“10 Questions with Jasmine Ash”

I had the opportunity of interviewing one of Oh Darling‘s leading ladies, Jasmine Ash, before her showcase tomorrow night at Hollywood’s ‘Hotel Cafe‘.  She is currently promoting her buzzed about new record — Beneath The Noise, featuring the commercially successful “Starlight“.  I’m super excited to experience all my favorite tracks live…but, right now, let’s learn a bit more about the artist that is Jasmine Ash.

–10 Questions with Jasmine Ash–

First off, describe your sound for us in 15 words or less.

“Somewhere between Florence and the Machine and Katy Perry.” Someone else said that, but I’ll take it!

This is not your first time playing The Hotel Cafe, what is it that you love about the intimate venue?

Just that, the fact that it’s so intimate! Also, you can always count on pretty decent sound and people know it well and like to go there.

Is there a stage/venue you always dreamed of playing on?

Um, Madison Square Garden?  That probably wouldn’t suck.

What is your favorite thing to see in the audience while you are on stage?

Definitely people singing along.  Also dancing along.  Makes me smile! 

Have you ever been so moved by a song that you cried? If so, what was it?

This is so random, but The Matter (Of Our Discussion) Featuring Nina Natasia by Boom Bip made me CRY MY EYES OUT when I first heard it. That song is stunning.  Some of the most beautiful lyrics I’ve ever heard.

What are five things you can’t live without on your travels?

In no particular order:

1. my guitar
2. my IS Clinical powder sunscreen
3. my Levi jean jacket
4. my top 10 favorite dresses (does that count as one thing?)
5. my Repetto oxford heels
6. BONUS: my laptop

Who was the first band you remember seeing live?

I remember seeing some of my parents’ friends perform in some sort of outdoor venue when I was SUPER young. There were 3 part harmonies (I think). I remember being fascinated by all the voices…

Summer plans?

I’ll be doing a LOT of writing and recording for a new record coming out sometime in the future. Beneath the Noise was just released in February, so we’re really in no rush. You can pretty much always count on me working on music either for my solo project or for my band Oh Darling, or for other artists.

Finally, describe your perfect night.

I love going to the movies! I also really love to eat good food. So.. dinner and a movie? I don’t see movies a lot, so it would be a real treat! There are a lot more extravagant things I could list, but I decided to just describe what could actually happen on a night around here.

Bonus Question: I’ve read you’re a ‘fashionista’, is there one design/designer that helped inspire your on-stage persona?

I am really into vintage and one of a kind pieces. I try to dress in vintage or pair more modern pieces with vintage pieces when I perform, or really just in daily life. I am super into clothes, I guess that does make me a fashionista?  Some current designers I’m really into: Chloe´, Lauren Moffatt, Phillip Lim, Marc Jacobs (always).

Thank You, Jasmine!

If you love fashion as much as she does, check out Jasmine‘s Tumblr!  It features self-portraits and descriptions of her daily indie-goddess/vintage wardrobe.  There is even a spoil to what she might wear tomorrow night.

Please join us at The Hotel Cafe, located off N Cahuenga BLVD in Hollywood, on 6/21 at 9pm sharp!  Again, tickets are only 5 dollars!  Now that’s a steal for this amazing talent.

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