“Follow Me” + Three Day Weekend Hangover

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Relax, unwind.  It’s Tuesday and we’re back to the swing of things.  Hopefully your memorial day weekend was full of long drives and adventures!  Mine was, full of: a ‘odd’ showcase, climbing the Hollywood sign, crew-mates parties, karaoke, hanging with the click, seeing Moonrise Kingdom, and catching up on TV.  Surprised my car didn’t pass over and die.  By yesterday, felt a bit beat.

How am I going to tackle everything?  Let’s start in order…

Like always, saving all my favorite words for our The Internet showcase that will drop later in the week.  It was sure was ODD.  The coolest part was being five feet from the whole Odd Future team.  The pictures didn’t live up to my normal standards.  Got one or two gems, but my skin got itchy after reading LA Weekly’s review.  Still got a long way to go.  That I do.  Excited to share what I saw.  Jon‘s showcase will drop either tonight or tomorrow.  Close to finishing. His new album has been on repeat since Thursday night.  The more I listen, the more I like.  Take a listen to my favorite song.  I happened to capture it on Thursday night.   Promising Promise is a major contender for “Album of the Week”.

Tackling the Hollywood Sign stole the weekend.  I have lived in the city for 28 years and never stepped foot on this mountain.  Drive by it all the time.  How sad.  What’s really disappointing is there is probably a million people who probably never will.  Shame…on…you.  Take my advice & add this hike to your bucket list.   It’s not really challenging if you can handle a steady uphill climb for a good hour.  Heard that during the summer it can be awful because of the lack of shade.  Luckily, the weather was chill and overall gorgeous.  So plan accordingly.  It might not seem like much from the jumping off point but once you ready 3/4 way up you get the best view of ALL of Los Angeles in a beautiful 360 cam.  We trekked all the way to the facility above and the view blew my mind!

Moonrise Kingdom was brilliant.  But if you spoke to the person next to me doubt they’ll say the same thing.  It’s quirky, french, cartoon-ish, and full of heart.  The soundtrack reminded me of “Peter & The Wolf” where all the instruments shadow their respective characters.  The story is what steals it, but I’ll let you experience that.

A few more sessions left in our Mad Men, Game of Thrones, and Veep  showdown.  Game of Thrones had WAR, Veep had some really amazing baby jokes, but Mad Men had a plot twist that really changed the game.  Click here to get chills.  Don’t if you hate spoilers.

Thus Mad Men tallies another weekly win.  Hard fought and well deserved.  You should watch all three.  That’s the best of all worlds.

No new showcases planned for the end of may, but I won’t be surprised if something rolls my way this upcoming weekend.  Just gonna take a moment and breathe.  Is that okay? Weekend turntable dropping next.  If you have something else to say, please feel free to comment!  Happy Tuesday.  Four days left.

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