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June Showcase Journal: Entry 4.5 – That One Neon KITTEN (06/21/14)

24 Jul

Kitten, Tapioca and the Flea, & LIZ @ The El Rey (06/21/14)

My favorite photo subject represents at El Rey, #afterthebreak…

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June Showcase Journal: Entry #4 – Kuenta i Tambú Off The 405 (06/21/14)

22 Jul

Kuenta i Tambú @ The Getty (06/21/14)

Part 1 of an epic night, #afterthebreak…

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June Showcase Journal: Entry #3 – A Night At The Greek (06/18/14)

17 Jul

Gavin DeGraw, Matt Nathanson, & Mary Lambert @ The Greek Theatre (06/18/14)

Make a move with a special guest, #afterthebreak…

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June Showcase Journal: Entry #2 – 2014 Playboy Jazz Festival (06/14/14)

15 Jul

36th Anniversary Playboy Jazz Festival - Day 1 @ Hollywood Bowl (06/14/14)

 Adopted by Jazz, #afterthebreak…

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June Showcase Journal: Entry #1 – Make Music Pasadena (06/07/14)

12 Jul

Ester Rada & Finish Ticket @ Make Music Pasadena (06/07/14)

That JOHNNYSWIM showcase on June 2nd left me entranced & extremely focused.  “That was one of the best…but I can do better,” I told myself as I reread my Showcase Review.   So…I forced myself to break my comfort level & see a show every damn week with some double headers sprinkled towards the end.   Yes, I was crazy.  Wanted to smell like the night.  Is that so wrong?

So, here’s the first entry in the long overdue June Wrap-up sessions.  Every memorable moment with my stupid, misspelled opinions…#afterthebreak!

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Showcase: JOHNNYSWIM @ The El Rey Theatre (06/03/14)

8 Jun

JOHNNYSWIM @ The El Rey (06/03/14)

Two “Diamonds” shined the brightest, #afterthebreak…

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Showcase: The Vim Dicta & Dead Sara @ The Echo (05/06/14)

11 May

Dead Sara, Vanaprasta, & The Vim Dicta @ The Echo (05/06/14)

 The Psychogroove meets the DEADicated, #afterthebreak…

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Showcase: The Vim Dicta @ Hotel Cafe (03/27/14)

10 Apr

The Vim Dicta @ The Hotel Cafe (03/27/14)

The secret world of “psychogroove”, after the break…

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Spotlight Saturday: “Lay Me Down (Acoustic)” by Sam Smith

22 Mar

This song is pure love.

His voice still haunts my dreams since I heard it, for the first time, last Monday night.  Our B4M SXSW Team experienced it first hand at Haven, which probably sounded like heaven.  The entire room was silent, chills running up & down their spines, as Sam Smith’s angelic voice mesmerized all within.  #sxswregrets.  He’s now one of the big successes of the festival. Congratulations Sam!

Expect a similar sound as James Blake (minus the autotune) or even Emeli Sande.  I prefer this raw, acoustic to the enhanced studio version sorry to say.  Pure, unfiltered, perfect sound.  Look how far the m************ is away from the mic!  Holy crap!  (Sorry…inconceivable?)

Sam’s debut EP — Niravana — is out now.  Stream it by clicking the link.  Just warning you, it’s more pop than you’d think.  Mainstream producers.  Let the birdy sing…your mouth will drop.  Speech obliterated.

sam smith lay me down single cover hd



Showcase: Allen Stone w/ Jessica Hernandez @ The Echo (02/20/14)

26 Feb

Allen Stone & Jessica Hernandez @ The Echo (02/20/14)

The return of Allen Stone, after the break…

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