Last Song of the Day: “They Don’t Care About Us”

Holy, my IPod is a musical TARDIS!  It feels my stress after a crabby Monday.  Other people’s faults are making me look bad.  Not quite fond of that.  In fact, makes me bloody pissed!  They are trying to force me to do a third job while the normal guy enjoys vacation.  Putting my foot down didn’t work.  Just a big waste of time.  Ended up doing it anyway.  Now I’m just flaming from the whole thing.  ‘Curiosity’ could probably spot me from mars.

What a sucky way to start the week after such a stellar weekend.  It can be said I’ve been a little obsessed with Dr. Who.  Was able to get a taste of all three ‘modern’ doctors’ styles and they weren’t joking about David Tennant.  The guy’s one hell of an actor.  Matt is quirky, but Amy and Rory are two of my fav characters so this recent season has been fun.  Can’t wait to catch up!

The Newsroom was absolutely brilliant as well.  The last ten minutes were a perfect ‘Thank You’ to all those souls touched by that horrific attack.  Almost cried the moment this happened–

My cousin was a firefighter.

Despite being renewed for another season, this one episode made the rest of the plot holes and cheesy dialogue worth every passing second.  The airplane scenes & Terry Crews steal the episode with the last final minutes some of the best TV all summer.  Take note of Obama’s voice through the credits.  BTW: Spoiler alert.

Lastly, we’re holding a free ticket contest for Thomas Wynn’s show at the bootleg sponsor by Sideways Media on Twitter right now.  The contest ends in a few hour so if you feel lucky.  Give it a shot!  This is my first time doing something of the sorts.

Won’t go on.  My little cousin is town and I’m gonna play some games with him.  Enjoy this track– it’s one of my favorites (the video isn’t). =)


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