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1st Song of the Day: “The Wall” by Bruce Springsteen

10 Jun

“You’re a fool, Jon Snow…for you have protected The Wall”.  Nerd references!  Probably would’ve been more appropriate if this track showed up Monday then Tuesday.  One more episode of GoT to go & then gonna jam pack 50 minutes of every mindbinding storyline possible.  Should be fun.   Have an entire season of Veep & SV episodes to get through that it’s quite zany how much time I have to collect on my couch in the days & months to come.  People do it on a regular basis.  Not sure how.  I’ve always been in high demand.  Life of people not like me, I guess?  The trick is pacing & solid scheduling.

Also, Multitasking. Learned how to do that last night.  I watched The Kings shutout the Rangers while enjoying the Sony E3 Press Conference on my iPad.  The video landscape is finally reaching a networking state & Playstation appears to be on the forefront of this integration.  I’m excited for the games.  Battlefield: Hardline is a dream.  Cops & Robbers simulation personified.

New Music Tuesday is all about Jack White’s ‘Lazaretto’.  Solid reviews.  Probably gonna be our Album of the Week.  Spoiler.  First Aid Kit, Passenger, and Say Anything all have something to offer to NMT.  Most mainstream artists preferred not to go up against that Tennessee 3rd Man Kid.  Him and his retro toys.  ‘Lazaretto’ & ‘Diamonds’ are both on my short Amoeba shopping list.  Might make a trek this week or next.

This morning is all about the patriotic Boss. Defend the wall

Stream: “Devil Inside (INXS Cover)” by London Grammar

24 Mar

The Queen and her new throne.

Be the first to experience the full stripped down version of London Grammar’s GAME OF THRONES INXS cover — “Devil Inside”.  As haunting as Florence + The Machine’s “Seven Devils” from Season 3?  That’s my question to y’all.  Still like the later, but this really showcases how devilish these musical imports are behind the mic.  Hannah especially.

GOT Season 4 premieres April 6th.

london grammar-devil inside-inxs-cover-game-of-thrones-single cover

1st Song of the Day: “Follow Through” by Gavin DeGraw

4 Oct

You know that familiar  instrumental beat that just magically appears in your head like a brush of wind then stays with you for the rest of the day?  Well, it just happened.  I was originally going to write this post to Damien Rice’s “One”.  Something somber for Thursday.  Of course, gotta keep in emo.  Not sure where it would’ve lead me by now.  Would I be recollecting some weirdly aged memory of college?  Or complaining that I haven’t seen Damien perform live?  Pity I’ll never get to walk down the authorial road.  Now I’m lost in heavenly indie rocking guitar strums, slowly pulsating drums, and Gavin’s romantic hopeful lyrics.  Weird when I think Damien it brings up Gavin.  Not new DWTS-get punched in the face Gavin, but old innocent Gavin.  Chariot is still in my top 25 favorite records  of all time.  Soundtrack for a younger wide eyed me.  Especially the acoustic bonus track edition that is so full blues and soul.  You don’t own it, go grab it for a dollar at your local vintage record store.  What?  You don’t have one in your hood?  Not cool.  Library then?  Amazon has it used for .62c.  Sure you’ll pay more in chipping but $2 is undervalued.

Not much to say.  Seeing how I wasn’t lost in thought after work.  Spent the night watching the debates at a friend’s place.  I’m no expert in politics, but I did find watching it and reading Twitter quite fun.  People are crazy.  The Romney click seemed to be pleased with how much of a dick he was to the whole shindig.  Do I have a overall encompassing thought about it.  I’ve learned never to trust a smiling devil and his empty promises.  Or:

The Devil’s most devilish when respectable.

That’s all I got to say about politics.  Can’t wait for the daily show tho.  Speaking of which, my TV shows are piling up…so excited for the calmness after another crazy work day.  And yesterday was crazy.  Not to mention all the gossip about the re-branding of the show & the return of an old taskmaster.  2013 is going to be interesting if I survive that long.  Not sure what the future has in store.  Will it be another 2008?  Or something actually full of potential.  I really don’t know.  The first time I’m speechless with regards to the thought.  May be good.  Like always my objective is like any Zombie program:  survive.  If I have to attribute a show to my office it would be Game of Thrones.  Luckily I have made it four season without being beheaded.  “The North Remembers”.

So ends another session.  Join us back here to tomorrow for more erroneous phrases and good music.

“Trust Me” + Lord Stanley’s Cup

4 Jun

Click 2 Listen!

Well rested after my lazy weekend.  It was nice…besides getting into a horrible fight with my Toyota mechanic in front of their dealership.  What happened?  My car broke down less than 5 minutes after being “fixed”.  I was lucky to make it back before the car shut down.  Then I went off.  It’s not something I want to dwell on.  They fucked up and lost my business.  Case closed.  Auto mechanics, Dentist, and Doctors are the three professions that I high standards for because they are so crucial to everyday life.  They are not suppose to fuck up.  If only I wish that were true.

I’m happy I have a surplus of energy because this long week is surely going to sap it all.

Tonight, I attend my first championship game as the LA Kings continue their sweep of those New Jersey Devils!  Spent all day Friday having a staring contest with StubHub which ended ultimately with me succumbing to my desires.  “You only live once Justin”, I repeated to myself.  Might as well knock another thing off my bucket list.  Praying the tickets are legit…and if so, should be one hell of a night!  Update & pixs to drop tomorrow!

After the game are Ben Howard (Wednesday)  & Prometheus (Saturday)!  Like I said, I’ll be driving all over LA in the coming days.  Most of which will make my friends hate me just a little bit more.  Which, I’m okay with.

TV was so good last night too.  Mad Men beat out Game of Thrones, just barely.  The last twenty minutes of ‘Throne’ had the best moments all season.  And yes, she finds her dragons…then proceeds to act like a badass for the rest of the episode.  Must watch TV!  Nevertheless, Mad Men…as I predicted earlier…killed off one of the major characters in such a brutal / poetic way that it won the night.  That was only thing they could’ve done to win — a sacrifice was needed.  Veep was classic too.  Gary breaking up with Selina’s boyfriend, at his home, was priceless.  Gonna miss these Sundays in a two weeks.

Go read our Odd Future’s The Internet showcase.  Took me awhile, but it’s up.  Not very happy with it, but it’s up.  Wish I spent more time, but it’s up.  Will continue to revise it…you get it.  Even if I don’t…who cares?  Wasn’t very pleased by it.  Also, 95% of Bored 4 Music’s 2012 showcase have been resurrected and now resides in our archive. Will be adding the second half of 2011 in the days & weeks to come.  Just need to upload my old photos to Flickr.  So stay tuned!

Absolutely love this song.  Hope you do too.

Happy Monday!

Daily Turntable

30 May

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Daily Turntable

29 May

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“Follow Me” + Three Day Weekend Hangover

29 May

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Relax, unwind.  It’s Tuesday and we’re back to the swing of things.  Hopefully your memorial day weekend was full of long drives and adventures!  Mine was, full of: a ‘odd’ showcase, climbing the Hollywood sign, crew-mates parties, karaoke, hanging with the click, seeing Moonrise Kingdom, and catching up on TV.  Surprised my car didn’t pass over and die.  By yesterday, felt a bit beat.

How am I going to tackle everything?  Let’s start in order…

Like always, saving all my favorite words for our The Internet showcase that will drop later in the week.  It was sure was ODD.  The coolest part was being five feet from the whole Odd Future team.  The pictures didn’t live up to my normal standards.  Got one or two gems, but my skin got itchy after reading LA Weekly’s review.  Still got a long way to go.  That I do.  Excited to share what I saw.  Jon‘s showcase will drop either tonight or tomorrow.  Close to finishing. His new album has been on repeat since Thursday night.  The more I listen, the more I like.  Take a listen to my favorite song.  I happened to capture it on Thursday night.   Promising Promise is a major contender for “Album of the Week”.

Tackling the Hollywood Sign stole the weekend.  I have lived in the city for 28 years and never stepped foot on this mountain.  Drive by it all the time.  How sad.  What’s really disappointing is there is probably a million people who probably never will.  Shame…on…you.  Take my advice & add this hike to your bucket list.   It’s not really challenging if you can handle a steady uphill climb for a good hour.  Heard that during the summer it can be awful because of the lack of shade.  Luckily, the weather was chill and overall gorgeous.  So plan accordingly.  It might not seem like much from the jumping off point but once you ready 3/4 way up you get the best view of ALL of Los Angeles in a beautiful 360 cam.  We trekked all the way to the facility above and the view blew my mind!

Moonrise Kingdom was brilliant.  But if you spoke to the person next to me doubt they’ll say the same thing.  It’s quirky, french, cartoon-ish, and full of heart.  The soundtrack reminded me of “Peter & The Wolf” where all the instruments shadow their respective characters.  The story is what steals it, but I’ll let you experience that.

A few more sessions left in our Mad Men, Game of Thrones, and Veep  showdown.  Game of Thrones had WAR, Veep had some really amazing baby jokes, but Mad Men had a plot twist that really changed the game.  Click here to get chills.  Don’t if you hate spoilers.

Thus Mad Men tallies another weekly win.  Hard fought and well deserved.  You should watch all three.  That’s the best of all worlds.

No new showcases planned for the end of may, but I won’t be surprised if something rolls my way this upcoming weekend.  Just gonna take a moment and breathe.  Is that okay? Weekend turntable dropping next.  If you have something else to say, please feel free to comment!  Happy Tuesday.  Four days left.

Daily Turntable

25 May

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“The Rock Show” + Bringing Back the Music

21 May

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Happy Monday!

Day 1 after a busy weekend.  No more excuses not to put on a good show!  Though we changed formats, that doesn’t mean the “Bored 4 Music” has stopped.  We will ‘take it the head’ in normal fashion.  The biggest hurdle is going to be wordpress’ ‘lack of ‘flash’ compatibility.  Maybe she left him at the altar?  Or stranded on the side of road?  Whatever the case, they hate each other and I’m still in a infant in this new world so eventually change will come.  But right now…gotta play by their strict rules & storage space.

How am I going to remedy this?  Simple.  Our new music wrap will be only ONE post, updated frequently with links to new videos-singles-or album preview.  Dead are the days of spamming our Facebook / twitter pages with new updates.  Because when I looked at the axis and realized they were click whores…click click click…had to take a different approach.   Even back then.  You’d be surprised how  far simplicity goes.  Might also add some news briefs?  What do you think?  Either way, you’ll love the links.

Sad to hear that Robin Gibb lost his battle yesterday.  “How Deep is your Love” is one of my all time favorite songs.  Why?  Kind of funny but my father would calm ‘Baby Justin’ with the Saturday Night Fever’s Soundtrack.  Such an amazing record.  In honor, Best of the Bee Gees playlist to drop by the end of the day.  [See, we haven't changed.]

Last night TV was great, despite the fact that all our LA playoff teams lost.  Mad Men took the night over Game of Thrones & Veep.  Don’t know what it is about GoT but I’m itching for the battle for King’s Landing that the small, intimate scenes, between the ‘Gamers’ doesn’t do anything for me.  Plus, wanna see more dragons.  Veep probably would’ve won if Don & Joan didn’t have all those amazing scenes.  This scene at the bar was my fav and the final line where Joan says “Look at all these people dancing to my music”.  Got chills.  Never gonna look at a jukebox the same way again.

Write up for The Boxer Rebellion‘s El Rey Show will be dropping soon along with our private interview with Andrew of Greylag.  Our pictures are up if you need a fix.  Really want to finish them before our Jon Mclaughlin & The Internet shows at the end of the work week.

So, yeah, we’re rolling.  If you get bored, read this…lol

New session arriving next.


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