1st Song of the Day: “Up All Night”

Deja Vu?  What can I say.  This record has been on repeat since finishing it in traffic yesterday.  This track is only the  second reason why Up All Night should be in your collection.  Perfect track too before departing on another fun filled action pack weekend.   Just find everything about the beat sexy as hell.   Plus, some really great intimate lyrics like:

So Baby dance my way, and I’ll pass the wine.  Wanna kiss your face and stay up all night!

Damn son.  Now if that doesn’t make you smile– then you need to warm your heart & get some.  Life is easier to deal with when your covered in sheets.

Sorry, trying to find stuff to pull out of my collective memory but life has been good.  Work busy.  Only thing worth mentioning was my old boss came by a few days ago and threw a backhanded insult my way.  Haven’t let it go.  She was “disappointed”.  Ugh.  Thought that was a little fucked up because I was the one who was the architect of that whole system.  She wanted to throw all that stuff in a box upstairs.  I saved it and took it through three cycles of cataloging trying to meet her needs after the library became important.  Truly unbelievable.  Personally, I’m looking at it in a different light–  a karmic light.  If you catch my drift.  Like any breakup, sure there is a bit of unexpressed feelings pushing against the hate.  I’m a big boy.  Don’t mind being the villain.  She’s gotta let me go because if even if this new gig doesn’t pan out– I will never go back.

Not gonna try to think of anything else.  Gonna keep watching Olympic coverage take in this inner peace.  Haven’t felt like this in a while.  Enjoy this country fired track and have a truly enjoyable weekend.  More music & rants monday.


[PS:  Fray / Clarkson Showcase dropping Sunday!]

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