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Stream: “Honest” by The Neighbourhood

7 Apr

Honestly…I don’t hate this Neighbourhood track.  Which is strange for me to say because not really a fan.  Their ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack’ contribution has been circling around the net for a few days now, but today the guys followed that up with a eerily B&W lyric video.

Check it out if you haven’t heard the track yet…or just want to hear it again.


Stream: “Devil Inside (INXS Cover)” by London Grammar

24 Mar

The Queen and her new throne.

Be the first to experience the full stripped down version of London Grammar’s GAME OF THRONES INXS cover — “Devil Inside”.  As haunting as Florence + The Machine’s “Seven Devils” from Season 3?  That’s my question to y’all.  Still like the later, but this really showcases how devilish these musical imports are behind the mic.  Hannah especially.

GOT Season 4 premieres April 6th.

london grammar-devil inside-inxs-cover-game-of-thrones-single cover

Album of the Week: ‘Home Alone Soundtrack’ by John Williams

23 Dec

By having a maestro like John Williams behind the score of one of the most iconic Christmas films of our generation was a sure treat.  Made each scene that much more memorable.  It’s so powerful that the melodies conjure memories of my youth.  Christmas memories laced with sweet sweeping movements.  And the horns.

AMC is rerunning the flicks all week long.  You should watch them on a lazy Monday night.  Otherwise…here is some Christmas music to kick off this week.

Album of the Week: ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack’ by Vince Guaraldi Trio

7 Dec

Probably my favorite Christmas album of all time is my choice for our holiday music selection.  Got in the mood for it while spending too much time at work yesterday.  We did finish 2 pretapes & one weekend show.  That wrapped up the entire Christmas week shows.  Impressed we’ve stayed on track.  Will allow us to chill despite having to come in.  But enough about work.

This album is a definite classic for so many music listeners that it’s shocking more people don’t add it to the best albums of all time.  Cause it really is one of the best soundtracks ever assembled.  Iconic melodies like “Linus & Lucy”, “Christmas Time is Here”, “O Tannenbaum”, all come included.  On the bonus rendition below they include the other holiday tracks making this Soundtrack the essential Charlie Brown album.

More the reason why I’m featuring it as we all continue to get in the holiday mood.  Don’t forget about the meaning of the season.

1st Song of the Day: “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly

3 Dec

What an uplifting and lifting song.  Way…way…different than the music R. Kelly is making as of late.  Listened to his new album ‘Black Panties’ last night.  Whew.  I haven’t laughed so much at weirdly sexual lines like “…I wanna marry your pussy…” & “…ass so big that the whole hive looks like they stun ya…” since BOATS II.  2 Chainz!  (Sorry, habit.)  Nothing in comparison to the new Gambino shit dropping next week that I’m still trying to digest.  Frank Ocean’s ‘Channel Orange’ played a major role in shaping the direction for that record.  Not sure if I like it.  We’ll see.

New Music Tuesday.  Britney Spears’ new album drops alongside Jake Owen, Leona Lewis, Glen Hansard, and a few soundtracks like Sound of Music & Sons of Anarchy.  Didn’t even know about Glen’s.  Gonna listen to it next.  Indie rock love.  Oh yes.  Jake Owen’s seems out of place.  A country summer record dropping at Christmas Time.  Needs some legs to make it to summer when they drop the deluxe edition.

Until then he’s a classic track from youth that shows you how far R. Kelly has come.  Plus, Space Jam clips.

Album of the Week: ‘The Best Man Holiday’ by Various Artists

1 Dec

Click 2 Buy!

This Christmas I’ll be steppin’!  In the name the love with Mama XXXmas.  Haha.

With major R&B talent (R. Kelly, Jordin Sparks, Monica, Anthony Hamilton, Ne-Yo, John Legend, etc.) providing some of their favorite & new holiday tunes…we’re kicking off our strictly Holiday Albums of the weeks with one of the best soundtracks of 2013.  Have yet to see The Best Man Holiday.  Hear great things.  I have no doubts that this music fits the movie quite well.  In a very 90s way.  Just makes me want to see the movie even more.

What you’ll love about this album is how well it is to bump when your decorating your house this week.  Or making love to your spouse under the mistletoe.  C’mon, New Edition’s “Can You Stand The Rain” is included!  My seventh grade self is dancing underneath my skin right now.  (hehe, truly!)   We’re just getting started.  More albums to roll through just in time for the holidays.

New Video: “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran

6 Nov

Ed Sheeran becomes Peter Jackson’s voice.  His offering to The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug Soundtrack — “I See Fire’” — is dark, heartbreaking, full of images of brimstone, and perfect for the end credits & to the upcoming release.  The simple acoustic take is elevated to whole another level by Ed’s haunting voice.  Also, bonus clips for those actually interested in the flick.

Stand united.

1st Song of the Day: “Angel Band” by The Stanley Brothers

23 Oct

When I saw Ralph Stanley back in 2012 (via Stagecoach), I had no clue that this was the legendary country artist who basically provided much of the musical highlights from one of the best soundtracks ever pressed out — ‘O Brother Where Art Thou?’.  He was a fragile figure backed by some unknown musicians in a tiny white tent there in steamy Indio.  Now I can appreciate this and all the rest of his legendary catalog because to listen to Ralph Stanley & the Stanley Bros is like experience of true blue, long forgotten, Americana.

Spent most of my Tuesday night trying to solve my Yeezus equation.  Should I take the chance…or not.  Been running through my head all day as I try to avoid over thinking a second mysterious call from the EPIC’s assistant.  Pieces are falling into place.  Don’t think it’s anything bad.  I look forward to the day they cut a person doing three people’s jobs with no backup.  That would be the quite dumb.  Not the weirdest thing that has happened I can tell you that.

Wish I could write more.  Here is a soundtrack classic.

PS: Shout out to my mum & brother JRey who celebrates birthdays today.

New Video: “Origins” by Don Diablo

21 Oct

Arkham City gets dubstepped as the official theme from ‘Batman: Arkham Orgins’ is brought to you in music video form by Don Diablo.  It’s a interesting take, but I don’t have high hopes for the game anyway…so, dubstep kind of feels right?  Woob woob?

Stream: “Elastic Heart” by Sia (ft. The Weeknd & Diplo)

30 Sep

THG: Catching Fire SDTK is on track to make our Top 25 of 2013 much like it’s predecessor did.  This morning Bananas Music Club released Sia, The Weeknd, and Diplo’s offering entitled “Elastic Heart”.  You’ll walk through fire to save your life.


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