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1st Song of the Day: “Stay” by Sugarland

17 Apr

After bumping NaS all morning, just before I left my room for the door; one thought came to my head…Today needs some Sugarland.  To kick it off.  Probably played this song before.  That’s okay.  Amazing track that deserves multiple of replays.  The first time I heard the heartbreaking lyrics was in a Maryland bar during Karaoke.  A friend of a friend, who eventually became my friend, sang it.  Her vocal performance was amateurish at best & nothing that compares to Jennifer Nettles…however, got the feeling she had sang it multiple times before by herself…in her room / car.  You could feel the deep wound she carried.  Just wonderful.

I’ve been in a blue mood for the past couple of days.  Should be happy.  Today is technically work Friday.  We have to wrap three shows in 10 hours.  Won’t be getting out till late.  Then Wing Night.  And ETC.  I’m on call tomorrow too.  So, the grind don’t stop.  Here’s some country sadness to kick off the Easter weekend.  Be safe.  Have fun.

Watch: “Play It Again” by Luke Bryan

7 Apr

Oh boy, I love this song.  So much.  Third verse especially.  “Play It Again” made sure that ‘Crash My Party’ ranked high on my fav album list for 2013.  Now, Luke Bryan jumped back to that LP to drop the official music video that features Luke rocking it out on tour with all those country hunnies.  Signing & asking to “Play It Again”.

Catch him at Stagecoach 2014 at the end of the month.  He doesn’t disappoint.

Watch: “Automatic” by Miranda Lambert

25 Mar

Automatic…systematic.  That’s how Mrs. Shelton rolls in her very laid back country music video for her new ‘Platinum’ single — “Automatic”.  It’s good old time at the farm, digging through memories, driving through the farmland in her Chevy ’55, and such.  Absolutely love how simple it is.

Directed by Trey Fanjoy

Watch: “Who I Am With You” by Chris Young

24 Mar

How can you not love a country ballad from Chris Young?  He does them so good.  This track rocketed 2013′s ‘A.M.’ to a primo spot on our Favorite Albums of the Year countdown.  One of the best cuts from his catalog by far.

The Black & White visuals playing to the song showcases Chris Young’s life on the musical road, intercutting live concert performances & backstage sadness.  Nothing experimental.  Just real life.

1st Song of the Day: “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight” by Cole Swindell

24 Mar

Fostering new talent is what us bloggers should be all about.  Sponsoring the feature of music highlights.  Our new Opening Act Playlist is all about that.

How’d it happen?  Had a wonderful lazy Saturday night.  Just me, the TV flicking in the background, my laptop with Spotify streaming & Flickr uploading.  By the end of it I had 600+ pictures on our album…a K. Dot Featuring Mixtape for the drive in…and the March thru May ‘Opening Act’ Playlist that includes this Cole Swindell fresh country ballad kicking off this Monday morning.

Cole is opening for Luke Bryan on tour and is great friends with Florida Georgia Line.  FGL helped co-write “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight”.  That’s why it fits their vibe.  Good enough to let Cole into your country world?  The track is a-typical country ballad that just leaves you swaying holding that red solo cup.  In a field somewhere.  Great live performance below.

Happy Monday…

Watch: “Lookin’ For That Girl” by Tim McGraw

16 Mar

Tim McGraw is looking for another girl…sorry Faith.  The music video visuals are really quite amazing.  Like a country James Bond opening title credits.  The autotuned song isn’t what you expect to hear from an country artist.  Not really a fan, but the visuals / production value does deserve a look.

Album of the Week: ‘Slow Me Down’ by Sara Evans

15 Mar

There’s nothing better or sexier than a country siren.  Sara Evans really gets my gears grinding on her spanking new ‘Slow Me Down’.  Country road anthems, sexy / heartbreaking ballads, and fun guest cameos from Vince Gill, The Fray’s Isaac Slade, & Gavin DeGraw.  It doesn’t reinvent the wheel. Just another brilliant effort from one of country’s established artists that is more pop than country.

You’re in fantastic hands for the course of an hour.  Sit back, take it slow, and enjoy the ride.  Your heart won’t stop beating for sure.

Watch: “A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young” by Eric Church

10 Mar

Dontcha miss the old Bored 4 Music? The one that blew up your facebook / twitter / blogrolls?  I sure do.  Here is the last post from this lazy morning brought you from Eric Church.  “A Man who was Gonna Die Young” is third single from 2014′s ‘Outsiders’.  It continues the dark undertones & theme of the records / previous visuals in the collection.

Watch: “Doin’ What She Likes” by Blake Shelton

26 Feb

Blake Shelton, like most of us guys, knows the way into a girls heart…doing what she likes.  His acclaimed ‘Based on a True Story’ cut now has a sweet music video where Blake proceeds to put together the perfect evening for his wifey.  It all goes awry, but it’s the thought that counts.  It’s my favorite track from the record.  Made even better with dem fun-fiery visuals.

Miranda voices does make a cameo.

Directed by Mason Dixon

1st Song of the Day: “How Do I Live” by Trisha Yearwood

7 Feb

Flashback Friday with a really debatable track.  Most music lovers absolutely love LeAnn Rimes’ version of “How Do I Live”.  It was a cover that made her career.  I am partial to Trsha Yearwood’s original.  One of my favorite musical memories was coming across Songbook in my Dad’s CD collection & taking a chance on this track.  It’s much sweeter, full of heart, and comes from a wonderful place.  The 30-something “me” can really appreciate it more.  Like a fine wine.

Looking forward to a nice lazy weekend.  Got some writing to do, vinyls to be spun…which my Dad & I chatted about after Wing Night…and many more normal things I been missing all of 2014 (so far).  I’ll be enjoying it.  Have a great weekend as the love songs continue on Monday with more, poppy, classics.  This is our last country love song for this week.  Take it Trisha!


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