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Watch: “Through The Night” by Cedric Gervais (feat. Coco)

22 Jul

Need a getaway song?  Look no further than Cedric Gervais’ “Through The Night”.  The hard hitting EDM smash music video follows two runaway lovers on a life affirming journey through time.  The California desert sunrise is captured beautifully on film.

Spotlight Saturday: Watch Night Club’s “Need You Tonight” Music Video

19 Jul

We introduced you to Night Club’s INXS cover of “Need You Tonight” two week ago.  Got some traffic.  However, I personally love to showcase music videos over audio if I have a choice.  You get so much bang for your buck.

Now it is time to put on your black leather jackets & hit the streets like Night Club’s Emily in the new music video.  I’m surprised they go nowhere a night club in the visuals.  Spend more time in the motel room, which usually happens after the club…doesn’t it?  However, the sexy close ups surely will make up for any complaints gentlemen.  The track hits hard & fits the scenes perfectly.

‘Black Leather Heart’ dropping soon.

Spotlight Saturday: “I Speak Words” by Fable

19 Jul

Who is Fable?  Isn’t that a mystery?  Above holds many clues to the powerful buzzworthy music entity that speaks through wails & electronic pulsations.  “I Speak Words”, their first single from the 19-year-old with a vicious voice, feels like the craziness trailer song made for a futuristic Dystopian war flick.  Like everyone is your enemy for 3:18.  It isn’t gonna end well for those unnamed made up characters, but your blood boils in excitement.  Much like I do when I continuously hit repeat on the track.

To tell you anymore would be spoiling the fun.  Enjoy solving the mystery that is Fable.

Watch: “Changing” by Sigma (feat. Paloma Faith)

18 Jul

Do to my Mega Man Lore, Sigma is an technological evil genius.  Same can be said about the DJ behind this music video.  Paloma Faith represents by singing her enhanced, powered up raspy lyrics to “Changing” in the most unlikely of places.

That whip is sick.

Watch: “I Used To Be” by GOH Vs. Sugarstarr (feat. Redman & Method Man)

18 Jul

This track is like old hip hop meets the future.  Redman & Meth join with the EDM collective GOH vs. Sugarstarr to spit some ghetto history to all these crazy cool kids.  Wish it was a little bit longer…but if you dig classic rap, then “I Used To Be” is the track needs to bumping in your speakers.

The video shines the best light one of the best lyrical teams in music history.


1st Song of the Day: “My Love” by Route 94 (feat. Jess Glynne)

18 Jul

Night party!  With heat signatures.  Happy Friday.  We made it.  This morning’s cut is a upbeat euro pop EDM track from Route 94 & Jess Gylnne.  The needed punch to get you moving.  I needed to move because I have a long day planned.  Depending on what time I get out will decide how the night plays out.  Either I go home then to the show or go see “Wish I Was Here” then to the Roxy.  Timing is everything.

Expect some belated updates.  Maybe a Album of the Week?  Normally I have my finger on the pulse that by Friday that I already know what I’m gonna write up.  Today.  Still not sure.  Might be Jason Mraz? Bleachers? Rise Against? Douche Morrisey? Wish I Was Here Soundtrack? Hell…the dark horse might be Weird Al’s ‘Manatory Fun’.  So many options.  Will be spending my time listening to as many as I can.  Yesterday I got my hands on some new Vinyl.  Here’s the tweet:

Spent last night winding down with Mumford & Sons’ ‘Babel’ & Vampire Weekend’s ‘Modern Vamps…’.  MCR’s Greatest Hits is the one I’m dying to experience.  4 Sides of all those infamous classics.  *shivers* Call me an addict.

More Spotlight Saturday blurbs dropping tomorrow. But first, let Route 94 take you into the weekend with the danceworthy “My Love”.  This is night music in the morning.

Watch: “Wrong Club” by The Ting Tings

14 Jul

Nice to get a break from the grind.  “Wrong Club” is a fun video to enjoy while by yourself.  The track tells a deeper, darker story.  Hard to miss when the beat is so damn catchy.  Regardless…she dances like there is no tomorrow.

Directed by Lisa Paclet


1st Song of the Day: “Coffee” by Sylvan Esso

14 Jul

Get up. Get down. Get up. Get down…are the same things I do when I wake up at 4 AM.  A variable song & dance with some of the most annoying sounds in the world.  Can’t believe it’s Monday again.  I have started to publish our June adventures.  Next one drops tomorrow afternoon.  Still need to write the last three.   I hope to work on it while I watch the Home Run Derby tonight.  Best part of All-Star weekend.

Spent the entire weekend at the house.  Saw Dawn on Friday, which allowed me to chill for 48 hours.  Incredible Shakespearean / Dances with Wolves inspired film.  Crazy camera tricks too.  More reason to go to the movies.

Long week ahead: comedy show, normal Weds & Thurs, ending on another July Showcase on Friday. Pray I make it alive.  Sometimes all you need is some coffee.  Enjoy this catchy indie pop cut from buzzworthy Sylvan Esso.  Loved their performance on Fallon last week…that’s why they made our blurb.  Plus, what better song to start the day with than something named coffee?  Take in the aroma.

Spotlight Saturday: “All Your Promise” by Jesse Marchant

12 Jul

“All Your Promise” is probably one of the most gorgeous singles I written to over this summer.  Check it out.  It’s the lead single from buzzworthy singer-songwriter Jesse Marchant‘s upcoming self-titled September venture.  The third of his career.

The track’s electronic strings & drums really captures the feeling of the scene below: broken down on the side of the road, wandering in a endless wasteland, just really lost in a dangerous world without hope.  The lyrics reveal more of the romantic aspect of story.  Yet, I can’t help but enjoy being lost in this solitary world.  Let the vultures take away my soul & my promises.

Jesse Marchant’s 3rd Solo LP drops September 9th.  We’ll be sure to update you on the progress.

Watch: “Cheap Sunglasses” by RAC (feat. Matthew Koma)

11 Jul

Matthew Koma can now be a official member of the Remix Artist Collective (RAC).  Well, honorary member.  Their hit, Cheap Sunglasses, has hit over 2+ Million plays.  Can’t help it.  Quite the addiction.  Even more so with the quirky, fun, music video that Matt stars in with stylish mannequins.  If this doesn’t make it on your summer playlist then you have issues.


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