Last Song of the Day: “Wake Up”

Click 2 Take The Red Pill…

My IPod wants me to feel like a badass with one of my favorite ‘rage’ tracks.  Probably not a politically correct and frowned upon song after last week’s tragic events.  “This is the type of music that crazy-Coloradoan listens to”, a right wing religious freak would propose.  Then they outlawed dancing.  Oh boy.  Should watch myself– might end up preaching about a topic I could care more less about.  Gun laws.  State regulations.  Touchy subject for a music blogger who has lost faith in the “men” who run governments.  If a tiny production company is corrupt, can only image what life is like outside the fish bowl.  Then I waited 5 seconds and forget that previous thought because I don’t care.  Why am I writing about it then?  To steal a few seconds of your time.  See what I did?  Now you don’t know what I’ll do– there’s my point.

Still a great track from an iconic band.  Wasn’t always a fan.  The Matrix soundtrack is just one of those gems in my library that I took chance on and absolutely changed my view on the futuristic alien death metal revolution of the earlier 2000s.  Thus building a path through another handful of genres unknown to me.  New artists found.  Soundtracks/Mixtapes made.

It’s sequel Matrix Reloaded injected twisted electricity into the same genre focusing on dark remixes over new material.  The example of this was Oakenfold’s remix of Dave Matthews Band’s “When The World Ends”.  A track that still blows my mind.  I can imagine a world after the brink.  The vast ruined wasteland.  Covering ash.  Silence.  —  Scary indeed.

Pray I never have to experience such a world.  Prefer the happy- easy breezy- beach populated world in a poor economy.  You know the ones with endless bottles of liquor.  Exactly what I need after dealing with clueless producers all day.  I mean, my god.  All you have to do is fill in the blanks and you get what you order– like at McDonald’s.  That’s my new job in a nutshell.  Just order the #7– no ketchup & you’ll get exactly that.  Not rocket science.

Probably get the feeling my day wasn’t the best.  Don’t need to explain any further.  Last thing I’ll write is I love — must repeat — love seeing the same clueless person walking behind their superior in praise like a prized dog praying for a treat.  “Did I do good?”  Makes me sad because I won’t ever get ahead of people like that.  Oh well.  Just would love to have a moment to myself during the workday.  Once I get that down, I’ll be great.

Everything else is wonderful.  Changed my Facebook profile picture to my favorite shot from my 2007 ‘eurotrip’.  How is that exciting?  Let me paint the picture.

The photo is of me surrounded by all the friends I made on that journey.  Best group shot ever!  Happily and more sadly, my “GF” at the time wasn’t featured.  Well, if you don’t count the bathroom.  We had a nasty friendship altering fight the night before the booze cruise through Amsterdam which was the last night of the tour.  Tried apologizing but she gracefully exited into the loo.  Not knowing what to do, I turned around during the scene and started to strike a pose for all the cameras.  Happy and bit dying inside.  That’s what I see when I look into my 23 year old face.  All anyone else sees is a smile.

In return got an amazing once in a lifetime snapshot of the crazy motherfucker I was shaping to be.  With the best people I have met in 5 years.  Something about Europe brings my party monster to life.  He’s tamer now.

I woke up yesterday staring at our group photo.  5 years.  Feels like yesterday.  Made me nostalgic while I sat in my cage.  Miss them so.  Great bunch of people if you never get around to meeting them.  Even the Gemini ex.  We could’ve met in London during the royal wedding but I was all about someone else at the time.  Our missed chance will forever be the opposite of this.  I feel like that storybook has been closed for awhile then I look at pictures and is it?  Answer is yes.  Young and stupid.  She’s happy now and that’s all that matters.  One thing that makes me comfortable is whenever she sees a Nicholas Cage movie/poster — guess who she’ll be thinking of?  Little victory.

Really wish I could go back.  Do it all over again.  Take in every second.  That’s what reunions are for!

Right now– just gotta wake up because

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