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Watch: “Bicken Back Being Bool” by YG

21 Jul

YG’s ‘Krazy Life’ spreads across Bompton in the new visuals for “Bicken Back Being Bool”.  Things go bad quick.

If you don’t own his 2014 effort yet.  Then you’re missing out on one hell of a record.  Remember when hip hop was west coast hip hop?  Yeah, the good ole days.  Well, they are still alive in YG’s world.  Enjoy!


Watch: “I Used To Be” by GOH Vs. Sugarstarr (feat. Redman & Method Man)

18 Jul

This track is like old hip hop meets the future.  Redman & Meth join with the EDM collective GOH vs. Sugarstarr to spit some ghetto history to all these crazy cool kids.  Wish it was a little bit longer…but if you dig classic rap, then “I Used To Be” is the track needs to bumping in your speakers.

The video shines the best light one of the best lyrical teams in music history.


1st Song of the Day: “Tipsy” by J-Kwon

10 Jul

You’d be surprise how often I sing this chorus at work.  Errbody.  hehe  Got so much prep to do that this will be a relatively short post.  Seriously.  Life is good.  Just busy.  Get bored…bump the music below.  More to come soon.

Watch: “Love Suicide” by T-Pain (feat. Severe Ruff)

7 Jul

Shawty, T-Pain just had him a ‘luv’ suicide.  Which means rapping his new track *cough* “Love Suicide” *cough* on the ledge of a building.

I wish you would step back from that ledge, my friend…and just rap happy.

Watch: “Not Your Man” by Professor Green (feat. Thabo)

7 Jul

Professor Green have gone through some recent public fires.  “Not Your Man” builds on this darker mentality by bringing to light some personal revelations. The virtually unknown, Thabo (apart of the “Real Deal”) makes his mainstream debut & as the angelic choir to Green’s devilish goatee.

Try to keep up, some real truth being spit on this track.


Spotlight Saturday: “Wild Animal” by Michael Tolcher

5 Jul

It has been 10 years since one of my favorite albums of all time — Michael Tolcher’s ‘I Am’ — dropped.  Despite making a few singles here & there since, Michael Tolcher has finally released his first self-produced single entitled “Wild Animal”.  To say it’s a perfect track for summer is an understatement.  Tolcher’s fast rapping lyrics & addicting chorus haven’t sounded better and the track is perfect to ride too. It comes at you at a ROARing pace.

You can be an wild animal too.  Just hit play.

Watch: “Benediction” by August Alsina (feat. Rick Ross)

1 Jul

Buzzworthy R&B crooner, August Alsina, takes his rightful place alongside Breezy & Trigga by dropping his new romantic, laid back music video for the radio smash — “Benediction”.  The ultra slim Rick Ross & DJ Khaled make a cameo.  Woof.

Directed by Payne Lindsey

Stream: “Calm Down” by Busta Rhymes (feat. Eminem)

30 Jun

Busta still got it.  He simply devours the track with the fastest lines in recent history.  Well, Eminem’s #MMLP2 had super fast lyrics too.  Shady returns to challenge Busta on the new track “Calm Down”.  They don’t.  That’s the point.

You’ll find this on Busta’s upcoming 2014 effort — ‘Extinction Level Event 2′.

Stream: “New Flame” by Chris Brown (feat. Usher & Rick Ross)

30 Jun

Didn’t want to post this…until I heard Usher’s verse.  I thought, “Damn…old school Usher”.  “New Flames” works with Breezy’s autotunes.  Then add newly incarcerated Rick Ross’s hip hop poetry & the radio won’t get enough.  Seriously.  Expect to hear it more than “Fancy” or “Rude”.

1st Song of the Day: “Bring The Pain” by Method Man

30 Jun

Saturday Night was dope.  Saw some of my favorite hip hop artists at Club Nokia. The Roots hosted. Click here to see all my guerrilla pixs.   The Method Man / Redman tag team reunion was the standout.  Redman lead us through a rap history lesson that wrapped with the Blackout’s penultimate collabo — “Da Rockwilder“.  Audience lost their shit during that whole section.  They still can put on a show, even after all these years.  No rust.  Probably one of the best hip hop showcases in my short career  Wish it was longer.  They could’ve went all night.

Seeing the Legendary Roots Crew live left me saying, they are the best band of all time.  There was no low points & they played for for two hours and some change non-stop.  Can’t help but admire.

Our next showcase is Friday! Fourth of July.  Headed to Grand Park to catch a handful of bands that I missed during our SXSW fiasco.  Party in the park.  Woo.  Better than last years 4th where I spent the entire day reading “Into The Wild”.  Well…not better.  That book was fantastic.  Made me take some time away from the work nest.

More watercooler talk as a few more my coworkers (Joel) were let go last Friday.  They don’t understand that in a new regime, these personal changes are common.  Regardless of how loved someone was.  The axe will fall.  All you can do is keep your head down.  And bring the pain.  We’re rocking on Monday.


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