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Spotlight Saturday: “You Lift Me Up (Acoustic)” by Mikey Wax

28 Jun

Such a happy song with an addicting chorus, presented in it’s most purest form.  That’s singer-songwriter Mikey Wax.  An artist you probably have heard without noticing.  Mikey has been hustlin’ in the game for many years after being bit by the musical bug at the age of 8.

He is celebrating his brand new self-titled LP that just dropped a few weeks ago.  You can stream it here.   I chose to showcase the popular lead track, “You Life Me Up”, in this blurb because it encompasses everything Mr. Wax is all about.  A live media cuts through all the B.S. & shows artists in the best light.  This one especially.  Take a look at the video.  Shot in a very guerrilla form.


1st Song of the Day: “Small Hours” by John Martyn

9 Jun

Went rogue on Spotify this morning.  Leading me to this chill classic rock track from John Martyn.  “Small Hours” is mainly an instrumental with a enough pull to knock you back into slumber land.  Could feel my body swaying back & forth counting down the seconds till I passed out on my bathroom floor.  I didn’t.  Got the urge.   The video below includes John’s 1978 performance of the track at Reading university.  Take notice of his curly afro.  Anyone else mad jealous of it?

Talk about a plentiful weekend.  Said “goodbye” to a coworker Friday, Make Music Pasadena & Kings V Rangers Saturday, and relaxed on Sunday.  The free beer Friday made me pass out on my friends’ editing bay floor until 9ish.  Not my best moment.  Clocking a mere 12 out of 72 hours of sleep…combined with the alcohol…knocked me out faster than getting cold cocked by Tyson in the 1st.  MMP was short.  Basically had lunch in Pasadena.  That’s what it felt like until I made my way to Staples.  Then the night got crazy.  Kings were down the entire game.  Fought till double overtime.  Then the winning slapshot to bring the entire arena to its feet.  One of the most amazing sports experiences of my life.  Happy that was the way I ended my 2014 Hockey Season.  Can November get here quicker?

Also, finished our Johnnyswim El Rey showcase.  Gonna work on my short MMP write up over the next few days.  Gonna setup another showcase this week.  Should be fun.  For these are the smallest hours of the my life. Happy Monday.

Spotlight Saturday: “Seeds (Unplugged)” by Echo Bloom

7 Jun

Our friends, Echo Bloom, are in the process of taking over Europe!  They are hosting their effort over on Pledge Music & truly recommend you join the cause to support their European adventure. They make mighty fine music.

Don’t believe me?  Experience this gorgeous clip of “Seeds” from their upcoming ‘Blue Shift’ (A Live Concert Experience).  The slow burn of Kyle’s lyrics will surely shoot chills up the spine.  I find that the lyrics moving.  Just hold onto your lover a bit longer.

Spotlight Saturday: “Son Of Sam” by The Provincial Archive

24 May

Our international showcase of the week comes to us from our neighbors of the north in the form of quartet, The Provincial Archive.  The four, who are making waves over in London at the moment, took to the studio and recorded this live cover of Elliot Smith’s legendary “Son of Sam” (Free Download).  I prefer to showcase live performances because it shows off musical talents than studio cuts.  No veil to hid behind from.  The guys knock it out of the park executing the perfect mix of fresh take & tribute.

If R.E.M., The National, Beck, or Death Cab is your sh*t.  Then make sure you pick up Provincial Archive’s new EP — ‘Hide Like A Secret‘ — that is dropping at the end of Summer.

1st Song of the Day: “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton

22 May

Eric Clapton tear jerking performance of “Tears in Heaven” is probably the most iconic MTV Unplugged performance of them all.  One of those musical moments that will live in the halls of history for all eternity.  Eric, for those who don’t know, was written in memory of his son Conor who tragicly lost his life at the age of 4.  The song appeared on the film soundtrack for Rush soundtrack, but it wasn’t until his Unplugged performance that it took off into the atmosphere.  One of the reasons why you be grateful for YouTube for keeping magical moments at our fingertips.

I fell & hit my head yesterday.  Major blemish on my forehead.  Totally my fault.  I was careless.  However, all I can keep thinking is about is this premise makes up a vast majority of storylines.  I can see the logline now: “Workaholic hits head on floor & when he wakes up…he has the power to read people’s minds.”  Or I forget everything.  Wake up in a bed and start to rebuild my relationships…starring Sandra Bullock as the love interest.  Not current Sandra.  Speed Sandra.  You know, that Wildcat.  My head is still adjusting, but I’m fine for the moment.  Small pain here & there.  Not the worst fall I’ve experienced.

Part of me hopes this ‘trip’ was a sign of sorts.  Things could’ve been a lot worst.  Nice note to kickoff Thursday?  Time to bum y’all out.  Chat soon!.

1st Song of the Day: “God Bless The Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts & Carrie Underwood

20 May

Don’t mind the slate.  I’m continuing this unplugged week with a classic country duet from Rascal Flatts & Carrie Underwood.  Sure it’s from American Idol.  Bit cheesy.  Aren’t all romantic songs though?  Rascal’s new album — ‘Rewind’ (now available) — got me in the old school country mood.  Still trying to decide if it will keep a spot in my stereo after this week.  There are a handful of classic sounding Rascal Flatts ballads that add to their romantic collection…with an impressive 14 years of history.  The lyrics are a bit more mature, but nothing was instantly catchy.  The ride felt like when I use to listen to them back in the day.  Dreaming of loved ones & such.  Being more of a realist & less of a romantic has probably hurt it more than helped.  However, I get that tingling feeling whenever a track like the one below goes out through the speakers.

Heaps of new music this week contains an impressive lineup: Coldplay, Phillip Phillips, The Roots, etc.  More records should drop on Mondays.  I have listened to all three & have thoughts on all.  Wish I had the time to spew them here.  Time is already against me.  I’ll make my way back.

1st Song of the Day: “Remember To Breathe” by Dashboard Confessional

19 May

Monday.  One of my computers was left on & not sure if that was me who forgot to turn it off on Friday or something happened while I was away.  Still not sure what to make of it.  I was distracted by something back then.  Weird.  Everyone is here early too.  There goes any chance at normalcy.

Had a good weekend.  Can’t complain.  Actually went out to a show.  Wanted to do a double header…that was my original intention…but by the end of the Jonathan Wilson Getty Showcase, really just wanted to head home.  I’m planning on writing that short blurb tonight.  I’ll be speaking about how beautiful the Getty is.  I walked all around the gardens as the music played.  Made for a magical Saturday night.  Check out the pictures! 

This weekend I really want to go Kings vs. Blackhawks,  It is the kimye weddding…so, we’ll see what goes down.  Shouldn’t be a problem. .

This MTV uplugged clip is a classic performance.  One of my favorite unplugged albums of all time.  Dashboard in the morn ahead.


Showcase: The Vim Dicta & Dead Sara @ The Echo (05/06/14)

11 May

Dead Sara, Vanaprasta, & The Vim Dicta @ The Echo (05/06/14)

 The Psychogroove meets the DEADicated, #afterthebreak…

Continue reading

1st Song of the Day: “Percy Anderson” by Jasmine Kennedy

8 May

More coffee house rock.  This acoustic, unplugged, spotlight track is from buzzworthy singer-songwriter Jasmine Kennedy during a YouTube sofa sessions.  First heard “Percy Anderson”, Jasmine’s big hit so far, this morning.  Words like “soft”, “calming”, “bit sad”, all came to mind as I was preparing myself for a long Thursday.  The more calming the song the better…as you can tell by my mellow rock selections these past few days.  Can you sense my mood over these sessions?  A bit?  Don’t hold it against me that I don’t play overly vicious tracks.  You shouldn’t wake up to Limp Bizkit’s “Nookie” everyday.  Try to spice it up.  But indie rock is made for early sunrise moments.  That’s bit of the fun of the genre.  Music for the quiet moments.

Our Dead Sara / The Vim Dicta / Vanaprasta photos are live!  Got some gems.  Got more workable Emily Armstrong pictures than I thought I did.  The camera begaun to act funky by the end of the night. The last of the Vim Dicta moments were by far the best looking of the bunch.  Cori came out like a glowing rock star.  More words to come.  Showcase rant to drop on Sunday.  Heaps to say, so little time.  My goal for May is to cover more acts than I have all year.  Which means…pushing myself to the limit.  The early lineup is promising to say the least.  Start of summer rock season.

That does it for me.  Time to learn about “Percy Anderson”…take it away Ms. Jasmine.

Unplugged: “Bullet In The Brain” by The Black Keys

1 May

Live Black Keys to feast your ears on.  “Bullet In The Brain”, the third heard single from the upcoming ‘Turn Blue’, was premiered on Zane Lowe a few hours ago.  It rocks.  Truly.  Like a headache after the impact.  The experience of hearing the live version over the studio version is a pleasurable one too.  For Dan & Pat are by far two of the best musicians around to date.

You can thank BBC / Zane Lowe for this gem. Record drops in a few weeks!


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