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1st Song of the Day: “Vegas Girl” by Conor Maynard

10 Apr

A little cheesy pop to kick-off Thursday.  One Day away from Vegas.  All I’m thinking about is what’s going to be THE song to start tomorrow.  Two choices.  One classic…might i say a Flashback.  The other from an album that made our 2013 Fav Albums list.  Siding with the former.

I’m a bit tired.  CBW isn’t to blame either.  Stayed up a bit longer to read Claremont’s “Nightcrawler” that my friend gave me.  Very 1990s X-Men in feel.  The homages to that time were a nice touch.

Nothing else to say.  Here’s a really bad song / music video.  The hook is the only thing that saves it.  But my god…no vegas in a song called Vegas girl? Cheap bastards.  Let’s get it…

1st Song of the Day: “Vegas” by Calvin Harris

8 Apr

Day 2 of Vegas Week kicks off with an classic Calvin Harris.  The track came out way before Mr. Harris hit the spotlight with “We Found Love”.  This is a EDM track for EDM lovers.  Bouncy.  Repetitive.  Bit of annoying. Keeps your body in motion for almost 6 minutes.  No lows.  All highs.  Way before perfection.  If you’re in Vegas, recommend bumping this anthem.  Make you look cool to the outsiders.  You can find Calvin at a nightclub around the city now & then.  Vegas is EDM’s second home in the US because Miami is the leader.  Everyone knows this..

New Music Tuesday brings you new albums from Black Label Society, Emmylou Harris, Patton Oswald’s Comedy Record, James Durbin, Eric Hutchinson, EMA, and many more,  Kind of a slow week for mainstream hits…but you should always try new things.  That you should.

Guess what?  Our first showcase review since February drops Thursday!  Petaped goodness.  Two more to go.  Until then…let’s keep dreaming of Vegas! Calvin press those buttons.

Stream: “Storyline” by Hunter Hayes

7 Apr

The title track from Hunter Hayes’ 2014 effort is a country pop beast.  To be expected.  A title is a title for a reason.  Regardless, this country is gonna blow up country radio.  Can’t wait to hear it with the windows down.

What you get in the package above is BTS photos of Hunter in the studio as the lyrics fly by.  Shakespeare be jealous of your love story…per Hunter.

Watch: “Magic” by Coldplay

7 Apr

A Music Video you can call, “Magic”.  Ziyi Zhang stars as Chris Martin’s love interest in the black & white visuals about a budding relationship between a Magician & his assistant.  The track is even more haunting to the Coldplay tune.  Enjoy…Magic.

Directed by Jonas Åkerlund

Watch: “Holding Onto Heaven” by Foxes

7 Apr

You’re invited to a party for Foxes.  It’s quirky & very Wes Anderson as they start a dance party in a colorful hall.  “Holding onto Heaven” is one of the standout tracks from the groups’ 2014 LP — ‘Glorious’ — which drops in May.  This is a track that deserves many remixes & bumps.  Makes the ladies jump onto the floor.

Watch: “Summer” by Calvin Harris

7 Apr

Life is a race in Calvin Harris’ new European visuals for his 2014 smash — “Summer”. Party with exotic models, watch dangerous drag races (with Jason Statham), and follow Calvin’s summertime happiness.  Seriously, the chicks (Eva Shaw) be baddddd.

1st Song of the Day: “Vegas” by Sara Bareilles

7 Apr

I’m in Vegas mode!  Despite the fact I’m five days off from my weekend excursion.  Boo!  I’ll get there.  So, as you can probably expect due to my lack of effort, I will be featuring Vegas themed tracks-songs-artists through Friday.  Today’s track is a song I featured before in our lost blogger days.  One of my favorite tracks from Sara.  She doesn’t perform it much anymore…still, captures the lofty ideals of someone who needs to just get away.  Something she did quite recently that became the theme of her 2013 critically acclaimed ‘Blessed Unrest’.  Spontaneous things always start as a “little voice”, don’t they?  Anyway, great life transitional track.

So much TV, so many flicks, that made for a fun weekend.  Yes, including Wings.  Did pass out all day Saturday much to my dismay.  Still fun to recover.  We all need a break.  That’s why we travel to Vegas.  Happy Monday!


1st Song of the Day: “Come With Me” by Shai

3 Apr

Have to admire my taste in music on days like this.  It all started by listening to yesterday’s Ginuwine track, followed in the path of some related artists, then rediscovered one of my favorite albums of 1995.  When I was in 5th grade I was bumping this shit.  Kind of amazing, right?  Didn’t really get all the sexual innuendo…or did I?  Shows I had so much soul at a young age.  Bit of a brag.  Nonetheless, the past 7 hours or so has been mostly me geeking out over this album & especially Shai’s starting track on ‘Blackface’.  The lyrics came rolling back into my mind.  That chest needed a nice whamp.

Not much to say.  Wing Night tonight.  Uploaded our entire 100+ photo set from Betty Who’s Troubadour Showcase on Tuesday.  You can click here for Betty or Here for Cardiknox & Zak Waters.  My set really captures how ominous the low lights at the Troubadour can be.  One of the major things I love about my Nikon 9500.  It’s low ISO capability.  Quite happy with the Zak Album overall.  Write coming soon?  *crosses fingers*

Here’s an R&B classic music video.  Da Dum.

Watch: “Kiss It” by DEV (feat. Sage The Gemini)

31 Mar

Reaping the ‘it’ rapper of the moment, foul mouthed DEV brings Sage The Gemini on her new ‘ass kissing’ new video for “Kiss It”.  The visuals are as tongue and cheek as they can be with Dev & Sage lounging around the house on a beautiful day.

Watch: “Beating Heart” by Ellie Goulding

28 Mar

Can you hear it beating?

Watching Ellie’s “Beating Heart” music video is the closest I’ll get to ever seeing the dystopian young adult flick.  The tattoos are a bit much.  Ellie spends the entire video trying to act sexy in a misty forest.  Little touchy, here and there…doesn’t she want a jacket?  Looks cold out.  (lol)

Kendrick Lamar does appear on the Divergent SDTK, so go pick it up for that or this…



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