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1st Song of the Day: “Life’s A Bitch” by NaS (feat. A.Z.)

16 Apr

It is.  It truly is.  Day three of another crappy work day.  This new reigme is tasking.  Nothing else to say.  Hopefully, some music will follow.

Watch: “Sweatpants” by Childish Gambino (feat. Problem)

14 Apr

Gambino didn’t like how the video was publicized.  I’m okay with it.  Still apart of the bizzare ‘Because The Internet’.  Great song.  Even better visuals…the footage is shot extremely well; boarding on beautiful.

1st Song of the Day: “Alone in Vegas” by Pusha T

9 Apr

Vegas week day 3, and we’re on our Ric Flair shit! Wooooo.  I’ve written alone in Vegas before too Push.  Spent a many Vegas nights in a hotel room, staring at the back…not so glamorous side…of city out the window.  I’ll never forget those teenage Vegas nights.  Made me the writer I am today.  Inspirational BLVD of broken dreams.  You will always be romantic.  Probably why I love returning?

Vegas isn’t fun for kids.  Kind of is now, but back then maybe 10…15 years ago.  All I could do was walk around, collect a coin cup, eat at a buffet, or spend my quarter & dimes in the various arcades.  I liked it.  Still not ideal.  21+.  That’s when the fun really begins.  Don’t waste any time before.  Go see the Grand Canyon or something.  Substantial experiences.

Comic Book Wednesday brings nothing really.  I have one book?  Hickman’s East of West, I believe.  We’ll see if we decide to travel.  WonderCon is approaching.  Saving my money for pointless figures.  Hint of Dr. Who SWAG.

More pretapes to prep.  It never ends.  King Push…take it away.

PS:  RIP Ultimate Warrior!  What weird timing…

Stream: “I Won” by Future (feat. Kanye West)

8 Apr

Talk about a song for a Trophy wife.  Future joins up Yeezus for his new single.  It’s okay.  A bit too romantic for my taste.

Mr. West doesn’t hold back speaking directly to Kim.  The best line is when he applauds Kris Jenner for making a whole generation of trophy wives.  So true.

Stream: “When The People Cheer” by The Roots

8 Apr

Tariq, Quest, and the rest of the Roots are ready to step out from behind The Tonight Show viral videos & back to the urban airwaves.

“When The People Cheer”, which they do every night, is realness you come to expect from the legendary Roots crew.  Been ages since I heard them do what they best.  No ring rust.  Really missed it.

Luckily, there is more to come.  Their 11th studio album — ‘And Then You Shoot Your Cousin’ — drops soon!

the roots-when the people cheer-single cover-tonight show.

Watch: “Box Chevy V” by Yelawolf

4 Apr

Yelawolf & his love for his Box Chevy.  A connection that is five tracks deep & with the release of his new music video…the weird ‘Love Story’ continues to roll on.

Stream: “Days In The East” by Drake

3 Apr

Deja Vu?  Naw.  Drake is feeling quite generous these past two days.  Check out…if you haven’t already…Drake’s brand new unreleased single — “Days in the East”.  Which I like more than “Draft Day”.  Same style as something from ‘Take Care’.  More realness from Mr. OVO now bringing that XO.

1st Song of the Day: “Come With Me” by Shai

3 Apr

Have to admire my taste in music on days like this.  It all started by listening to yesterday’s Ginuwine track, followed in the path of some related artists, then rediscovered one of my favorite albums of 1995.  When I was in 5th grade I was bumping this shit.  Kind of amazing, right?  Didn’t really get all the sexual innuendo…or did I?  Shows I had so much soul at a young age.  Bit of a brag.  Nonetheless, the past 7 hours or so has been mostly me geeking out over this album & especially Shai’s starting track on ‘Blackface’.  The lyrics came rolling back into my mind.  That chest needed a nice whamp.

Not much to say.  Wing Night tonight.  Uploaded our entire 100+ photo set from Betty Who’s Troubadour Showcase on Tuesday.  You can click here for Betty or Here for Cardiknox & Zak Waters.  My set really captures how ominous the low lights at the Troubadour can be.  One of the major things I love about my Nikon 9500.  It’s low ISO capability.  Quite happy with the Zak Album overall.  Write coming soon?  *crosses fingers*

Here’s an R&B classic music video.  Da Dum.

Stream: “Draft Day” by Drake

2 Apr

A little late, but check out Drake’s love letter to “Draft Day”.  Starts out a bit weak…pays off towards the end.  #ovo


1st Song of the Day: “Differences” by Ginuwine

2 Apr

The opening act last night for Betty Who did a cover of Ginuwine’s “Pony” that was alright.  Got the crowd interacting a bit more.  Just made me want to go way back…back into time…this morning.  “Differences” is a R&B staple that was played many times during my youth.  The chorus gets me everytime.  Hard decisions.  Chose it over “Same Ole G”‘s catchy Timbaland words & the killer beat of “What’s So Different”.  100% classic Ginuwine.  Think I made the right choice.

Made a drastic change in my driving mood by bumping country & Alt radio yesterday & this morning.  Have been bored by my CDs.  Same rap song.  Same crappy EDM single.  Needed a refresher.  Go Country plays the best shit.  Aldean, Moore, FGL, Bentley, Miranda, Hunter, Blake, etc.  Mainstream music that makes me second guess not coping a ticket for Stagecoach.  Luke Bryan & Aldean are both headlining.  Same batch of Artists as 2012.  Gonna be one hell of a party.  Then Muse showed up on Alt 98.7.  When are they gonna drop something new?

All the pictures from last night’s late-night adventure came out fantastic  Will be posting them soon.  Whenever I catch a break in my jumbo schedule.  Still have four concert write-ups to turn out in the next few weeks.  Wanna publish them every Thursday until May.  Which means, gotta start prepping.  Axe meet grindstone.

Big shoutout to Picksysticks for last night’s festivities.  Owe him big, like always, for keeping me from getting bored in my life.

“Differences” by Ginuwine…hit it!


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