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Spotlight Saturday: “It’s a Longer Road to California Than I Thought” by The Wind and The Wave

26 Jul

…just take in.  Not gonna speak until you fully experience this acoustic duo.

Has their Cali anthem washed over you fully?  Good.

That was the rush of gorgeousness that is “The Wind + The Wave“.    The Austin based duo of Dwight Baker and Patricia Lynn just got me really excited for their debut effort — ‘From The Wreckage’ — that will reveal itself on August 5th.  And like my old friend Jodi would say, we dig songs about California.  Any form.  Whether they are or are not from / about Cali.  “It’s a Longer Road to California Than I Thought” is one of the truer statements put out in a song.  It’s folksy, true Americana, take feels as bright as the sun as it hits my ear drums.  Like your being hit by a gust of wind & a wall of waves all at the same time.  Yes…very literally.

Just get lost to this beautiful performance by two buzzworthy artists.

Stream: “Burnin’ It Down” by Jason Aldean

25 Jul

Do I taste some EDM laced in this track? Tastes yummy.

Jason Aldean has never been your conventional country artist.  He experiments & most of the time it works.  Acoustically this will be a beast.

His new single “Burnin’ It Down” features a few clicks & pops that aren’t too distracting.  The sexy lyrics take center stage as the romance heats up.  Someone has one thing on his mind as he lays naked in his bed.  That he does.  The lyric video captures all the sights on a romantic night.

You can find this single on Jason’s upcoming studio venture that doesn’t have much info behind it as of yet.  So, enjoy this.

1st Song of the Day: “Chillaxin'” by Craig Campbell

22 Jul

Kind of how I want to feel.  Traffic was annoying this morning & put me wayyy behind schedule.  Kind of helps when you have nothing big going on in your life.  Did finish both 4th showcase acts.  Those drop today & Thursday.  Tryin’ to keep the pace as we roll into July’s showcases.  Another one Thursday!  #cantstop #wontstop

Chillax, we’ll be back.

Spotlight Saturday: “Down” by Roses & Revolutions + EP Stream

19 Jul

Love it when I get chills on the first lyric & chord combo.  That’s the exact feeling that hit me when I pressed played NYC’s Roses & Revolutions brand new single — “Down”. R&R’s Alyssa & Matt make beautiful music together.  Something I could tell at that quick moment.  Above you will find the lyric video for the track that features a picture slideshow for the duo.

What you might want to click on is link that will allow you experience their self-tilted April EP over on Spotify.  Didn’t want to force you into it…but it is truly worthy of a listen.  Alyssa’s voice is truly remarkable as Matt’s well synchronized instrumentals/vocals enhance it exponentially creating the being that is Roses & Revolutions.  Playing this on a joy ride probably sounds like heaven.  Can’t wait to experience it like that!


Watch: “Night That You’ll Never Forget” by Love and Theft

14 Jul

Onto another couple of country boys not looking to slow down.  Love & Theft bring you the party hangover in their brand new music video for “Night That You’ll Never Forget”.  Their new single off their upcoming untitled 2014 venture.

The video is one celebration that you’ll never forget because you”ll be playing this track at the end of the night.  When everyone is passed out & you’re surveying the damage as you stumble out at 3 A.M.  It will be on your radio.  Even if you’re listening to metal.

Watch: “Dirt Road” by Kip Moore

14 Jul

Here’s another sad country song about life & dirt.  Well, Kip slashes deeper than FGL’s look back one.  He’s telling you want he wants beyond the gates.  Kip Moore says “Heaven better have a dirt road”.  I just want a jungle gym.  Where I can spend eternity on a beach, just having endless amounts of fun hanging like a monkey.

This is the first video from Kip’s sophomore venture.  Excited to see what comes next.

Watch: “Dirt” by Florida Georgia Line

8 Jul

“Dirt” is where it all started & for some of us…where it ends.  FGL expertly sums it all up in their memory laced track “Dirt”.  The video tells the story of Rosey, her husband, and the crazy love story they were apart of for so long.

I dare you try not to think about your story & relate.


Watch: “Home Sweet Home” by Justin Moore (feat. Vince Neil)

7 Jul

Country outlaws are paying tribute to the original bad boys — Motley Crue — on a new LP.  The first effort from the compilation is Justin Moore joining up with Vince Neil for the iconic: “Home Sweet Home”.

The twangy twist works fantastic.  Especially with Mr. Moore’s dusty vocals. I’m almost on my way too..

1st Song of the Day: “It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere” by Alan Jackson (feat. Jimmy Buffett)

3 Jul

So much truth spoken here.  For it’s July 3rd & I’m starting to play all the wonderful tailgate classics.  Perfect mood music for BBQing on the fourth.  C’mon…Jimmy Buffett’s the man.  WWJBD?  King of the three day weekend.

Today marks my 2-year anniversary as GRFX/Post Supervisor for the company. Still remember getting the call while on vacation in Newport Beach.  Been crazy 24 months of hard work & trying to find balance.  Still haven’t accomplished it.  Thought I got close after last June’s one nighter that changed 2013.  She spoke enough truth to make me spread my wings just briefly.  In the aftermath, reverted back to a workaholic.  Even putting it before her…so many times.  Ugh.  How my life would be different if I kept following the ‘Into The Wild’ / “On The Road” mentality.

No time to regret.  Time to celebrate being free! Our first showcase of the month is tomorrow.  Super excited.  Not sure what tonight has planned.  Maybe Comics?  Flicks?  Either way.  Gonna avoid the freeway until the sun vanishes.  Got a few posts to share before we return for a quick Saturday Session.  Having my B4M yahoo email back has corrected the void that has been surrounding our Saturdays post all year long.  Gonna take mad advantage of it.

Right now…just want to make it through the day unharmed till the clock strikes 5!  Cause it’s five o’ clock somewhere.  Lucky bastards..

Watch: “American Kids” by Kenny Chesney

2 Jul

Oh, this is so catchy. The video for Kenny Chesney’s brand new smash — “American Kids” — captures a hippie paradise on a groovy road trip to some waves.  Perfect summer track & video for all you travelling souls.  Why am I not on that bus?  I can wear Lennon shades better than anyone else.

‘The Big Revival’, Kenny’s 2014 Effort, drops in September.  Have high hopes.


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