1st Song: “Forever Seventeen” + Bootleg Lucy

Click 2 Listen!

Waking up this morning was hard after our final June showcase at the Bootleg theater last night.  Got like 3 hours of sleep.  So when this fresh track appeared in the morning mix a rush of ‘chill-ation’ swept over me.  First time I ever heard it too.  Because being a music addict does has it’s perks as my IPod continues to surprise me.  Everyday.

This is a song for when you’re home, staring at a blazing fire, chardonnay in hand, cigar poking out the side of your mouth, while reminiscing on the past.  Sucks that I’m not doing anything on that list currently.  I’ll offer to trade with anyone who is.  Not only do you get a troublesome blog, but also a BRAND NEW CAR!

[Kidding…Loving my life and would never trade my blog for any piece of silver.  Keep checking tho.]

Yeah, last night was a blast.  The Bootleg Theater is slowly becoming a personal favorite of mine.  Great sound.  Intimate.  Minimal regulations.  It’s like a modern saloon that still feels vintage.  Plus, it has Lucy the dog.  The owners’ adorable mix breed that kind of resembles a retriever and dalmatian.  I nicknamed her “Bootleg Lucy”, because that’s the type of name any kick ass bar dog deserves.  Walked in and she came right up to me.  The look on my face could be read as, “why is there a dog here?”  That quickly faded as I occupied her with my ‘magic fingers’.  How so?  Because she kept coming back for more.  Lucy was adorable…for I have a weakness for animals.  Then this cutie with chocolate in her backpack strolled by and Lucy stalked her for the rest of the night.  Nothing else to the story.  Just some new character from my weird travels.

About to go through the pictures.  The pixs and video are live.  You can watch the video here.  Chloe was a wild woman to capture with my slow, overly precise Powershot.  Got a few gems.  Heaps of deletions overall.  The cool thing is if you ever want to see an artist move beyond visible speed, check out the pixs.  They are live now too.

Look forward to acting normal until Friday.  Gonna write some showcases later tonight.  Let see how much I can get through. Bringing my laptop to Newport, knowing whatever I don’t finish I’ll etch out with crashing waves acting as my soundtrack.  So much to do.  So little time.  That’s what my gravestone will most likely state.

Turntable and Flickr pixs coming soon…

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