  Only they know what truly happened that caused this ‘War’.  Us listeners can assume whatever we want.  I have my opinion as well as you probably do.   But my audience for this post isn’t the hardcore, somber, Civil Wars fan who has obsessed over each & every subtextual powerful lyric.  Joy has released some of that background over on their webpage if you haven’t heard hardcore fans.  Recommend it.  I’m here to convince the other majority that what you have beating in your ears is one of the heartbreaking records you can possibly listen to.

The Civil Wars 2013 record is a career wrap up, up to this point, laced with such troubling & heartbreaking subject matters.  Dark in tone.  Electric rifts.  Thunder.  Smoke.  You get nine new brand new cuts & three concert favorites (From This Valley, Oh Henry, & Their Smashing Pumpkins’ cover — Disarm).  Joy, like with the Album’s PR, is the most powerful voice on the record.  John Paul mostly provides a hush behind her lead.  He does has his moments.  Still pales in comparisons to her.  It feels like Joy Williams (feat. John Paul White) because no matter who starts the track…Joy will be the one finishing it.  You can tell they are no longer equally sharing.  ‘Barton Hollow”s magic came from how in-sync they were.  The passion was there.  It made each track fresh & fun.  Just blended into sheer beauty.  The times the duo do connect (Eavesdrop, Same Old Same Old, & Dust To Dust) you feel so torn because there is such raw, visceral emotion, behind every line.  No, there is nothing you can do.  Just sit in your seat & take it.  Box of Kleenex provided under your seat.

What gives me chills is imagining their eyes locking as they sing all those tracks.  Woah.  Souls connecting in music bliss.  Always picture two magnets being pushed together in that scenario.  Strength that makes my soul ache.  Especially the pure french Sacred Heart, conceived & executed in Paris on tour.  Doesn’t it make you wish you were in Paris?  Go check out the translation.  Very “Before Sunrise”.  Most of the happy stuff was written before Barton Hollow even came out.  By the end the sun comes up…or goes down, however your opinion is.

Their iPhone recorded demo entitled “D’Arline”, final track, is quite poetic.  I’ll always remember them like that.  Sitting on the porch, adapting a love letter of a man who misses his wife, into pure musical magic.

Not all relationships are perfect.  Joy & JPW are like every artist trying to create revolutionary music.  The Beatles fought, so what.  Abbey Road is my favorite Beatles’ album. (you can fight me later)  We owe a huge thanks to Charlie Peacock.  He made this record what it was: a true successor to my favorite album of 2011.  The Yang to Barton Hollow’s Ying.  They do complete & complement each other perfectly.  Two sides of a coin.

Us fans got the sequel we wanted that finally wrapped up the The Civil Wars saga quite beautifully. This self-titled record speaks for itself.  It doesn’t reinvent the wheel.  Given.  Lightning isn’t suppose to strike the same place twice.  The electricity does get close.

A love prepared to destroy the worlds…but that what loves does.  Such a powerful feeling.

Truly enjoy this haunting beautiful second chapter of The Civil Wars story that puts to the period to journey so far.  I’ll shut up till Christmas about this record. Coming up after is the “Vh1′s Behind The Music” special.  

1st Song of the Day: “Teenage Riot” by Sonic Youth

1 Aug

Shocked I still haven’t seen this film.  Dig the soundtrack featuring some major 80s-90s alternative rock tracks, like Sonic Youth’s Daydream Youth classic — Teenage Riot.  What I’m really missing is the filmic context these songs appear, which any avid Soundtrack fan knows, changing the total perception of the music you hear.  Is it during a dance scene?  Are they driving?  Exploring each’s other bodies?  Fighting? Giant boombox outside her parent’s home? (in your eyes)

Luckily, my palette is fresh and I can make my own memories through the tracks…however, it’s not 1991 — not wearing Seattle flannel…at the moment — & the whole track feels quite dated.  Six year old me was bumping 2pac & Michael Jackson during that musical revolution and didn’t hit my “Grunge” phase until high school.  Sonic Youth aren’t from Seattle, so it’s disappointing that I lump them into that Seattle mentality.  NYC grunge yo.

Only a matter of time till all my worthless questions are answered filmically.  One future late Friday/Saturday night while I’m sitting on my couch for 2+ hours.  If there is a woman with me, great but love watching older films by myself.

Comic Book Wednesday was a blast.  Bundle of comics, Popeye’s Chicken Waffle Tenders, and hanging with old friends.  Not sure if the slowly slipping away ‘Wing Night’ will happen tonight.  Since everything got a bit more complicated due to new bars, bowling, & busy schedules.  Last Thursday in June was the last time I stepped foot into the Blue Palms.  Can’t believe it.  But the last time was probably the best memory I’ll have from a Wing Night & kind of want to persevere it for awhile longer.

Meh.  What happens happens.  It’s August & time for a fresh monthly start.  Here’s a classic from 1991 from a Soundtrack you should own.

1st Song of the Day: “(Coffee’s For Closers)” by Fall Out Boy

29 Jul

The anthem for my 2013 Summer Vacation was this classic album from B4M favs – Fall Out Boy.  Part of the old school additions I made to my newish iPod before I departed to lovely Utah.  Every big trip always gets a jumbo music playlist to play through.  Chat on that soon.  The trip was lovely, that it was.  Never had been in such awe at the sure might, beauty, & size of nature.  The one major point I did learn was: Rocks, in water, do hurt when you walk through them.  Not sure how RPGs or films made adventuring in the woods so easy.  Add a equipment boots.

The whole experience made me feel so miniature, in every way.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the plentiful pictures over on our flickr.  Has all my favorite moments & scenes featuring me & my tripmates.  There is even a picture of me instagraming atop a 5000 foot mountain.  Given.  Awesome cell service in Zion. (???) Still can’t believe it.  The only thing not featured was our stop off in Vegas.  Lost dinaro…quickly.  Excited to go back soon.

Wanna write more, so yeah.  Praying passion takes over me.

Saturday checked out a friend’s band at Good Hurt Nightclub.  Those pictures are live too.  Expect that write up too.  First I have to finish Robert DeLong & Robert Randolph’s.  We’ll get there.  Bit rusty.  Tired.  Overall, was what I needed.  Kind of was distracted by a PYT.  Out of my system.  The band had a killer remix of Magna Carta…Holy Grail.  More later.

Nothing more to say.  I’m back and chatting about the Newsroom with my coworker.  Good episode(s)!  Here is one of my summer anthems.

1st Song of the Day: “Step” by Vampire Weekend

18 Jul

I get a huge smile of my face whenever my iPod plays this record.  My smile continued all morning due to my iPod touch’s shuffle feature wanted to play three ‘Modern Vampire’ tracks in row.  Robotic phenomenon   Should I say thank you?  Maybe?  “Step” was my favorite of the three.  That’s why it’s being showcased now.  This record was a different take for Vampire Weekend.  Dig it so much tho.  More I listen, the more it sticks.  Sounds great in the car.  Took a handful of wild nights to fall in love this record, but now it holds a major part of my 2013.  Will look fondly on it come December.  For breaking my comfort zone has been the biggest objective of 2013.  Winning so far.

Wearing some new hiking boot upgrades.  A fresh take on my current shoes.  It’s going to walk on so many different amazing spaces.  Still awaiting my NBA Jam turbo Canyoneers.  Hoping they arrive today.  Won’t get a chance to find out till after another non-wing night Thursday night.  Our little group have been throwing curve balls in the routine thus making every Thursday new & wondrous   Tonight we’re bowling with a bunch of my fellow co-workers.  Gonna get my ass kicked, given.  I’ll try to put a fight.  This time I won’t have a beautiful distraction to root for me, hold my hand, or secretly make love in a Hollywood parking lot.  Ever made love with bowling shoes on?  I have.  Always wonder, since then, if that’s how clowns feel while fucking.  #Meditations.  That girl is long gone now.  Pity.  Praying the alley has some wings.  If I had a food blog it would be called ‘Wings in Different Places’.  The thesis being me eating wings in different places…a bar, bowling alley, the bathroom, in my bed…covers over my head.

Being cheeking this morning I know.  The past Thursdays I have been very soft spoken due to my long comic book Wednesday   Didn’t have that yesterday.  Met with the new cast of characters that will be a major part of next week’s crazy Zion pilgrimage.  Good bunch of kids.  Should be fun running like animals in a long beautiful canyon.  Also, won’t be going to see Alabama Shakes tonight because I won tickets to the Robert Randolph & The Family Band’s show tomorrow night at the House of Blues!  Lesson: pay more attention to twitter!  Amazing deals going on.  Can’t wait to get funky.  Oh yeah.

Two days!  So stoked.  The light is peaking from the opening door.  Can feel it.  Time for champagne & disco.

1st Song of the Day: “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)” by Arcade Fire

6 Jun

Dig this song.  Not my favorite from the near perfect ‘Suburbs’.  The sum of all the parts do make this a amazing.

Ugh.  So tired.  Was out super late with the comic book team.  Chatting about nerdy stuff.  Picked up my pull list at House of Secrets, so that will keep me entertained for a week or so.  The TMNT city fall saga is the one I’m looking forward to.  Did read Superior Spider-man #10.  The issue marked the return of the Green Goblin in a very cartoonish / baddie henchman kind of way.

No break.  Wing Night.  Special event.  Another late night.  My life has been quite crazy.  Nice change of pace.  Stories to follow.  And if you need a quick song, go check out our Tumblr!  Been spending a bunch of time there.  Not sure what the future will hold for GN.  Maybe just a concert review site as I originally wished it to be?  Who knows?  Here is some music…

New Video: “Rumble & Sway” by Jamie N Commons

31 May

Dark bluesy rock, things on fire, and shirtless woman?  That’s Jame N Commons in a nutshell.  You’re riding on the dark side baby.  My standout artist from SXSW revealed his new video for the title track from his current ‘Rumble & Sway – EP‘ last week.  Belated shameless plug needed.

Album Stream: “Modern Vampires Of The City” by Vampire Weekend

7 May

Go 2 Itunes To Listen!

So, listen.  All those indie bloggers have just splooshed a bit in their pants.  Why?  Because Itunes is streaming Vampire Weekend’s third album…in full…right now.  This record is a evolution for the band.  They take a few more chances.  Music fans should be excited.

Enjoy Modern Vampires of the City…out next Tuesday.


  1. Obvious Bicycle
  2. Unbelievers
  3. Step
  4. Diane Young
  5. Don’t Lie
  6. Hannah Hunt
  7. Everlasting Arms
  8. Finger Back
  9. Worship You
  10. Ya Hey
  11. Hudson
  12. Young Lion

1st Song of the Day: “Thousand Ways” by The Tallest Man on Earth

7 May

Hard to deny The Tallest Man on Earth in the morning bump.  The Wild Hunt‘s tracks do well at the early morning hours.  The ‘wee hours’ how I refer to them.  6am shadows where brewed java fills the room.  Tingling those sensitive nostrils.  Maybe producing a smile with teeth.  Songs like this makes me feel good.  They really do.  That’s why Tallest Man continues to be featured.  Instead of the studio track, which is amazing in it’s own right, below is Tallest Man’s acoustic performance from KCRW.  There isn’t much lost in translation.  Equals the studio version.  Probably surpasses it.  I’ll let you decide.

On the way in I listened to ‘To Be Loved’ all the way through and it almost made me fall asleep.  Mellow, overly loving record.  I’m at that point where either it will become one of my favorite records of the year or be lost and forgotten in the Car’s CD Island.  I’m leaning to the latter.  Part of me, when I listen to a Michael Buble album, always compares it to that lasting experience when I first heard ‘It’s Time’ back in college.  “Why can’t [To Be Loved] be that good”, I repeat to myself.  2005.  Wow.  Incredible how unperishing that album was to me.  Subject matter on the new LP is weak.  Really disappointed by it all.

Buble should just join up with Disney & make that dream record already.  “Buble sings Disney’s Classics”…not a far-fetched concept after hearing his Randy Newman cover.  Will see the light of day sooner than later.

Here’s a Swedish ballad from a modern day Bob Dylan.


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