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Stream: “Turn Blue” by The Black Keys

14 Apr

New one from The Black Keys.  The title track from the Keys’ upcoming 2014 venture is very mellow indeed.  Guess, “turning blue” is a easy one.  We all make the transformation on May 13th.

1st Song of the Day: “Name” by Goo Goo Dolls

14 Apr

I survived Vegas.  What happens there.  Stays there.  So, no spoilers from me.  Had a blast.  Left with little money that were traded for lasting memories.  Really needed the mind break.  Nothing like getting swindled by clever formulas & sexy bitches.  #goodtimes  Today’s song spawned from a song that my buddy Ross had on his many music mixtapes that mostly featured songs from movies / trailers.  “Long Way Down” by Goo Goo Dolls was featured on the Twister SDTK.  Which made me focus on ‘A Boy Named Goo’.  Then stumbled across this classic, “Name”.

Big thanks to the Vim Dicta for sponsoring our decent showcase review as much as they did.  Can’t wait to see them in a few weeks!

Loved having Mad Men back.  Last night’s episode was fantastic.  Welcome to Easter Monday.  Two more pretapes to go & a regime change born.

Watch: “No Rest For The Wicked” by Lykke Li

10 Apr

Anybody want a major buzzkill?  Well, watch Lykke Li’s new music video for “No Rest For The Wicked”.  Visuals about two lovers being ripped asunder to one of the most melodramatic tunes of 2014.  Still absolutely love the track.  The video is shot beautifully.

Directed by Tarik Saleh

Watch: “Supernova” by Ray LaMontagne

10 Apr

Wow.  This gets weird fast.  Weirdly animated characters that reminds me of Fanta girls.  Paper lovers.  And so…so, much more.  Does it fit with the song?  You decide.  Ray’s next project…also called ‘Supernova’…drops at the end of the month.


Watch: “Raging Fire” by Phillip Phillips

10 Apr

American Idol champion, Phillip Phillips, has a new single circulating.  It’s called “Raging Fire”.  Off his upcoming untitled 2nd LP.  Mr. Phillips literally turns himself into a flame with the help of some street artists.  The end of which reminds me of Goyte & Dawson.

The track rises.

Stream: “Why I Wait” by Kitten

8 Apr

This Kitten is turning into a full on Lioness.  The former hardworking LA underground namestake has grown incredibly since I first saw her at the Bootleg Theatre back in 2012.

Now a blogging staple, Kitten are currently on the road to their self-titled debut LP (Out in June!).  “Why I Wait” is a trance-y pop single that shows the incredible evolution of the band. Just imagine Chloe Chaidez whispering the lyrics in your ear.  Enough to make you pur.

1st Song of the Day: “Vegas” by Calvin Harris

8 Apr

Day 2 of Vegas Week kicks off with an classic Calvin Harris.  The track came out way before Mr. Harris hit the spotlight with “We Found Love”.  This is a EDM track for EDM lovers.  Bouncy.  Repetitive.  Bit of annoying. Keeps your body in motion for almost 6 minutes.  No lows.  All highs.  Way before perfection.  If you’re in Vegas, recommend bumping this anthem.  Make you look cool to the outsiders.  You can find Calvin at a nightclub around the city now & then.  Vegas is EDM’s second home in the US because Miami is the leader.  Everyone knows this..

New Music Tuesday brings you new albums from Black Label Society, Emmylou Harris, Patton Oswald’s Comedy Record, James Durbin, Eric Hutchinson, EMA, and many more,  Kind of a slow week for mainstream hits…but you should always try new things.  That you should.

Guess what?  Our first showcase review since February drops Thursday!  Petaped goodness.  Two more to go.  Until then…let’s keep dreaming of Vegas! Calvin press those buttons.

Stream: “Honest” by The Neighbourhood

7 Apr

Honestly…I don’t hate this Neighbourhood track.  Which is strange for me to say because not really a fan.  Their ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack’ contribution has been circling around the net for a few days now, but today the guys followed that up with a eerily B&W lyric video.

Check it out if you haven’t heard the track yet…or just want to hear it again.


Stream: “Sing” by Ed Sheeran (feat. Pharrell)

7 Apr

Sing Eddy Sing. Rap Eddy Rap.  Hell, that ginger brought the heat.  Lyrical.  Acoustically.  It ready to bring about joy.

Experience the first official single from Mr. Sheeran’s ‘x’, which is brought to you by Pharrell Williams.  Mr. Happy.  So, expect the British acoustic soul to make you smile.  Plus or minus the big hat.

1st Song of the Day: “Vegas” by Sara Bareilles

7 Apr

I’m in Vegas mode!  Despite the fact I’m five days off from my weekend excursion.  Boo!  I’ll get there.  So, as you can probably expect due to my lack of effort, I will be featuring Vegas themed tracks-songs-artists through Friday.  Today’s track is a song I featured before in our lost blogger days.  One of my favorite tracks from Sara.  She doesn’t perform it much anymore…still, captures the lofty ideals of someone who needs to just get away.  Something she did quite recently that became the theme of her 2013 critically acclaimed ‘Blessed Unrest’.  Spontaneous things always start as a “little voice”, don’t they?  Anyway, great life transitional track.

So much TV, so many flicks, that made for a fun weekend.  Yes, including Wings.  Did pass out all day Saturday much to my dismay.  Still fun to recover.  We all need a break.  That’s why we travel to Vegas.  Happy Monday!



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