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Best Albums of 2012: #16 – “The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack”

15 Dec

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Remember watching the featurette below and loving the statement Hans Zimmer made regarding the final chapter of Nolan’s Batman Trilogy.  about 6:50 in. He said, that this was the movie I always dreamt of working on as a child.  That has stuck with me since then.  Really loved his perspective on his music.  Recommend it highly.  That’s why I’m sharing it.

This is one of those soundtracks that is masterful in execution.  Even before I saw the film.  Hell, take the film off the table.  Think for a moment what this soundtrack would sound like if it wasn’t attached to a famous film franchise. Spellbinding regardless.  That’s how I experienced it.  Adding the story in my head.  Didn’t feel like I was in a city known as Gotham but running for close to hour & half from some terrible chants.  Stopping only for a moment.. preferably in the darkness…to hear chains swaying and piano teasing.  Whispering softly…”Mind if I cut in”.  Of course not.


Music is beautiful.  This soundtrack showcases how truly special and important the instrument in building tension within.  Still get chills every time “Why Do We Fall” starts to build.

Bravo maestro.  That young boy would be proud.

Check Out:

  • “Mind if I Cut In”
  • “Why Do We Fall?”
  • “The Fire Rises”
  • “Gotham’s Reckoning”
  • “Rise”
  • “The End”

1st Song of the Day: “Ave Maria”

20 Jul tumblr_m7gde554OY1r00a2so1_r2_500

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No words.  Just a tragic song for the moment to express my deepest feelings.

R.I.P and well wishes / prays to all those involved.

Last Song of the Day: “Neon” + ‘Rise’

20 Jul Chris Young - "Neon" IPod

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Ah, so refreshing.  This plus sunset makes for one amazing twilight to end my first real good day of the new ‘super’ gig.  Sipping on a corona.  I hit everything hard earlier.  Fueled by coca cola.  Surprisingly, a change of the normal routine upped my success rate.  Still a long day.  12 hours Thursdays is something I have to get use to now.  After the initial daily show craziness died down then it was smooth sailing.  Had time to post some new music for our Facebook-ers, chat with the new team, and spoil the ending of The Dark Knight Rises.

Yep.  Wanted to.  Not one of the super fans who is able to block things out.  All my fellow co-worker nerds are attempting to.  Much respect.  In fact, more excited than ever!!!  You will be pleasantly surprised dear fans.  All my expectations and fears have been solidified.  Tons of twists too.  Only thing left to do is examine to see how Nolan gets me there.  Expect nothing less than a sheer masterpiece with a few plot holes.

Pick up the soundtrack.  Whether you’re a fan or not.  Mr. Zimmer put together an epic score.  Check out “Why Do We fall?“.  Doesn’t it make you feel empowered?  Like you can take on the world?  Exactly how I should be feeling now.  The rest of the album will be featured in our “Album of the Week” section shortly.

I’m seeing it with my click on Saturday.  More mind blowing ‘nerdcore’ thoughts on Monday.  Sorry ladies.  Need to geek out from time to time.

In other news, challenging myself by playing my entire 6 disc CD car catalog without skipping a track while on the road.  Right now enjoying Gambino’s “ROYALTY” on CD3.  The only one I’m worried about is album 6 — Adele’s ‘Live From Royal Albert Hall’.  Should’ve been Channel Orange.  Big sis replaced it when she borrowed my car last weekend.  Boy was I surprised.  Figured, she was in an Adele type of mood last time we spoke.  (Ladies, c’mon you know)  Me, far from it.  Feeling great!  Maybe — by then — I’ll be ready for this.

One more day to pull through.  To all you, good luck.  Let ‘Neon’ sing you to sleep.



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