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1st Song of the Day: “Open Road” by Roo Panes

21 Jul

You can probably understand what kind of mode I’m in just by the title of this track.  This morning was the first time I ever heard Roo Panes’ “Open Road”.  Really wish the first time was on the open road.  So damn literal that it would make up for just listening to it as I got dressed.  I did, luckily, get to finally experience Wish I Was Here Soundtrack on the ride in.  About 2/3 of the way through.  Just past the title track from Cat Power.  Gorgeous mixtape.  The film…meh.  Saw it Friday night before The Chain Gang show.  Keep low expectations.  The music moments do make the film like a super long music video at times.  Or an episode of Scrubs.  Didn’t mind it.  The soundtrack is glorious.  Indie pop heaven.

That’s all I can really say.  Got to setup this tricky pretape.  Good luck.  We’ll be back soon!  Here’s a song for your ride in.

Spotlight Saturday: “Down” by Roses & Revolutions + EP Stream

19 Jul

Love it when I get chills on the first lyric & chord combo.  That’s the exact feeling that hit me when I pressed played NYC’s Roses & Revolutions brand new single — “Down”. R&R’s Alyssa & Matt make beautiful music together.  Something I could tell at that quick moment.  Above you will find the lyric video for the track that features a picture slideshow for the duo.

What you might want to click on is link that will allow you experience their self-tilted April EP over on Spotify.  Didn’t want to force you into it…but it is truly worthy of a listen.  Alyssa’s voice is truly remarkable as Matt’s well synchronized instrumentals/vocals enhance it exponentially creating the being that is Roses & Revolutions.  Playing this on a joy ride probably sounds like heaven.  Can’t wait to experience it like that!


Spotlight Saturday: Watch Night Club’s “Need You Tonight” Music Video

19 Jul

We introduced you to Night Club’s INXS cover of “Need You Tonight” two week ago.  Got some traffic.  However, I personally love to showcase music videos over audio if I have a choice.  You get so much bang for your buck.

Now it is time to put on your black leather jackets & hit the streets like Night Club’s Emily in the new music video.  I’m surprised they go nowhere a night club in the visuals.  Spend more time in the motel room, which usually happens after the club…doesn’t it?  However, the sexy close ups surely will make up for any complaints gentlemen.  The track hits hard & fits the scenes perfectly.

‘Black Leather Heart’ dropping soon.

Spotlight Saturday: “I Speak Words” by Fable

19 Jul

Who is Fable?  Isn’t that a mystery?  Above holds many clues to the powerful buzzworthy music entity that speaks through wails & electronic pulsations.  “I Speak Words”, their first single from the 19-year-old with a vicious voice, feels like the craziness trailer song made for a futuristic Dystopian war flick.  Like everyone is your enemy for 3:18.  It isn’t gonna end well for those unnamed made up characters, but your blood boils in excitement.  Much like I do when I continuously hit repeat on the track.

To tell you anymore would be spoiling the fun.  Enjoy solving the mystery that is Fable.

Album of the Week: ‘World Peace Is None Of Your Business’ by Morrissey

19 Jul

Click 2 Buy!

Being laced with political messages didn’t stop Morrissey’s 10th solo LP — ‘World Peace Is None Of Your Business’ — from being my recommendation this week.  In fact…they are so well hidden underneath gorgeous spanish/middle eastern chords & his iconic voice that it’s hard to tell what he’s really saying anyway.  He’s just same good at singing that you don’t care.  Feels like yesterday even though this is his first record since 2006.

I was hooked by the classically harmonious experience.  So much so that by the time I woke up the slow pace — “Smilier With Knife” — there was no turning back.  Wanted to hear it all the way to the end.  Was expecting a very personal album, but what you really get are truly deep eccentric tracks from the enigmatic great & powerful Moz.  He’s having fun making music again it seems on a fresh slate.  The world influence has truly shaped this record.  Like this is what Moz is like making music on an exiled vacation.  He even gives us a Smiths sounding (standard version) conclusion on “Oboe Concerto”.  The deluxe edition, which is streaming below, fleshes it out.

“The joy brings many things…but it can’t bring you joy.”  How can you top that?  This is poetry on record.  The kind of out of body lyrical stories you expect from a musical legend.  You’re in good hands.  You might not understand it, but take my advice…’World Peace…’ is truly something special.  For World Peace is really not our business.  Our business is to enjoy life while listening to music.  Sounds like Morrissey has reached Nirvana.  Cheers…now I want 10 more LPs!

Watch: “Gunshot” by Lykke Li

18 Jul

Weird kids in parking lot acting out violence in fun.  That’s the subject matter for Lykke Li’s “Gunshot”.  Displace kids, twerkers, bikers all dancing in a the most freest form.  These are the things I imagine orphans do when we’re not watching in a teenage wasteland.

Directed by Fleur and Manu

1st Song of the Day: “Softly, As I Leave You” by Michael Buble

17 Jul

Special delivery in to your…I’m gonna stop my bad joke right there.  You can finish it if you want.  Trying to keep my filthy writer mind at bay.  Quite inappropriate for such a lovely soft rock track from an old school Michael Buble.  In fact, this morning was the first time I ever heard it.  Which, as a fan of the media, is always such a delight.  Isn’t it?  To be surprised by hidden / bonus tracks that you didn’t come across originally.  Either I wasn’t as a big of fan or technology wasn’t as through as we thought back in the day.  Such a classic song.  Will make you go back & hear the other versions.  The spotify playlist I’m working my way through is called “Dinner” something.  It has been hit & miss, with Michael Buble’s  “Softly, As I Leave You” being a big hit.

Sorry for being so distant.  Work has been nuts.  Got another showcase dropping if nothing else does today.  Big one too.  The Gavin DeGraw-Matt Nathanson show.  Had fun writing it.  Also sprinkled some new nuggets to bump up the blurb.  Can’t wait for you too share it.  Until then, he’s a song to get y’all going.

1st Song of the Day: “This Years Love” by David Gray

16 Jul

Can’t write for long.  Got two shows to complete in little time.  Went to a awesome comedy show last night at Largo.  It had music is technically I can add it to our July Showcase journal.  A series that is coming soon!  Mulany killed it.  That he did.

Here’s a gorgeous track from David Gray entitled “This Years Love”.  Happy Wednesday.

1st Song of the Day: “Coffee” by Sylvan Esso

14 Jul

Get up. Get down. Get up. Get down…are the same things I do when I wake up at 4 AM.  A variable song & dance with some of the most annoying sounds in the world.  Can’t believe it’s Monday again.  I have started to publish our June adventures.  Next one drops tomorrow afternoon.  Still need to write the last three.   I hope to work on it while I watch the Home Run Derby tonight.  Best part of All-Star weekend.

Spent the entire weekend at the house.  Saw Dawn on Friday, which allowed me to chill for 48 hours.  Incredible Shakespearean / Dances with Wolves inspired film.  Crazy camera tricks too.  More reason to go to the movies.

Long week ahead: comedy show, normal Weds & Thurs, ending on another July Showcase on Friday. Pray I make it alive.  Sometimes all you need is some coffee.  Enjoy this catchy indie pop cut from buzzworthy Sylvan Esso.  Loved their performance on Fallon last week…that’s why they made our blurb.  Plus, what better song to start the day with than something named coffee?  Take in the aroma.

Spotlight Saturday: “King of the World” by Young Rising Sons

12 Jul

By the time the chorus hits, you’ll just want to start running.  Full sprint.  No walls will stop you as YRS‘s “King of the World” bumps against your eardrums.  Feels like a Tedder produced project, but better.  Way better.  Young Rising Sons are now known for their catchy pop anthems after their successful — “High” — hit the web recently.  Don’t you agree?  Expect more when their debut EP drops at the end of the month.

The lyric video for “King of the World” is heaps of fun.  Film buffs will love the vintage taste mixed with the modern day uplifting track.

Young Rising Sons King of the world self titled EP cover large HD


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