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Watch: “Marilyn Monroe” by Pharrell Williams

23 Apr

Not even Marilyn Monroe wouldn’t mind this music video.  Not even Joan of Ark?  She, like many of the women in the visuals, surely had a tight body.  Pharrell crashes a work out class-rehearsal that turns into a patriotic battle.  Taste the rainbow.  Cause it will make you HAPPPPPPPYYYYYY.


Watch: “First Things First” by Neon Trees

22 Apr

Neon Trees getting personal.  ‘Pop Psychology’ is out now.  Haven’t listened to it yet.  Still on Future’s.  To celebrate the birth of a new offering, Neon Trees drops the third music video from the LP for the “First Things First”.  Nice beat.  Real lyrics.  You’ll probably dig.

Stream: “Lazaretto” by Jack White

21 Apr

You have the right to sway.  Check out the world record breaking title track from Jack White’s 2014 effort — ‘Lazaretto’.  The track is insane.  Classic Rifts.  Multiple layers on layers.  Showcasing why Master White is the pen-ultimate musical mind of our generation.  Big props I know…but did you listen to this?  Maybe a fluke?  Who knows…

On top of the track: check out the Third Man world record breaking documentary here.

Watch: “Sleepwalking” by The Chain Gang of 1974

17 Apr

Grand Theft Auto V’s iconic track, “Sleepwalking”, now has a hauntingly cool visuals. Intercuts of wild…passionate…love at night.  Fantastic video that reminds me of ‘Drive’.  This is a single that deserves a buy.

Stream: “Turn Blue” by The Black Keys

14 Apr

New one from The Black Keys.  The title track from the Keys’ upcoming 2014 venture is very mellow indeed.  Guess, “turning blue” is a easy one.  We all make the transformation on May 13th.

Showcase: The Vim Dicta @ Hotel Cafe (03/27/14)

10 Apr

The Vim Dicta @ The Hotel Cafe (03/27/14)

The secret world of “psychogroove”, after the break…

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Watch: “No Rest For The Wicked” by Lykke Li

10 Apr

Anybody want a major buzzkill?  Well, watch Lykke Li’s new music video for “No Rest For The Wicked”.  Visuals about two lovers being ripped asunder to one of the most melodramatic tunes of 2014.  Still absolutely love the track.  The video is shot beautifully.

Directed by Tarik Saleh

Stream: “Honest” by The Neighbourhood

7 Apr

Honestly…I don’t hate this Neighbourhood track.  Which is strange for me to say because not really a fan.  Their ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack’ contribution has been circling around the net for a few days now, but today the guys followed that up with a eerily B&W lyric video.

Check it out if you haven’t heard the track yet…or just want to hear it again.


Watch: “Magic” by Coldplay

7 Apr

A Music Video you can call, “Magic”.  Ziyi Zhang stars as Chris Martin’s love interest in the black & white visuals about a budding relationship between a Magician & his assistant.  The track is even more haunting to the Coldplay tune.  Enjoy…Magic.

Directed by Jonas Åkerlund

Watch: “Holding Onto Heaven” by Foxes

7 Apr

You’re invited to a party for Foxes.  It’s quirky & very Wes Anderson as they start a dance party in a colorful hall.  “Holding onto Heaven” is one of the standout tracks from the groups’ 2014 LP — ‘Glorious’ — which drops in May.  This is a track that deserves many remixes & bumps.  Makes the ladies jump onto the floor.


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