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Favorite Albums of 2013: #10 – ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ by Jay Z

9 Dec

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Magna Carta…Holy Grail.  Only thing it was missing was 2 Chainz.  That was joke.  This record felt like Jay Z was having a good time trying to make a new blueprint for his art.  No longer based in a ghetto sensibility of crack deals or dope dealing.  This was high art with rich sensibilities revolving around King Jigga in his kingdom.  All hail…Caesar’s home.

I got the sense this is the Jay Z that lives his life nowadays.  Rocking Tom Ford, living a extravagant – Great Gatsby lifestyle with Queen & Princess B overseas.  It’s the life we all middle class civilians wish for.  And he’s talking about how great being materialistic is.  Fuck With Me…you know I got it pretty much tells you everything you need to know about Magna Carta.  Lifestyle with new rules.  One I’ll never achieve in this poor world.

But why did I like it?  Fucking Jay Z.  Need I say more?  Remember laying on my couch on Fourth of July (the day it dropped) and couldn’t stop hitting repeat on Holy Grail.  Was going through some stuff at the time & the confidence hitting on each track helped me get out of my slump.  Because rapping about the beach because the beach is better turned out to be quite fun.  Rick Ross-Timberlake-Frank Ocean hooks, a producer mashup on “BBC” with Timbaland, Swizz, Nas, Dr. Dre, and Rick Rubin, Jay Z talking about Miley Cyrus twerking, and high production all make Magna Carta a purchase.

This is a fun record that doesn’t take itself seriously.  He’s having fun doing what he loves to do.  Like Michael Jordan in his last year with the Chicago Bulls.  So this Jay Z, after the Throne, building some new rules in a rap evolving rap world. Here’s to the start of a new world.  Prepare yourself for Magna Carta…Holy Grail.

Favorite Albums of 2013: #25 – ‘Paradise Valley’ by John Mayer

24 Nov

The artist who topped our favorite albums of 2012 is kicking off our 2013 countdown with a wildfire.  So, what happened?

Nothing really.  Still a fantastic record.  Most would’ve expected Mr. Mayer’s ‘Paradise Valley’ to place quite high just because the last record was so special to me.  Part of me, again just me talking, felt like ‘Paradise’ was the all the b-sides to Born & Raised.  Together they are a really amazing package.  And tracks like “Waitin’ on the Day”, “Dear Marie”, “Wildfire II”, “Badge & Gun” really do stand out.  I’ll listen to them many more times in the future.  Just didn’t have the same connection that I did with ‘Born & Raised’.  That record changed me forever.  Remember?  Slim chance that this record would have a big effect.

Can sum up the B&R sequel like this.  After losing & finding myself, ‘Paradise Valley’ was the music gift of allowing myself to enjoy everything that I built in 2012 with new friends & adventures.  One of the themes in this series that I will touch upon is how much I did evolve over the year.  Now when I listen to it…I’m gonna think of me, my friends, and strangers staring at a bonfire on a beach…or field…mountain canyon…bar.

The world is wondrous.  Get lost in Paradise Valley.

1st Song of the Day: “Dirt Road Diary” by Luke Bryan

14 Aug

This will rank high come December.  The chorus on “Dirty Road Diary” makes for a perfect summer anthem for anyone who feels change really takes over them.  You” start thinking about various moments & friends that meant something to you during your life.  Like with most meaningful tracks…I always think about the drives before & after.  A world racing by.  That small, little, unimportant moment is usually the one major aspect that most people don’t dwell on in their music experiences.  Always feel like Buddha under that tree, zoned out & in full zen.  That’s when I get the real chills.  Cause it’s easier to deal with internal me then than bring it to story.  None of this probably making sense.  I’m okay with it.  Love driving to really amazing music…and this is an amazing one.

Also, John Mayer & Frank Ocean’s ‘Paradise Valley’ collabo entitled “Wildifre (Part. 2)” took my breath away last night.  Coming in at a measly 1:25 min, Frank Ocean’s angelic lines are sheer perfection.  Made that one minute piece into a nonstop thirty minute session.  Then I started Breaking Bad…finally.  Digged the first episode.  Have high hopes for the next 50+ episodes.  Should finish by the series finale.  That’s the goal after all.

Today’s gonna be a long one.  On top of putting out two shows, airing one of them, comic book Wednesday w/ the click, and wrapping the evening up with Jamie N Commons…expect a very short uneventful tired post tomorrow a.m.  The later half of the day should be quite fun.  JnC was one of the highlights from my SXSW experience.  So, seeing him in my favorite Hollywood Venue will definitely be a highlight of our Summer Showcases.  That’s the hope.  We both had the stomach flu last time we met.  He better bring his A game.

What more do I need to say?  Another part of my concrete road diary.  He’s Luke Bryan with his dirt road ones…(pick up “Crash My Party” too!)

Album Stream: “Paradise Valley” by John Mayer

12 Aug

It’s on iTunes! Head there…

The follow up to our favorite album of 2012 is now streaming via (ITunes).  Haven’t heard it but expecting something really amazing.  The record features cameos from Katy Perry, Frank Ocean, and much more.  Head there!

New Video: “Lost” by Frank Ocean

12 Apr

More tour highlights in video form, this time with Odd Future’s Franky O.  Two step to this ‘Channel Orange’ track and experience what it is like to be the man, myth, and internet legend that is Frank Ocean.

Channel Orange‘ still available.

Best Album of 2012: #05 – “Channel ORANGE”

25 Dec

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My friend asked me a question a week after  Channel Orange dropped — “What’s your favorite track?”  His was “Pink Matter” because one…there was a DBZ reference…and two, Andre 3000 kills his verse.  Leading to him ranting on his favorite non-outkast Andre 3000 verses while I drove him home.  Remember blanking out in thought as he rambled.  Searching deep.  Funny thing is, even after 5 months still couldn’t give him a straight answer.

I love the record.  Out of all the records, the execution smashed all the hype.  Thinkin’ Bout You & Super Rich Kids are catchy.  Pyramids + White = epic.   Sweet Life makes my sunny days brighter.  For who needs the world, when you got the beach?  Ah.  My summer verse.  These retro feeling ‘channels’ are all equally great in their own weird casings.  Like TV networks.  Showcases a different aspect of songs & beats.  Even more powerful as one Direct TV system.  Completeness.  Consistent.  Something you won’t get from any other member of Odd Future.  Always said Franky was the breakout star.

No, don’t think Franky isn’t the savior of R&B music as my fellow bloggers shouted.  Just weird & talented enough to put him in the same league a Lady Gaga & Nicki Minaj.  Future will tell if he’ll reach their level of super stardom.  As long as Franky puts out more records as surprising as this, I’ll keep listening.  Really want the Oldie Ocean next time.  For that verse was killer.

Channel ORANGE.  What more can I say about you?  People will remember this record due to the fact it was surrounded by controversy, major sexual debates, but mostly it is a great overall debut from a odd musician.  Not how I’ll look back on it.  Like shining a light on the wallflowers joking around in the corner and finding a young boy with deep appreciation for a dying-evolving genre.  This generation needed a record like this.  Their “The Wall”.  Thus why it’s sitting at #5 on my 2012 list.

What Franky and Bruno are doing to reinvent the genre while paying tribute is making people talk about possibilities of something really great in future R&B.

If you grab Channel Orange, it’s a bit strange but I’ll always remember how spellbound I was with it during my first listen.  One of my favorite twitter rants to date.  For their is nothing wrong with different.  Maybe Frank thought we were boring?  Just might surprise you.  Throw your expectations out the window and you’ll fall in love.

Check Out:

  • “Sweet Life”
  • “Thinkin’ Bout You”
  • “White”
  • “Pyramids”
  • “Pink Matter”
  • “Bad Religion”
  • “Lost”
  • “Golden Girl”
  • “Super Rich Kids”

Allen Stone & Friends @ The Fonda (10/19/12)

21 Oct

Allen Stone & Friends @ The Fonda Theater (10/19/12)

Our fifth Allen Stone showcase megapost, #afterthebreak

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Daily Turntable (feat. Everything I Missed During Emmy Weekend)

25 Sep Record_Player

Also, check out Muse’s “The 2nd Law” in it’s entirety.  It’s okay.  Here’s my favorite track to save some time…

Daily Turntable (feat. Gotye, Frank Ocean-John Mayer, Mellowhype, Ben Folds Five, and More!)

17 Sep daily turntable

Also Ben Folds Five are streaming “The Sound of the Life of the Mind” and Kreayshawn presents “Somethin ‘Bout Kreay” both on AOL

Last Song of the Day: Runaways + Asexual Noise

11 Jul Click 2 Listen!

Click 2 Listen!

…speechless.  My broken burnt skin is covered in goosebumps as this track plays on repeat.  Over and over.  Since 5pm.  Makes me want to jump in my car and just ride.  Wind and open roads are needed to maximize this experience for sure.  An ingredient all my past favorite Killers/Mr. Flowers tracks lack.  Pity I couldn’t post it earlier.  Really wanted to, but my new desk is not mine yet.  Monday.  Shooting for Monday.   Come back then.

Was in the driver seat all day today as I was hit by fire, after fire, after fire.  Not complaining.  Was very happy.  Strange, I know.  But I love learning by experience.  My XP meter must’ve ‘dinged‘ at least 5 levels by 3pm.  Theoretical level 10 deep as Graphic Coordinator compared to my all star / elite 100 in the old gig.  Yes, life is like a video game.  Gotta keep hustling to the next patch.  At least I think so.

Still kind of bothered they are adding two *new* jobs on top of my current position.  Long story that I don’t bother repeating, but one I’m just playing a guinea pig to their new idea and the second is a fusion of a job that is being left by another quitting coworker.  Later is 95% permanent.  My big bosses are milking me for all I’m worth.  Can’t say I’m surprised.

Enough about work!  Sure you’re problems are 10xs worst/cooler than I can possible dream of.  One thing we share in common is the music.  As you know — from my last post — spent all my free time before bed listening to Channel Orange and tweeting my thoughts on the tracks as it played.  Out the gate, overwhelmed soulful production.  Passion too.  “Sweet Life” stole my heart immediately because  “Why see the world, when you got the beach?  And the water“.  Went ape shit crazy indeed.  It was like hearing ‘nujabes‘ for the first time.  All my musical friends agreed as I stared at their Facebook posts appearing on their ‘timelines’.

The controversial “Bad Relgion” felt like George Michael heartbreaking ballad — “One More Try“.  Delivered with the same indescribable love lorn lost as the master himself.  You won’t find rainbows, just downpour of emotion.  It’s also the song that caused him to ‘step into the light‘.  I’m happy for Franky and respect the way he did it.  As much as I do my favorite singer — Darren Hayes.  Think all music fans do too.

If you do have the chance to read Pigeons & Planes critic on the album and the events surrounding it.  Sums it up better than I can.

I’m not one to judge cause I haven’t walked in Mr. Ocean’s shoes.  Nor am I professor of ambiguous sexuality but music has always been asexual to me with musicians being the empty vessels.  Thus no judgement of hate should ever be passed onto them.  Well, if the music sucks then maybe but the song above is one of the best of 2012 so far.  You’ll hear it again.  Please, try not to judge.  If the music is great, then I will be sharing/writing about it.  Promise that.   For history has shown us that a masterpiece of art surpasses all.  Which, Channel Orange has done on all counts.  Pity all this other crap had to follow.  Congratulations and fuck the homophobic haters.

This is the sound of me applauding.



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