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Spotlight Saturday: ‘Never Fear Total Failure’ by Ghost Twins

5 Apr

Fun fact: Derby, England was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.  (At least according to Wikipedia)  It is also the home of industrial indie rockers, Ghost Twins.  Coincide that their musical stylings are ghostly tunes with that perfect combo of pop, rock, electronic house, and raw ambiance?  I think not.  It’s in their blood to revolutionize an oversaturated art form for a modern listener.

Last week the duo released their brand new 9 track LP entitled ‘Never Fear Total Failure’ early.  The official release date is next week.  But that hasn’t stopped me from listening. I’m gonna hold out for the vinyl.  It will be a dream playing off my needle.

I loved this record so much that it is the only thing we’re spotlighting today.  Really have no extra-fluffy words to describe each complex and intriguing cut that evolves with each passing second.  Like your trapped in a futuristic rubix cube hotel of endless hallways that switch every second.

All I can really say is that ‘NFTF’ is truly, truly, awesome.  You’re suckers for not clicking play…and then buying it over on Ghost Twins’ bandcamp.  Dig it below!

Stream: “High Ball Stepper” by Jack White

1 Apr

The return of Third Man’s ringleader, Jack White.

Mr. White just announced his new 2014 album, Lazaretto, alongside his new single — “High Ball Stepper”.  Don’t expect classic profound lyrics on this one.  Just guitar strings electronically weeping to ghostly howls imagined by bouncing paint on speakers.

It’s gonna be a hot summer man.  ‘Lazaretto’ gets devilish on June 9th.

Directed by Ben Swank & James Cathcart

jack white-High Ball Stepper-lazaretto-album cover

Stream: “It’s On Again” by Alicia Keys (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

31 Mar

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Kendrick Lamar channels his inner villian for the lead in for Alicia Keys’ “Amazing Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack” contribution — “It’s On Again”.  Streaming live on IHeartRadio now.  iTunes release tonight.

The superwoman does slow it down after the rapid fire Kendrick, but doesn’t make as big as an impact by repeating the lame sequel cliche of “It’s on…again”. Yeah, we kind of know.  Same as the Spider.  Pharrell’s beat doesn’t do much to help the lyrics…just a tad.  Still a very underwhelming & forgettable soundtrack cut.  Sorry to say.



Album Previews: ‘Here & Nowhere Else’ By Cloud Nothings & ‘New Crown’ by Wolfmother

24 Mar

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Stream two standout albums from Cloud Nothings & Wolfmother.  The later was a surprise release that dropped over the weekend to great jubilation.


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Spotlight Saturday: “Starting Line” by Kito & Reija Lee

22 Mar

Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.

Kito & Reija Lee are a British female EDM duo that is starting to make waves with their small underground efforts & rap features.  “Starting Line” is a quite poetic title for a first solo mainstream single.  Full force with a pistol’s bang. Catchy track.

EDM has been fronted by males since it’s inception.  Don’t you like to see the chicks like Becca & Fiona, Tokimonsta, and now K&RJ throwing their turntables into the ring?  Enjoy.


Album of the Week: ‘About Last Night’ by Sleeper Agent

21 Mar


This record isn’t even out yet but that hasn’t stopped Sleeper Agent from claiming our ‘Album of the Week’ spot.  Spotify has the exclusive stream of their sophomore/junior effort, ‘About Last Night’ (out Tuesday!), and it’s a collision of pop indie rock goodness.  Our team gave Alex & the guys a glowing review after their SXSW 1100 Warehouse showcase last Thursday night.  Certainly caught us by surprise.  A band that will find itself on Vh1 sooner than later.  They are currently on tour with Fitz and the Tantrums…which kind of gives you a hint of what you’re about to experience.  Big band, In sync melodies, bubblegum beats, catchy, and highly danceable.  That’s a warning.

Now we’re sharing the love with y’all.  This is your first listen & weekend recommendation.  Sleeper Agent.  ‘About Last Night’…go!

1st Song of the Day: “Coming of Age” by Foster The People

20 Mar

In one of those groggy moods this morning.  Went to bed late.  Had to read Sex Criminals #5.  It book ended this first arch of the comic series.  Now things are gonna ramp up…hopefully.  Still a few months out from the next book.  Side note: I’m so behind in my reading list that I’m gonna have to spend one of my weekend days locked in my room.  A common insight we share on CBW.  Never thought I’d be like my buddy Ed.  Who has a mountain of “leaflets” to cycle through.  Time is never on my side anymore.  If I multitask between reading, wash, eating, watching TV, and uploading photos then…maybe?  Only way I can get things done on a limited 4 hour after work schedule.  #notcomplaining

Can you assume what I’ll write next?  Why this song is kicking off the morning?  Yeah…was in the middle of my first listen of ‘Supermodel’ as I left the house.  Digging it more than their debut release ‘Torches’.  (And I’m at track 3.)  Hard to say right now if that will my ultimate feeling.  Not a huge fan of the band.  Are you with me on that?  No?  Well, here’s what I can say off the bat.  Time off has served Mark² & Jacob well.  A sound more experienced. Fresh lyrics. Production value; precise and unannoying.  Lyrics & melody blending into a very radio indie rock friendly sound.  Still rated PG-13.  Shades of hipster rock sealed into a mainstream package.  Small step for Foster who were coming into their own a few years band.  The band has grown together and it shows, quite spectacularly.  You can say they know they are…”Coming of Age”.  Ha!  No sophomore slump.  Be proud.  Might convert more indie rockers hiding in the shadows. In other words…Solid “B” performance.

(By the time I wrote that line, I was beyond halfway through the LP.  Definitely check out the track — “A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying The Moon”.)

We’ll see what the future holds.  Digging YG’s ‘My Krazy Story’ on the drives into the office.  There’s a worth while recommendation if you need one.  Otherwise, enjoy “Coming of Age” by matured Foster The People.  Promise it will grow on you.  

Stream: “Chandelier” by Sia

17 Mar

It’s a heartbreaking swing for Sia who has dropped her tragic new pop single — “Chandelier”.  On a day where many will be partying to their heart’s content, this song is a bit of the opposite to what you’d expect from a party anthem.  More made for the After Party, when you’re crying in the corner.  The audio is constant repetition of themes & lyrics for the 3+ minutes.  The beat is vicious.  Making this tragic track worth it’s weight in gold.

Album Preview: ‘Singles’ by Future Islands

17 Mar

Click 2 Listen!

If you had a chance to be down in Austin this past week & caught a Future Islands showcase, you were actually the first ones able to pick up a copy of their new album — ‘Singles’.  Can you believe it?  I can because I have a copy!  Actually listened to it on the way into the office.  Everything about it was fantastic.  Like driving through a dream.  They are one artist that I try imagine every song of theirs on a lush beach located on a remote island.  Nothing but open space all around.  Watching the seasons change to no avail.  Future Islands electronic pulses, guitar rifts, & haunting ghostly lyrics are the perfect combination for your modern soundtrack.  Leader for top three albums of 2014.

NPR has the stream if you weren’t around.  It’s really amazing.  Give it a shot.

Album of the Week: ‘Slow Me Down’ by Sara Evans

15 Mar

There’s nothing better or sexier than a country siren.  Sara Evans really gets my gears grinding on her spanking new ‘Slow Me Down’.  Country road anthems, sexy / heartbreaking ballads, and fun guest cameos from Vince Gill, The Fray’s Isaac Slade, & Gavin DeGraw.  It doesn’t reinvent the wheel. Just another brilliant effort from one of country’s established artists that is more pop than country.

You’re in fantastic hands for the course of an hour.  Sit back, take it slow, and enjoy the ride.  Your heart won’t stop beating for sure.


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