1st Song: “Chandelier” (feat. Lauriana Mae) + On The Road

Click for your Friday anthem!

Ms. Mae’s hook was addicting to this man with only three hours of sleep.  Feel like I’m on a cloud.  Or a hero, in a movie, who rises after having his ass kicked by a mini-boss.  Hell…anytime it comes on my blood starts to pump, like in the lyrics.  Also get chills three minutes in.  My feet start to tap too.  What I’m trying to say is:  it’s such an empowering anthem to live your life to.  You can thank me later.  I’ll be humming it for the rest of this long day.

Night One is in the bag!  The videos are uploading.  The pictures are in the bin, awaiting my life ending approval.  Save those details for later.  Two more to go.  Today, my travels take me to the drama filled OC with Jenny Lewis & Friends.  I’ve heard mix thing about the Observatory, so surely my initial experience will be detail filled.  Praying my beast makes it in.  Quite excited.  Anytime my adventures take me to a new unexplored world means  a lot.  Doing my young life right.  Ya know?  “Why the hell not?”, I tell myself.  Gotta make these last days of June worth it before my long over due vacation.  Recovery postponed till then.

Just think of this: I’ll be rebooting myself after a major update.  Cause Justin patch 4.28 will have all these new features.  Bionic limbs and all. (lol)

The show continues as the turntable spins next…

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