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Spotlight Saturday: Watch Night Club’s “Need You Tonight” Music Video

19 Jul

We introduced you to Night Club’s INXS cover of “Need You Tonight” two week ago.  Got some traffic.  However, I personally love to showcase music videos over audio if I have a choice.  You get so much bang for your buck.

Now it is time to put on your black leather jackets & hit the streets like Night Club’s Emily in the new music video.  I’m surprised they go nowhere a night club in the visuals.  Spend more time in the motel room, which usually happens after the club…doesn’t it?  However, the sexy close ups surely will make up for any complaints gentlemen.  The track hits hard & fits the scenes perfectly.

‘Black Leather Heart’ dropping soon.

Watch: “Home Sweet Home” by Justin Moore (feat. Vince Neil)

7 Jul

Country outlaws are paying tribute to the original bad boys — Motley Crue – on a new LP.  The first effort from the compilation is Justin Moore joining up with Vince Neil for the iconic: “Home Sweet Home”.

The twangy twist works fantastic.  Especially with Mr. Moore’s dusty vocals. I’m almost on my way too..

Watch: “Not Your Man” by Professor Green (feat. Thabo)

7 Jul

Professor Green have gone through some recent public fires.  “Not Your Man” builds on this darker mentality by bringing to light some personal revelations. The virtually unknown, Thabo (apart of the “Real Deal”) makes his mainstream debut & as the angelic choir to Green’s devilish goatee.

Try to keep up, some real truth being spit on this track.


Spotlight Saturday: “Need You Tonight” by Night Club

5 Jul

Was blown away by the live electronic synthpop rage that Night Club‘s Emily & Mark exploded with last September at the Silverlake Lounge.  Was a truly remarkable moment from 2013.  Love being surprised by fresh new acts found around LA.

Flash forward to 2014, and the duo haven’t slowed down one bit.  They will be releasing a brand new EP — ‘Black Leather Heart’ — in September.  Their third EP in three years.  Had a chance to experience ‘BLH’ recently & was quite impressed by it.  Can’t wait to share more as we get closer.

For now, we are streaming their unusually sexy cover of INXS’ “Need You Tonight”.  It is the lead single from the effort.  Gives the classic track a nice modernization from a female perspective.  The men will be putty in your hands ladies.

Spotlight Saturday: “Dancing in the Moonlight” by Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds

28 Jun

Here’s a glimpse of the 8-piece Brooklyn soul infused rock band collective known as Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds.  Watch them cover soulfully cover King Harvest’s iconic ’70s hit — “Dancing in the Moonlight” — in its rawest form in a Austin bar.  The video captures Arleigh & The Guys jamming out live.  The performance just builds & builds like a rollercoaster heading up the tracks.  Sister & Her birds look like their having tons of fun.

The track is apart of Phases of the Moon Music + Art Festival’s “Moon Tunes”.

Stream: “XO” by John Mayer

24 May

This is the perfect way to end our acoustic week.

I’m addicted to this cover.  Have been since I saw the first time he performed it live.  Mr. Mayer’s take on Queen B’s weirdly imbalance studio track is 100% executed the way the lyrics deserve to be showcase.  No unnecessary bleeps or bloops to distract from the beautiful words.  Something I didn’t feel until they stripped away all the studio fluff and let the track speak for itself.

Something for the lovers lost in the world.  This is John Mayer at his absolute best even though it’s just for fun.

Spotlight Saturday: “Son Of Sam” by The Provincial Archive

24 May

Our international showcase of the week comes to us from our neighbors of the north in the form of quartet, The Provincial Archive.  The four, who are making waves over in London at the moment, took to the studio and recorded this live cover of Elliot Smith’s legendary “Son of Sam” (Free Download).  I prefer to showcase live performances because it shows off musical talents than studio cuts.  No veil to hid behind from.  The guys knock it out of the park executing the perfect mix of fresh take & tribute.

If R.E.M., The National, Beck, or Death Cab is your sh*t.  Then make sure you pick up Provincial Archive’s new EP — ‘Hide Like A Secret‘ – that is dropping at the end of Summer.

Spotlight Saturday: “City Country EP” by SPINN

17 May

Our east coast cowboy booted friends, SPINN, are spreading their ‘City Country’ across the nation with their new EP.  The three track effort features two new singles — “City Country” & “The Bank Robbery Song” — and bonus smash (“A Little Crazy”) for 10 minutes of toe tapping urban country.  “Northern roots and southern dreams…” that didn’t stop this band of harmonizing voices & dusty beats from injecting the east coast with that country soul.

My personal recommendation is the raw, dangerously vintage — “Bank Robbery Song” — that could turn an east coast bar or living room back to a ole timey saloon found in the old west.  The version is a pure live studio recording if you had any questions of their pure talents.  You can feel impressed by their Dixie Chicks, Pistol Annies, Grace Potter like vibes.

If you are poisoned by the ‘City Country’, the antidote is available on iTunes right now.  For our east coast readers, be sure to check out Stephanie Spinner, Cheryl Lynn Spinner, Megan Battaglia, Steve DeSteno and Eddie Rossman* live at the Bitter End in NYC on June 7th.

Experience the ‘City Country’ below!

1st Song of the Day: “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Ingrid Michaelson

15 Apr

It all is going to be okay.  Be ok.  Yesterday, our office went through a new regime change.  Game of Thrones style.  The queen is dead.  Long live the King.  The king had some issues with me with a handful of confusing aspects.  Which didn’t set a good foot in the right way with the office’s ruling princess.  It gonna be a challenging week.  But after 2 years…the office is finally united.  No more civil wars.

Anyway, Ingrid dropped her new album today.  On tax day.  Haven’t listened to it yet.  Planning on.  Might keep my mind off of the tragic day we’re about to cover.

Romantic love song / cover coming at you.

Unplugged: “Out Among The Stars” by Brandon Flowers, Father John Misty, & Local Natives

28 Mar

La Blogothèque joined The Killers’ Brandon Flowers out on the road to the desert where he meets up with Father John Misty & Local Natives.  The supergroup was brought together to cover a bunch of tracks from the lost Johnny Cash album — “Out Among The Stars”.  You get insight to the music in between each local.  Hell of a ride.

Watch as the stars befall these travelling players in a short subject film by one of the greatest guerrilla webpage on the internet.  Johnny would be proud of this.



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