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Unplugged: Future Islands @ KEXP

4 Apr

Second week & another shameless Future Islands plug.  This time our new favorite band hit up KEXP up in Seattle performing a four set unplugged set of their hits from 2014′s ‘Singles’.  More proof why this band needs to be your iPods & car stereos.

Have an amazing weekend!  We’ll be back tomorrow!


  • Back In The Tall Grass
  • A Dream Of You And Me
  • A Song For Our Grandfathers
  • Spirit

Unplugged: “Only Love Can Hurt Like This” by Paloma Faith

31 Mar

Wannabe serenaded by jazzy Paloma Faith’s new single — “Only Love Can Hurt Like This”?  Well, you can by pressing the play button.  Her smokey, Amy Winehouse / Lana Del Rey, bluesy voice projects the precise tone necessary to pull off a ballad like this.

Pity that the album isn’t as good…oh boy.

Unplugged: “Out Among The Stars” by Brandon Flowers, Father John Misty, & Local Natives

28 Mar

La Blogothèque joined The Killers’ Brandon Flowers out on the road to the desert where he meets up with Father John Misty & Local Natives.  The supergroup was brought together to cover a bunch of tracks from the lost Johnny Cash album — “Out Among The Stars”.  You get insight to the music in between each local.  Hell of a ride.

Watch as the stars befall these travelling players in a short subject film by one of the greatest guerrilla webpage on the internet.  Johnny would be proud of this.


1st Song of the Day: “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight” by Cole Swindell

24 Mar

Fostering new talent is what us bloggers should be all about.  Sponsoring the feature of music highlights.  Our new Opening Act Playlist is all about that.

How’d it happen?  Had a wonderful lazy Saturday night.  Just me, the TV flicking in the background, my laptop with Spotify streaming & Flickr uploading.  By the end of it I had 600+ pictures on our album…a K. Dot Featuring Mixtape for the drive in…and the March thru May ‘Opening Act’ Playlist that includes this Cole Swindell fresh country ballad kicking off this Monday morning.

Cole is opening for Luke Bryan on tour and is great friends with Florida Georgia Line.  FGL helped co-write “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight”.  That’s why it fits their vibe.  Good enough to let Cole into your country world?  The track is a-typical country ballad that just leaves you swaying holding that red solo cup.  In a field somewhere.  Great live performance below.

Happy Monday…

Unplugged: “Million” by Allen Stone (feat. Tingsek)

17 Feb

Who’s ready for some new Allen Stone???  2014 beckons.  For after supporting his sophomore self titled effort for nearly two years, Allen Stone is going back to square one as he writes his upcoming album.  In a cabin.  With his friends.  Soul sessions that will produce some crazy musical fruit.

The soulful “Million”, joined by Tingsek, is the first glimpse of what we’re expecting to get from the Seattle Stone.  Sit back & enjoy the vibe.


Unplugged: “She Drives Me Crazy (@ Virtue and Vice Studio)” by Matt Butler

17 Feb

Happy Monday! I couldn’t help myself from posting our friend, Matt Butler, live…rocking…acoustic cover of the Fine Young Cannibals’ “She Drives Me Crazy” at Virtue and Vice Studios.  He & the guys kill it, don’t they?  Can only imagine how that effect those NYC women at the Bowery.  Wowzers.

Matt’s ‘Reckless Son’ is dropping soon.  I got a sneak preview of a few tracks & they are superb.  Keep an ear out!

Unplugged: “Hold On We’re Going Home / The Monster” by Foxes

10 Feb

This sounds heavenly.  Foxes mashed up the lyrics to Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home” & Eminem + Rihanna’s “The Monster” to fuse a coherent track…perfect for the Valentine’s Day holiday.  It’s the soft vocal & swift melody that really gets me.  Enjoy.


1st Song of the Day: “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve” by Diana Krall

30 Dec

Ladies & Gentleman, Ms. Diana Krall.

A cut from our fresh 2014 NYE Playlist.  Got more hits than what I expected.  Spotify is sponsoring a very pop based one that was first seen on Glamour.com (I did my research on Saturday).  Ours has a little of this.  Little of that.  I timed it to the limit of a 3 hour long extravaganza.   Natural progression of how parties should be paced.  That way, by midnight, you’ll be ready for Auld Lang Syne in your exhausted, danced out, state.  A song that doesn’t make sense (according to Billy Crystal / Rob Reiner & The late Nora Ephron).

Yes, that paragraph only served as a shameless plug for my playlist.  Really proud of it.  Only NYE playlist where you’ll find Regina Spektor, LMFAO, & Phantogram!  #mikewillmadeit  [Okay...stopping]  Part of me wanted to make the first original Hipster NYE Playlist.  There are traces of it towards the end.  Can you imagine the anti-NYE tracklist?  Hurts my head with possibilities.  If I decide to make it, I’ll be sure to link it back here.

The weekend was fun.  Did some things.  Nothing of significant importance.  Just a nice quiet weekend in my life with fantastic people.  Hope yours was equally great.  We’re back with more not-so-important music.

1st Song of the Day: “Farewell, December” by Matt Nathanson

27 Dec

Here’s a bit of trivia:  The day Matt Nathanson dropped ‘Last of the Great Pretenders’ he faced competition from Sara Bareilles’ ‘The Blessed Unrest’.  There is a common thread between each LP.  Can you guess what it is…without searching Google?  Ponder away.  I’ll just sit here watching Sportscenter…

Okay, #spoilers.  Both records have a song highlighting the month of December!  (Kind of obvious from the post title?)  Maybe.  But still a fun…quite coincidental…fact. You can decide which one you prefer.  Sara’s is far more darker/heartbreaking.  I love the first & last verses of Matt’s “Farewell, December” that closes ‘Pretenders’.  Yes, this year was ours.  Mine especially.  Everything comes back to me in a blur when I think back a year back.  Like opening your eyes in the morning.  Fuzzy gaining more focus which each passing second.  Highlights spiking.  Hidden smiles of past moments shared.  The minor details…well…are all captured here.  On B4M.  I hardly ever go back to old posts.  Just maybe.  If I get lonely one night.

If I had to sum up my 29th year, words that come to mine are: “Fake Award Show Retirement”, “Emotional”, “About a Girl”, “Wings”, “Comic Book”, “New Friends”, “Regrets”, “SXSW”, “Exploring”, “Running Away”, “Goodbye”, “Hockey Nights”, “Wine”, “Beer”, “Twitter”, ‘Limit Breakers”, “Doctor Who”, “Hawkeye”, “Finding My Place”, “Lack of Love”, “Leo Vegas”, “Nights Behind The Wheel”, “Save Rock N Roll”, “into The Wild”, “Wilderness”, and “Majesty”.  Sheer majesty.  Left me breathless.

The midpoint contained by that moment in Utah, on that park bench, staring at the vast starry night.  Felt so alive.  Even my injured back from those crazy Austin Nights were made a bit easier.  Wonder what kind of adventures are waiting for me beyond my 30th.  It can be anything I want it to be.  Just gotta keep making hard choices.  Keeping faith in people.

For now, I’m just gonna continue enjoy these lazy days in the sunset of 2013.  Farewell, December.  More words Monday.  Have an amazing weekend!!!  Celebrate the 361 days of your life-changing year.  You deserve it.

1st Song of the Day: “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” by Michael Buble

24 Dec

Ladies & Gentleman, Mr. Michael Buble.  Cause I’m keeping with our annual Christmas tradition of playing this wonderful cover.  Where ever you may be in the world.  I’m sending my deepest, most sincere, well wishes / prays to you & your family.  It means so much to me that you stop by and read a word or two.  Truly. (Never get sick of saying it, that I don’t)

May the next day be filled with the three ‘F’s — Food, Family, & Friends.  I will be doing the same.  Have a great Holiday.  Come back Thursday for some more music!



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