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Watch: “Dirt Road” by Kip Moore

14 Jul

Here’s another sad country song about life & dirt.  Well, Kip slashes deeper than FGL’s look back one.  He’s telling you want he wants beyond the gates.  Kip Moore says “Heaven better have a dirt road”.  I just want a jungle gym.  Where I can spend eternity on a beach, just having endless amounts of fun hanging like a monkey.

This is the first video from Kip’s sophomore venture.  Excited to see what comes next.

Watch: “Dirt” by Florida Georgia Line

8 Jul

“Dirt” is where it all started & for some of us…where it ends.  FGL expertly sums it all up in their memory laced track “Dirt”.  The video tells the story of Rosey, her husband, and the crazy love story they were apart of for so long.

I dare you try not to think about your story & relate.


Watch: “Roller Coaster” by Luke Bryan

23 Jun

Aw, man…I wished I lived at that beach.  Would totally crash that party too.  Anyway, check out the end of Summer anthem from Luke Bryan.  “Roller Coaster” was one of the first tracks I fell in love with upon listening to his 2013 LP.  Just lose yourself in the sunlight.


Album of the Week: ‘Platinum’ by Miranda Lambert

7 Jun

Click 2 Listen!

That crafty Miranda Lambert.  Boy does she know how to put together a infectious country record.  Makes it look so easy too.

Platinum is 16-tracks of spitfire & romantic moments that will touch mainstream & hardcore fans alike.  No subject is off limits as she compares herself to Priscilla Presley that touches on those tabloid rumors she has been entrenched in or just singing about being close to your man.  I preferred the more twangy tracks like “Sunday in the South” & her collabo with Little Big Town that is entitled: “Smokin’ & Drinkin’” that is by far my favorite track.  Simple & hook with killer harmonies.  The combo is deadly.

Every record is personal with Ms. Shelton.  So, all you can do is listen to her side of the story.  Prepare for a truly fantastic time.

1st Song of the Day: “Bare Skin Rug” by Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert

3 Jun

Summer romance tune that pretty sums up what Blake & Miranda wanted to do to each other back in the day.  Right down by the fire.  (Hehe)  They will be celebrating because today marks the release of Miranda Lambert’s 2014 effort — ‘Platinum’.  I like it.  Haven’t spent that much time with it as all morning I was bumping ‘Lazaretto’ off my cellular phone through my car stereo.  That record sounds so dope on the road.

Of the 8 tracks I have heard of ‘Platinum’…I like it.  Miranda hasn’t made a bad record.  Her consistency whether it be solo or with her Pistol Annies crew has always been solid.  Nice to know you’re in good hands going into the unknown 16 tracks.  The tracks I’ve heard have been a mixture of romantic & twang.  Track 4 & 8 have been played more than once.   Outside that spectrum, this record hasn’t felt like the last.  No KW to share it with before it dropped. Burning a copy and running it over to her desk, not this time.  She’s really gonna dig it…that she will.

Not much competition besides maybe DIE ANTWOOD & 50 Cent.  Miranda will lock down this week.  Unless that NOW! Country 7 Compilation betrays her.  Should be interesting.

Big night ahead for me: Dentist then our first June Showcase with JOHNNYSWIM at the El Rey.  Pictures, random tweets, to come.  Have a feeling this showcase will feel like he first time I saw the Civil Wars at the El Rey.  Have high hopes for the married couple.  Love their record.  Can’t wait to see them kill it live in front of a lamost sell out crowd.

But first…let’s handle business on this rug girl.

1st Song of the Day: “God Bless The Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts & Carrie Underwood

20 May

Don’t mind the slate.  I’m continuing this unplugged week with a classic country duet from Rascal Flatts & Carrie Underwood.  Sure it’s from American Idol.  Bit cheesy.  Aren’t all romantic songs though?  Rascal’s new album — ‘Rewind’ (now available) — got me in the old school country mood.  Still trying to decide if it will keep a spot in my stereo after this week.  There are a handful of classic sounding Rascal Flatts ballads that add to their romantic collection…with an impressive 14 years of history.  The lyrics are a bit more mature, but nothing was instantly catchy.  The ride felt like when I use to listen to them back in the day.  Dreaming of loved ones & such.  Being more of a realist & less of a romantic has probably hurt it more than helped.  However, I get that tingling feeling whenever a track like the one below goes out through the speakers.

Heaps of new music this week contains an impressive lineup: Coldplay, Phillip Phillips, The Roots, etc.  More records should drop on Mondays.  I have listened to all three & have thoughts on all.  Wish I had the time to spew them here.  Time is already against me.  I’ll make my way back.

Watch: “I Don’t Dance” by Lee Brice

21 Apr

Neither do I…well, that’s false.  Drunk Just does like to cut a rug in two with his two left feet.  But normally…avoid it the best I can.  The track is quite lovely & the vintage visuals intercuts Lee Brice playing alone on stage with moments from his past including his wedding.

1st Song of the Day: “Stay” by Sugarland

17 Apr

After bumping NaS all morning, just before I left my room for the door; one thought came to my head…Today needs some Sugarland.  To kick it off.  Probably played this song before.  That’s okay.  Amazing track that deserves multiple of replays.  The first time I heard the heartbreaking lyrics was in a Maryland bar during Karaoke.  A friend of a friend, who eventually became my friend, sang it.  Her vocal performance was amateurish at best & nothing that compares to Jennifer Nettles…however, got the feeling she had sang it multiple times before by herself…in her room / car.  You could feel the deep wound she carried.  Just wonderful.

I’ve been in a blue mood for the past couple of days.  Should be happy.  Today is technically work Friday.  We have to wrap three shows in 10 hours.  Won’t be getting out till late.  Then Wing Night.  And ETC.  I’m on call tomorrow too.  So, the grind don’t stop.  Here’s some country sadness to kick off the Easter weekend.  Be safe.  Have fun.

Watch: “Play It Again” by Luke Bryan

7 Apr

Oh boy, I love this song.  So much.  Third verse especially.  “Play It Again” made sure that ‘Crash My Party’ ranked high on my fav album list for 2013.  Now, Luke Bryan jumped back to that LP to drop the official music video that features Luke rocking it out on tour with all those country hunnies.  Signing & asking to “Play It Again”.

Catch him at Stagecoach 2014 at the end of the month.  He doesn’t disappoint.

Watch: “Automatic” by Miranda Lambert

25 Mar

Automatic…systematic.  That’s how Mrs. Shelton rolls in her very laid back country music video for her new ‘Platinum’ single — “Automatic”.  It’s good old time at the farm, digging through memories, driving through the farmland in her Chevy ’55, and such.  Absolutely love how simple it is.

Directed by Trey Fanjoy


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