1st Song of the Day: “Simple Man”

Not gonna say sorry for not being around for the past couple of days. Already have.  Feels much longer than two days really.  Not trying to dwell on it.  It’s Friday.  Should be good.  My blackberry has been blowing up about all the upcoming shows.  Think it’s a sign to get out of this ‘all work-no play’ funk July has blessed me with.  On the flip side, chilling with my hometown click has been refreshing.  Always makes me feel like a younger me. The balance is coming.  Feel it.

Just tired.  That’s why I haven’t been writing.  Falling asleep at 8:30 like the old days.

I absolutely love this cover.  Originally done by Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Chose it because Shinedown’s Amaryllis has been playing on repeat in my car — much like when I started the day job in 2008.  Except most of the tracks from “Sound of Madness” are now written with those old memories.  I can’t use them to get through this changing age.  Ever since I can remember Shinedown’s sounds have blessed me with good luck.  Not like 2 Chaniz who tends to bring bad karma my way fyi.  Strange.  Doesn’t stop me from randomly saying– 2 CHANIZ! – out of context.  Click it.  Enjoy it.

Two announcements before I go:

Jasmine Ash @ The Hotel Cafe [06/21/12]

1)   Jasmine Ash, one of our previously covered “Artists 4 Sale”, returns to “The Hotel Cafe” next week to kick off August with a shooting star-like bang!  Here’s a preview of what you’ll get with the small worthy fee.  Especially if you’re a guy looking for a cheap yet brilliant breath taking date for your lady.    Promise you’ll leave with a smile.  Check out our past write up too.

2)  My friend Mary recently blew my mind with the country-rock sounds of Thomas Wynn and the Believers.  Thomas reminds me of the light side version of John Paul White (The Civil Wars) that rocks harder than the ‘Nocturnals’.  ‘The Believers’ have been performing live for the past couple of years making a buzz along the way.  Check out their vibes here and join me at the Bootleg Bar on Thursday, August 9th!  Excited to get funky at one of my favorite, cheap venues.  Plus, KCRW is hosting the event so you know something good is going to come of it.

That does it for me.  Have a great weekend!!!

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