1st Video of the Day: “You Don’t Know Me”

God.  Whoever did the lights last night at the bowl needs to go back to school.  Anyway.  Great showcase from both Ms. Kelly Clarkson & The Fray.  I’ll speak on everything in the guarantee brutally honest showcase that will be dropping soon.  Yes soon.  One noteworthy mention is the fact that for a second time I was forced to put away my camera during Kelly’s performance.  Took it better than the last time, but opinions must be shared.  Teeth are sharping.

If it wasn’t for my new ‘partner-in-crime’ probably wouldn’t have had this amazing duet featuring soul man himself — John Legend.  You can thank her for this!  (b/c she’s amazing.)  Pixs to drop later tonight because my new computer won’t let me download picasa.  Strange.  Kind of fucked up my game plan.  The videos are rolling in & that’s the most important thing.  More music to follow as I enjoy this silence.


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